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“I’m sorry I didn’t stay with you, I’m sorry I listened to other people instead of following my heart, I’m sorry I toyed with our feelings”, I said with so much pain in my heart.
“It’s okay Anjola, the good thing is we’re back together and the love is stronger and better now. I love you to pieces.
And now, we’d be together forever, he said as he pulled me into his arms for a hug”. This was a month to our introduction after we had reconciled.
Would I say my prayers were answered? Even though I’ve done some things that are unforgivable to love? I and Shola were lovers back in university. I dated him when I was in my year 2 and he was in his penultimate year. I loved him so much and I didn’t mind going through the worse just to be with him. It was evident he loved me too. I was the luckiest girl on earth. Shola isn’t only handsome, he’s also very brainy. One of the few brainy ones in his class. You know how popular brainy guys get and how girls likes to flock around them? Well that was the typical definition of Shola too.

But hey! I wasn’t bothered.. why? He chose me! Yes! he chose me.

But did I choose him? Not so sure of that but what I was sure of as at that time, was that I had the popular handsome guy to myself. Wait I loved Shola too. I loved him so much.
Our love life was perfect to me, I mean it had no fault but people of the world said what is love without money?
Wait is Shola that poor? I say that to myself
No hes not, he’s still a student and I don’t expect him to have all the money in the world at that time .. that’s what I say to console myself whenever my friends start with their silly talks.
Shola was the perfect guy for me, I mean so caring, loving, adorable and just a perfect gentle man. We always hang around after lectures. Being together was enough love for us, enough reason for us to be happy.

But hey! other people spice up their love life by going out, buy stuffs, go shopping, buy themselves expensive things and probably travel together.
But what do I and Shola have? He doesn’t have money for all those luxury.

Well, when our friends have the whole Mr Biggs to themselves, we always have our Noreos biscuits to spice up our love life.. hahahaha!!! I can’t forget how we use to share one bottle of fanta along with the Noreos biscuits. I remember how he plucks flower for me while he waits at the entrance of the lecture room for me to get done with lectures.. hey! They were lots of things we shared together and all these mattered to me. Shola could give me his last card while he starved to death. He didn’t have at all, but he wanted me to be happy. To me, All these were more than enough proof that if I ended up with him, I’d be in safe hands. I knew he wasn’t a lazy man and securing our future wouldn’t be a problem. All these to me were evidence of true love but to my friends, it was evidence of suffering. I cherished them, and I wouldn’t mind to have that over and over again. Those were my best memories until people of the world told me it wasn’t the best for me.

I had just got back from class that unfortunate day, when I saw Clara my roommate fuming in anger.
“What’s up Clara wettin do you?” I said as she kept parading the room
“Anjola, why do you do this to yourself? You’re too beautiful for all these”
I was confused, I didn’t know what Clara meant
“Clara what did I do?”
“Shut up Anjola, who be that guy you dey follow?”
I was still confuse…
“Clara talk to me na.. wettin I do?”
“Is it that he’s the only one that asked you out in this school or na jazz him use for you”
“Clara who you dey talk about?”
“Stop acting dumb joor … I’m talking about your goddamn boyfriend.
Why him? That guy isn’t good for you
You’re from an okay background and you’re going around with his type?”
“Clara hold it there.. where’s all these coming from?” I asked in anger
“Really? Grow up! grow up! how do you intend to keep up with this kind of guy? You’re too beautiful to be with a poor guy
I didn’t like the way he was dressed today, he looked hungry”.
“All these doesn’t matter to me, I love him”.
“Love? Na love you wan chop?”
You don’t intend to settle down with him do you?”
“Well we intend becoming man and wife once he’s done with school”
“Ha! mumu… the garri wey you drink never tire you? You still wan suffer your poor unborn kids?
Anjola I always feel bad for you when we all plan things and you can’t meet up all because you don’t have a boyfriend that can cater for you”
“Clara I love him and I don’t expect him to have all the money in the world… he’s not working yet”.
“Okay! I hear you, she said as she walked out on me”.

Apparently Shola has been here and I bet Clara must have embarrassed him. But why did he come here without calling me. They all seem to talk whenever they catch a glimpse of him. I have to call Shola to apologise to him. No I don’t have to, I feel irritated by eveything already. He should have just waited for me.
I actually do love Shola and I can buy those things myself, I just don’t want to hurt his ego. This isn’t the first time Clara and my other friends are talking about me suffering with Shola. But then love conquers all.

After the saga with Clara that day, I found it hard to stop thinking of all she said. I was turned between two walls and as such, I’ve been acting weird to Shola, even though he couldn’t stop asking me what was wrong. Poor guy! I couldn’t tell Shola about it so I just kept it all to myself.
Clara didn’t stop there, she went ahead and told our friends. What did I not hear? “Don’t die for love”, “love doesn’t reward everyone” “don’t suffer for love, he won’t remember you after all these” ever since then, I couldn’t stop thinking about it all.. I couldn’t stop contemplating on me staying or leaving.. I didn’t kmow if I chose between love or life. Ever since then, my acts with Shola changed. I didn’t know how to be with him. He asked what the problem was but I couldn’t tell him.
So I was in the library on that day, when I heard some girls talking about Shola
“That guy is just good, I couldn’t stop staring at his lips”
“Girl he has a girlfriend o and I heard they are waxing strong”, the other girl said.

” All na wash.. I’m meeting up with him tonight. The only reason I’d stop bothering myself over him is if he says so himself”.
Wow so Shola has been metting up with other girls? I was determined to go after them and see things for myself.
The girl was set to leave the library and I left with her. Luckily enough for me, she wasn’t going far at all. It was just beside the library. Next thing I saw was her hugging Shola so tight . I put a call through Shola and asked where he was . All Shola could do was lie to me. He told me he was at the library when I could Cleary see him hugging a girl. I couldn’t wait for his next action as I left there in tears.
On getting home, Clara and our other friends were there. They didn’t hesitate to feed me with words as I narrated my ordeal to them. I couldn’t cry as I was ready to move on. And Clara already had a guy for me. That was how I closed the episode of Shola and we both moved on with our lives.
Time went by so fast. lets not lie to ourselves, after I had left Shola, I’ve not found any guy to love me as much as he does. It was all about sex to everyone of them. Yeah sex was good but I grew up knowing I didn’t want sex to be the order of my life. I wanted to be loved and cared for. I wasn’t getting any of that with my boyfriends so I decided to start a new life.
I finally travelled out of the county maybe love would find me.

So I was at the mall when I saw this really cute guy. Ever since I’ve been here, I’ve not actually met a guy to tickle my fancy. I moved closer to him in a bid to make a move that would make him get my number at least. So I got closer to him trying to play my little pranks. I purposely hit him with my elbow while I also reacted to my action as it hurts
“Ouch!” I yelled.
“Oh! I’m so sorry” the handsome guy said
“It’s Okay”, I said looking up at him I realised it was Shola.
We were both shocked
I immediately turned back in an attempt to flee
He caught up with me and pulled me in for a hug
I was surprised at his actions. I thought he was gonna be mad at me. He couldn’t stop hugging me as I broke into tears remembering how it all started. What we went through and how I allowed people dictate what I wanted for me …
He pulled away and looked into my eyes. “You still look the same”, He said.

This Shola I’m seeing here doesn’t look like the one I use to see.
He noticed I was looking at him when he said “don’t worry, all you see here is just the grace of God”.
I didn’t want to push it so it wont seem like I’m materialistic. I wanted to go into details with what happened with us.. I wanted to apologise. I wanted to say a whole lots of things when he said
“Shh! what matters is we’re here now and we can make things right. I still love you”, He said.
I couldn’t say a word as tears rolled down my cheek. It’s really a miracle in deed, I couldn’t have asked for a better man. This time I’m going to be with him through thick and thin.


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