Abosede, Linda, Chioma and I were friends from university. Linda got married the year we graduated and we were all happy for her. She got married to a very wealthy man who use to spoil us with gifts at the time we were in school. We all wished to meet a man like Linda’s. He would shower her with gifts and money occasionally, even gets her new cars as birthday present. We use to say to her then, Linda, “you don catch big fish”. We knew she was going to get married to the man, nobody wan suffer. Their wedding was one in town. It was the talk of the town for years. If you were there, you’ll wish for this kind of wedding. The husband’s friend are nothing but money. Money should be their name. I cried to God for my own life, maybe God has forgotten I’m his child o. Look at Linda that use to walk from one place to another, got the best of them. God Please give me this kind of husband o, Linda is sure going to have a better life. I and my friends  (Abosede and Chioma) couldn’t stop talking about the wedding, that was when Abosede said “yet, is all these poor boys that would be coming after someone. Every spirit of poverty should leave my life” we all laughed to her prayer and still continue to reminisce over Linda and Michael’s wedding. I swear we can’t say it all.
Abosede started giving her fiance attitude. He would call her and she would say things like “This one that you’re calling me today, who gave you money for card or are they sharing free card in your area” I learnt about this and I told her to stop all she was doing to the boy. I also told her that the fact the boy isn’t rich today doesn’t mean he won’t be rich in his life. Afterall, he is hardworking and he is working already is just that he is not rich yet. I thought Chioma was going to support what I said, instead, she told me to mind my business and told Abosede to leave her fiance because he is poor and cannot take care of her and they both started talking about Linda’s marital life and her wedding. Meanwhile, Chioma on the other hand is also dating a man who isn’t rich o yet she’s advising Abosede to dissolve the relationship between her and her fiancee and I am very sure Chioma won’t do that to Chima. Hmm the advise friends gives atimes. May God save us from evil friends.
Abosede finally got what she wanted, she found a rich man, that was when the attitude she gives Bayo heightened. She started picking fight with the poor guy over worthless things, he would come to our apartment to wait for her from morning till night while she’s over her rich boyfriend’s house. He would cry while telling me what she is making him go through. It got to an extent that she poured water on him and told him to never come back, there was no insults she didn’t give to him. Hmm poor guy! Things love make us do. If only there was someone that would love me as much as Bayo loved Abosede. I feel sad for him. Chioma wasn’t helping matters as she kept on supporting Abosede’s action. I hated her for that, for she was loving her own fiance more yet she wanted to break other people up.
Linda got back to school two months after her wedding which was our graduation period, She told us everything we’ve missed and we soon started wishing again. We were all happy for her but then Abosede  made sure she brought her story up by saying “don’t  worry,  my wedding will be an unforgettable one” then she started to talk about how rich her boyfriend is and how much money he has given to her this few weeks. This girl is all about money, yet Bayo won’t stop coming back. The poor guy,I pray God open doors for him. These ones are talking about guys when I’ve not even seen anyone to call me fine girl, stop there, since I broke up with my boyfriend, I thought to myself. Abosede was still fussing about her rich man while the girls kept hailing her, all I could do was shake my head as Chioma annoys me with her act and Abosede is stupid enough to love money so much. I’ve seen the man shouts at her, I’ve heard him telling her to be quiet. Yet, she won’t pay attention to that. Instead, she’ll make excuse and say, he is angry at something else, he normally doesn’t shout at me. I always try to make her realise this love she’s getting from the rich man can’t be compared to the one Bayo gives her. She’ll shut me up and have her sister Chioma support her right back.
We graduated that week, Bayo shouldn’t have attended the graduation ceremony has he faced the greatest embarassment of his life, Abosede mistreated him and called him all sort of name while her rich boyfriend threw some wads of notes to him and told him to use that  to brush himself up. I felt pity for him and I’m sure that would be his last time of coming after Abosede, Love sha!
A new life began with everyone, we don’t see each other often, due to the fact that most of them are married and I on the other hand is a very busy woman, who is focusing more on her career seems no man wants to come my way. I know the best is yet to come. I was at the supermarket on a weekend shopping for some groceries when I saw Linda oh no! This is a surprise. After all these years.  Linda! I called her out which so much amusement. Omotayo! This can’t be true. Look at you, she said I rushed in for a hug while we hugged eachother so tight. It so good to see you, we said together as if we rehearsed it. We paid for our stuffs while we dashed out of the supermarket chatting. Let me drop you off, she offered. No, I came in my car, I said back to her. You don’t mean it, who got you the car? She asked, is it our husband? Hahaha, you’re so funny, its no man o, I bought it myself. Wow! Omotayo you’ve really made it, I couldn’t stop looking at you, latest big girl, she said. I smiled at her and I replied her that it is all God’s doing.
Have you heard from Chioma and Abosede? She asked. Yeah, I spoke to Chioma some weeks ago, she’s doing very well. I’ve not heard from Abosede in a long while, guess she changed  her number, I said to her. Well, I’ve been hearing from the both of them, I think we should all hook up next weekend so that we can catch up on what we’ve missed, she said. I’ll be the one hosting you guy, I’ll text you my home address. We hugged and said goodbye to ourselves. It was good seeing her again, I thought to myself.
We all met each other at Linda’s house, men that house is a huge one. So nice, this girl is really living large. I wonder how bad girls get really lucky like this while good girls like me are sucking on our ourselves,Lord help me.
I was the last one to get inside, they were all looking good but there was a lot their faces were expressing. We all exchanged hugs and kisses while we chatted over irrelevant things and we tried to bring back some memories. We laughed at some funny things we did way back until the maid came to inform us that the food was ready. We were about eating when Micheal came downstairs, all dressed up in a suit. We exchanged greetings with him while he came straight to his wife to hug and kiss her. He then informed her he’s set to leave for abroad they had an intimate kiss again while he left. Hmn such display of love, I thought to myself. Chioma and Abosede were giggling about something but I didn’t pay attention. I’m so happy for you Linda, I said. You’re so lucky, I added. Yeah I’m lucky, I just hope God gives me a child, my in laws have been on my neck. Being barren is not good, they’ve all changed their attitude towards me if not for my husband that has been my support, I wonder what would have become of me, she added with a smile.
Hmm if only all the rich men could be as loving as your husband, Abosede added. Hanhan, what do you mean by that? Isn’t your husband rich and loving too? Chioma asked Abosede in a funny manner. I’ve always known Chioma to be an hypocrite, I don’t know why Abosede still belives her. She smiled at the question Chioma asked. I’ve been pretending to you since, I’ve suffered alot since I married that man, its always one beating or the other day. I dare not talk when I find out he’s cheating, she said while she raised her clothe up to show us her back. She was scared, almost looking like a tatto. He’ll beat me and come back begging while he sends me abroad for treatment. He use money and gift to bribe me, yet the beating won’t stop. I’m tired, I’m voicing out because concealing this things inside of me kills me, she said in pain and bitterness. Eyah, Linda said while she moved over to hug and her in other to console her. Hm is true what you’re going through is bad, But at least, you’re crying in wealth, is better than you marrying a poor man  that will beat you and yet you’ll still be drinking garri with him. Its a good thing he begs you with expensive vacation and money, Chioma added.
Shut up Chioma, what is wrong with you?  Was it not you that pushed her into all these with your stupid advice and support? I’m sure you got married to Chima, yet you supported her in ruining her relationship with Bayo then. I’m sure you never want Chima to lay his hands on you, yet you’re still giving her a meaningless support. What kind of a friend are you? I said in anger.
Look Omotayo, you can’t blame me for Abosede’s mistakes, I was just being a friend. She wanted encouragement, I gave it to her, what have I done wrong? She said.
Did you break up with Chima after you supported her in ruining  her relationship? I asked. I couldn’t have done that to Chima, I know what it is to be loved. I couldn’t have chosen love over money especially when I know he has a bright future. Chima was doing well for himself as at then, is just that he wasn’t rich, so was Bayo but Abosede wanted more which she has finally gotten. Truth is even if I joined you in stopping her, she would have still gotten married to the rich man because no matter the advise you give to people, they still end up doing what they want. So please, don’t blame me for her wrongs. She wanted a wedding like Linda’s, she got it, she added.
You guys should stop fighting, there’s nothing special about my life, what’s good in being barren? My husband’s family are planning to throw me out of the house, or they get him another woman. I’m just lucky he hasn’t yielded yet and I keep praying to God for my own fruit. Who knows if its karma catching up with me for all the bad things I’ve done. You all should stop wishing for other people’s life, you don’t know the price they pay to get there. Don’t see things through your view alone because your view might not be right. Those that have the life you wish for might not like they are living and those that have what they wish for shouldn’t take it for granted for some people would pay any price to have it, Linda said. Oh! That reminds me, I saw Bayo at conference last week, he looks very wealthy and he invited me for his wedding. I brought out the invitation card in other to show them, Chioma took it from me first. Chai, this guy is in money, this invitation card smells money.  Eyah Abosede, you should have just stick with him, she added. Ah see my life o! I felt pity for her but then is good she learned her lesson.

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