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Us, Oil & Bare skin

AUTHOR/WRITER: Xarvie Raheem   Take off your clothes slowly Let me see you in this darkness Show me your skin without any shame And enjoy how my eyes tell you I have seen a masterpiece   Let me pour oil on your contours Be patient love Oil flows in slow motion Slow down your heart


AUTHOR/WRITER: Oju omamogho   If you let go I fear I will lose my way And get lost in my emotions   If you dont let go I know I will lose my way And fade away With your last heart beat   If you let go I know I will lose my way Searching for


AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA.I   “I just need a break, I just want to leave, nothing is important to me, I just want to go away. Maybe it would make some people happy, maybe people would stop being judgmental whenever my presence is announced, maybe people won’t have so much hatred for me anymore, maybe people


AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA.I   I was raised by one of the strongest woman I’ve ever met. She taught me alot, and with her I knew I could be successful without depending on no one. She raised me to be a girl everyone would be proud of. She scolds me like every mother would scold their


AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA.I   I slept off thinking of today, now it’s morning, the day has finally come. We got to uncle Agba’s house and it felt like we were on another paradise on earth, we were served with all sort of things and even palm wine. I didn’t have the appetite to take anything,


AUTHOR/WRITER: TERIBA NIMOTA.I   Often times I hear children saying Mum, some would say Mummy, and some would say My Mummy. I was one of those children who calls mine “Mummy mi”(my mother). We children do not know the depth of the word, I don’t think half of the mothers know what it entails to


AUTHOR/WRITER: OBAFUNKE   ************WELCOME BACK************ Solape, where are you taking me to? What do you want me to see so bad?” Bimpe asked sleepily following a figure she thought was Solape. “It’s close by.” The figure replied without looking back. “Is there anywhere in this house I haven’t been to? I live here.” Bimpe said


AUTHOR/WRITER: OBAFUNKE   ************WELCOME BACK************   Before Sophie could reply, the door opened and an angry Gbemi was in the doorway. “Why did you lock us inside?” Gbemi asked looking at the two shaky girls. “We didn’t lock you in, you did.” Sophie replied in the same tone. Solape just looked at the two them


AUTHOR/WRITER: OBAFUNKE   The girls fell effortlessly asleep but who wouldn’t? After all the work and party of the day, it would be a miracle if they didn’t sleep off immediately. Solape and Sophie took the best position on the bed while Gbemi and Bimpe snuggled in the most comfortable way they could. Solape was


AUTHOR/WRITER: ECHOESMINDS   The Joy felt at the notice of thy presence in the Womb, The blissful atmosphere you brought to the woman. “Oh, a mother I shall soon become” “In my embrace always will you be” “After my Father will I name him” “After my mother will I call her” “Oh,my sweet one” “So

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