This world if full of darkness, the darkness is deeper in some cases while lighter in some. The most painful thing that can happen to man is expecting so much from a person.

This story started 12 years ago, when my mum died and my dad decided to move to my house to live with me so that my wife and I can take care of him. I got married  some years ago and I already have 4 kids. 3 girls and a boy. My mother in-law also stays with us. She’s a widow too. We also have other people who lives with us, the Gardner and the maid.

I have heard so many news concerning people leaving their kids with relatives or intruders, so I don’t wanna let any of those happen to my female children.  I protect them and make sure they are only with their mum, my mother in-law and I. Junior is always with my dad and I felt it was a good thing and aside that, daddy his good at telling stories. He must have been hearing some tortoise stories from him.

Our family was  peaceful and we (my wife and  I) always find ways to balance things up.

3 months ago, junior got really sick and grandpa suggested  we use some herbal medicine for him. He always believe in all these herbs and believes hospital care always have side effects. We decided to yield to him and to our surprise, the kid got better.

Junior started showing some discomfort towards my dad which was very unusual, but still, we thought  that was growing up for him. This went on for like 2 months before they grow to like each other again and then we all thought the scores had been settled between the two of them.

On a Thursday afternoon, I left work early because I was having migraine, I called my wife to tell her about it that I would be going home early and I’ll like  to rest. She begged me to pick the kids while going home so she can fetch food stuffs  for us. I went straight to the school to pick the children and then drove down to my house.  We got home in no time, and the kids made it easy for me as they already know the normal thing to do.  I went upstairs to get settled. A call came in and it was  my boss.  He wanted  me back in the office ASAP. I had to excuse myself and I told the grandparents that I would be going back to work. 30 minutes drive away, my boss called back to tell me not to bother myself anymore. Then  I turned straight back to my house.

On getting home, I met the female kids playing with my mother in-law, I asked of junior and they told me he was with grandpa. I went in just to get some sleep and on getting to the door leading to my room, I was heard some noise, a painful noise.  As if grandpa was beating junior. I then wanted to tell him to please pardon him as I didn’t want any noise because I’d like to sleep. To my surprise, when I opened the door, what I saw  was bigger than my mouth. I shouted and grandpa immediately stopped penetrating junior. Hot tears rolled down my eyes as I didn’t know what to say or do. How could I not have known that grandpa is a paedophile? All these years together? Why did he have to do this to my family? What do I do?


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Nimota Ideraoluwa

I am Teriba Nimota Ideraoluwa, I was born in Ogun state, into a family of eight, I'm the second child of the family and the first female child. Anike is a name my mum calls me whenever I'm sad , Anike is my Oriki (praise name). continue here...