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AUTHOR/WRITER: RICHARD CLOVER   Saturday was one of Tom’s best days. He gets to be free and he loved been free. Today is special, he gets to be free and have fun. If he hits the right tabs, it could be more fun. He could be getting laid. He started his day cleaning his apartment. Cleaning

Cinema’s Grove

AUTHOR/WRITER: Uldaonin   Just few minutes to New Year while everyone was making their New Year resolutions I had made a bucket list of what I wanted to achieve the following year but you know that regular saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” I included in my list one of my


AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA. I    “Just one drink, I’ll be fine”, I said to Charles. He shooked his head and walked out of my sight. Oh Charles Charles Charles, he cares too much. I would have given him a chance but then he’s my bestfriend. I mean do people ever go into a relationship with


WRITER/AUTHOR: RICHARD CLOVER   As Mrs. Briggs entered our classroom which was unusually silent today, her beautiful black heels made resounding “ko ko ko” sound. We are stood in unionism and greeted “good morning mam. You are welcome to SS3 science. May God bless and enrich you mam. Amen.” She asked us to take our


AUTHOR/WRITER: RICHARD CLOVER   “Hello!” I said waving back to her. There were two beautiful twin girls who walked over to where i was. Believe me they were both very beautiful. One of them had waved to me and I did same back. Just the types any guy will want in bed. ‘No, I am


AUTHOR/WRITER: RICHARD CLOVER   Richard Clover, Ogun State. Nigeria. 1st of October, 2017.   Dear Tobi, Sup cuz, how have you been since I left you? I hope you are doing real nice over there? I enjoyed my visit to your place. In fact it was fun going all around the town learning all those


AUTHOR/WRITER: RICHARD CLOVER   Tunde was quiet tall and handsome. This endeared him to so many girls. It was no secret that he was loved by most; he himself knew he was loved. Just maybe that was what fueled his ego, he was too sure of himself. It’s only God that can say what came


AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA.I   Won’t this rain stop? If I had known it was going to rain all day I wouldn’t have left my house, I’ve really suffered. This is what happens when all you think about is the big fruit between the groin of a man. It would have been better for me to


AUTHOR/WRITER: RICHARD CLOVER   Sugar remaining calm smiled and said “you won’t even greet me properly huh? Your apartment is lovely Richard.” She paused and stood “You know what Richard, in actual fact I like you! I really do.” She raised her hands to her shoulder and pulled the hem of her gown It fell


AUTHOR/WRITER: RICHARD CLOVER   Over the next few month, Richards and Mary’s sexcaped went on. Leaving both well spent and satisfied Slowly but surely, Richard started to warm up to Mary He slowly fell in love with Mary and with her urge, He learnt to forget about Sugar. With time the love grew. Sugar noticed

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