I’ve always been the type of guy to respect girls and be loyal to them one hundred percent. But you know in this life, not everyone would be satisfied with whatever you do, No matter how you do it. But that’s not the end of the road and that won’t stop me from being me.
I was dating Shade when we were both in university, I loved her to the extent that I do give her my allowance. You know the thinking that guys must survive regardless. Our love was so strong or so I thought but it got to a point that my little peanut was no longer enough for her. But It didn’t go on forever as we were both serving already but In different states . During my service year, I met a very good friend who is now my brother, He got to know about what I studied in school and we concluded he was going to get me a job in his father’s company. Wow! I said to myself at least I’d be able to take care of my babe better, that was all I could think of.
Although, she’s been acting up but I couldn’t  leave her because we’ve shared alot of memories together. Service year was over and we were now facing the real life. I and Shade met each other again and we continued our relationship from where we were. She loved me more or so I thought, I would get her gifts and spend on her with almost all my salary, buy her expensive gadgets, dresses, just name it. Mind You, I was doing all these while my mum was getting peanuts from me. Hmm! if only I had known Shade wasn’t whom I thought of her to be, I would have gotten my senses right. This kept on going on while I kept on giving my mum peanut for upkeep.
One day, I read a writing, where it was written that your parents are your door to paradise. Hm no doubt my mum has gone through alot for me, I just thought she’d understand that I’m doing all these to keep the girl I love. I retraced my steps and started giving my mum lots of money, while I gave Shade whom I thought to be my wife some share out of mine while I save some,and manage my life with the rest. Hmmm this was the beginning of our problem. She would say to me “Gaffar what is going on? Why are you giving me this ridiculous amount of money? Ha I’ve to look good and use good things, how do you expect me to live? Are you losing your job soon or what is wrong with you? She would say that angrily and storm out of the room, while I call for her forgiveness.
I already got a land unknown to her, and I was also thinking of a business to do in other to support my work. I got a promotion at work and so my salary increased. I didn’t tell her all these because it was beginning to seem like she was covetous and her love for money kept going stronger by the day. I decided to keep all these a secret from her, I wanted to know if she could withstand hardship with me.
Honey, I think we should start planing our wedding o, I mean you’re doing well for yourself and you can take care of me, I’m sure you’d double your hard-work so you can take care of the kids and I when we get married, she said to me. I smiled at her words and I said Okay. I took her to my mother’s house after some weeks and that was when I got to know who she  was.  After the visit to my mum, we were on our way back when she said “I hope we don’t end up living in the kind of house your mum is living in”. What do you mean by that? I knew there was nothing wrong with the house I grew up in, it was my dad’s own until he died and I’ve been thinking of renovating the house to make it look like the modern buildings I see these days.”Ha the house looks old and wretched to me o, nothing enticing about it. It makes it seem like you guys are poor, and I can’t be seen associating with poor people” she said that with no fear at all. Shade you’ve known me right from our university days, you already know the kind of family I grew up in and you know I’m a young man hustling to be great, you know all these before now and I don’t know why its a problem to you all of a sudden. I would have done better for my mum if you were not all up on “I think I want a Brazilian hair”, my friends just got this Phone, I want mine too”, “oh my God baby, I just saw this shoe, its 35k, I want one” collecting all my money as if my ancestors were born to work for you, I said to her. Let me ask You, is this thing called LOVE all about money? She didn’t give me a reply and she hissed at me. I ignored her and drove  her home safely.
I thought of all she said about my mother’s house and I thought of doing something about it. I diverted all my money to my mother’s house making her get little.
Ha Gaffar what is all these nonsense money you’re giving me? If you’re not man enough biko let me go o abi how can you be giving me money meant for small kids Mtchew please let me go and meet men that are willing and ready to spend for me not you this hungry man.Those were her words to me anytime I send money to her Hmm, God knows best. Is not like I was pleased with all she was doing but I just didn’t want all our years and memories together to be in vain.
After my mother’s house was done I concentrated on building mine because I wouldn’t like to be married in a rented house for long. Ha! madam would say all sort of things to me. That was when she knew she was managing me all these while, that was when she knew we were not compatible all because of money. I told my friend about everything and he said to me that she doesn’t love me. I told him not to say that again, that she would change. I kept on thinking of the possibility that she might not love me, What would become of me if she leaves me, I’ve invested too much in this relationship to leave and I love her so much. That was what I was thinking of when I had a car accident. I didn’t remember what happened next as I found myself in the hospital.
The doctor said it would take some months for me to walk but I think this was unknown to Shade as she only showed up twice after my accident,That was the end of our story.
I didn’t hear from Shade, I guess she left.  I went through the healing process alone and I was broken that she wasn’t there for me when I needed her the most. It became more obvious that she has broken up with me as she stopped calling and my calls do irritate her. I was heart broken but I had friends and family who could help me. Bosun told me to move on and said to me that the right girl would come.
I started walking  again after few months and I resumed work like nothing happened. My salary was more than enough as I ventured into my business. The business became big and me working in someone else’s company was more like a supplement.
Years went by and still nothing from Shade. I’d decided to move on until one day when I walked  into a supermarket to get some things for my mother. I saw a lady who looked so much like her, I didn’t want to make the first move as I wouldn’t like to be embarrassed.  I was about paying the cashier when I heard someone called GAFFAR from behind. I turned to look at the perosn and it was Shade who was standing in front of me. She placed her hand on her mouth as if to say she was in shock and she started tearing up. I wondered why she was crying. Gaffar Is this you? She asked in a faint voice. She moved beside me checking me out as if she couldn’t  belive her eyes. I thought you could not walk again, I thought you were going to go poor and I can’t get married to a poor man who can’t even walk. I mean how would you work if you can’t walk. I thought that was the end of the road for you but look at you looking all rich and fresh, she said.  Stop it Shade, is it all about the money to you? Is it all about that? You don’t even want to know the source of the wealth, you just want to keep spending?  Its okay to have a dream but dreams don’t come easy. You don’t ever want to start from the scratch at all. You think life is so easy? There was nothing wrong with me giving you money but you made money the centre of the relationship already. Is money love? Haven’t you heard that money can’t buy happiness? So can money not buy love. I was never broke, But I was channeling my funds to a different place. I have a house and a company already that was what I was using my money for, all because I didn’t want you to suffer.  This was all I was doing when you were complaining of me not being man enough, I said to her. She was crying as she said please
Take me back, I’ll amend my ways. Oh you want me to take you back now that you can see that I can walk right? What would happen if I go broke? I asked and she had nothing to say. I’d have thought this thing called love was based on money if I didn’t know better.  I don’t want a woman who would squander my funds, I want a woman who would multiply my funds because she knows it’s all for her and the future.  I  paid for her stuffs while I left the supermarket.

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  • Neemah
    April 20, 2017 at 9:00 am


  • Ayodeji
    April 20, 2017 at 10:00 am

    love is a beautiful thing. nice one

  • Obafunke
    May 18, 2017 at 7:31 pm

    This is actually a great piece. I love it!

  • Blah blah blah
    May 26, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    The honest truth is money is always involved

  • Helen
    October 4, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    Story’s nice but boring I still like the life I didn’t wish for in fact I have already recommended the story to my friends

  • Michael
    October 6, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    It’s a nice story with lessons learnt. But there isn’t any enthusiasm in it. Make it lively. More grease to your elbow


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