“Hello!” I said waving back to her. There were two beautiful twin girls who walked over to where i was. Believe me they were both very beautiful. One of them had waved to me and I did same back. Just the types any guy will want in bed. ‘No, I am not to think of pretty girls this way’ I thought to myself. I have promised myself that i will be more descent in my thought towards opposite sex, they deserve it. They were beautiful and irresistible. Looking very much alike, I barely can tell one from the other. “Ehm, I am Rose and…” said the first one whom seems to be the bold one among the two. I certainly should not judge since am a bad judge of character anyway. The other rolled out “Lin shortened from Rosaline” stretching her hands out for a handshake. It was as if she was on cue by the other, this was getting interesting. I introduced myself as “Charles. Well you guys should let me; today is my lucky day isn’t it? If not why will two intimidatingly beautiful girls like you guys walk up to me?” I glanced from one to the other. They were really beautiful. If I were to choose just one of them to bed, I think that will be my toughest quest. “I am not the most handsome guy here so tell me is this a set up?” I said trying to be funny, witty and chatty. Both girls burst into mild girlish laughter. I must be making a pretty good impression on these lovely pumpkins I thought in my mind. Rose looked at me and I could see hint of amusement in her eyes. She squinted and said “well today is really your lucky day then! We have a game in mind and we want you to play with us.” I smiled and thought “if it were to be some stupid ugly looking people that brought this shit to my face, I would have just hissed and walked out on them.” If not that they were really pretty girls who look very much alike with little difference that I can’t quite lay my hands on, I really would walk out. “So what is the game?” I asked. “Ok here is our game…” Rose was saying before Lin interjected and said “it was actually her idea” pointing to her sister. She most likely did not want to share in the embarrassment her sister might suffer. “For us to go meet a random guy and you know…” she said trying to explain by rolling her hands. “Trust me I think I can understand” was all I could mumble. I was desperately trying to get past this moment and have both their contacts and possibly get one of them to go on a date with me. A little smile crept to my face at the thought of going out with one of them. How nice will it be to have one strip in my apartment and… “…it’s just fair you know” was the last thing I heard from Rose. “So first, are you single?” That question made me a little unbalanced; I lifted a brow up to show my surprise too. “Well yeah” I said in a tone which conveyed boredom. “Right just perfect” she mumbled. “Well now this is the game Charles. We will both go into that restaurant point one Mr Biggs a little away, we will do a change over and you will choose who Rose is.” “Well what is in for me?” I asked. “Well anybody you chose as Rose will be your date for a day plus you become a friend. What do you think?” “Nice, but I not sure of this game though, I will try only on one condition” I said pointing my fingers upward. “Instead of you two disappearing inside a restaurant, let’s make it a mall. I will take you to the nearest mall and you two do a change over and I will try to guess who our Rose the beloved is.” They both stared at me with their eyes almost popping out. I made a face which conveyed the expression ‘what?’ “We don’t accept gifts from strangers” Rose blotted out. I smiled and turn to Lin to see if she agreed. She half way did. “Well I don’t play with stranger too and you two are just too cute to say no too. That was why I agreed in the first place.” I made my most innocent face to appeal to them. I smiled to myself and pointed a little down the road to show them where my car was parked. I motioned for them to follow me and they were obedient just enough to follow. I waited after taking about two steps and they caught up with me. Taking another step, I took both their hand and said “this is too good to be true. I won’t want you guys running away and making it all seem like a dream.” They chuckled and it was pleasing to the ears.

In the mall, I said to them “we should go over to the section you two will get your cloth and change so I can predict and get my date.” They turned to me and Lin said “well you will have to wait here or around. We won’t allow you win so cheaply by guessing who is who with the cloth we have bought.” “All right, you guys don’t seem to want me to win at all” I shrugged. “Hey, you did not tell us what will be our prize if you lose” Rose said. This is your game I wanted to counter. I did not want to ruin this young friendship so I said “ok what about I invite you both to my private party? I am sure to win though.” “Well yeah that will be good and what makes you think you will even win? I bet a grand on it you won’t. You can’t have been able to recognize who is who between my twin and I.” I smiled and said “ok the bet is on, let just wait till I make my decision” I said smiling. “Let us meet at the counter after you guys are done shopping!” I turned to go and winked at them. I will love this two I muttered to myself as I walked round the mail and finally entered the section for the sales of drink. I took a cart and started my own shopping. I took two packs of beer, three alcoholic wines and finally a carton of soda. I wheeled it to the counter in hope that my new friends will be there for “our” game to end.

She, I mean the girl behind the counter was beauty. She caught my attention just like those who had employed her had hoped. I sometimes wonder, do employers of beautiful women think their beauty will chain down customers? Well I like it and its working. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me. She was packing up what I had just paid for when Rose and Lin seemed to have dropped out of heaven. “I am in love” fell out of my mouth without me realising it. I could feel the disgust in the cashiers’ eyes that seemed to be all smiling and adoring some few seconds ago. “So who is who?” one of them said. They looked very different from the girls I walked in with some minutes ago. They had transformed into more beautiful damsels. They wore nice make-up and nicely fitting clothes. Their curves were tantalizingly out. They were classic examples of the hourglass shape. “Ehm let me pause a little. First of all the two of you are wearing same gown, same shoe, same earring and necklace. Everything is pretty much the same. You guys applied same makeup from God knows where and right now, you want me to know who is who?” I looked at the girl behind the counter as if to ask her for help. There was still that disgust in her eyes so I dropped it. Ok I said to them, “I am to look for Rose right?” They rolled their eyes with this kind of innocence I did not believe existed, they were cute. “Yes!” both said at once. Alright I have a trick that always works. “Mini, mini, mani moh! Yip that is it, it is you. You are Rose darling” I said pointing right. “Are you sure?” said the one I pointed to. “Am positive, this stuff won’t fail me considering am the luckiest person today!” Both of them looked at each other in surprise. I guess they actually did not believe in luck. I have earned both their contacts and their attendance to my party. “Yup” I screamed, “I win, I win, and I won” was the song that burst right out of my mouth before I could even stop. “So!” and like on cue both handed me their contact cards and of course Rose reached into her purse to hand over my one grand. The cashier totalled all their stuffs and I paid swiping my card. I gave them my contact card and we had quick sweet hugs after which I dropped them to their preferred destination. I drove off and now, “home I come!”

I woke up the next morning with a girl by my side. Clubbing had been fun yesterday. Nothing is as blessed as seeing a totally naked girl beside you so unconscious. I felt the urge to take her again. ‘Nah!’ I told myself ‘you were like an animal yesterday. You made sure you got the value for your money!’ I got into the bathroom, cleaned up and got ready for my day. By the time I was done, she was still in bed. I dropped her pay and left for my office. Now that is exactly what I will call the beginning of a great day. I got to my office a little late though. I was exhausted from the previous night after all the clubbing. I got a pleasure girl to satisfy myself and overslept after my ordeal. “You were a freaking bastard” I said smiling to myself. It was a Friday. Fridays are my best days in a week. I faced my day optimally, I love to work hard hence I play hard. Enjoyment must be to stupor. I kept up with my day saying ‘thank God it’s Friday. I will soon be done I kept repeating to myself. By three o’clock, I checked out of my office and went straight home. I picked Rose and Lins’ contact and decided to hold a conference call with them. I invited them both to my personal party I had promised them. My generator had been fuelled and my kitchen stocked in anticipation for the kitchen party. It was a party for three. The party will start by seven o’clock or more like when my guest arrives. I brought out the drinks I bought at the store out, I was wondering what they will chose.

Almost ten minutes past seven o’clock, my doorbell wrung and I moved to go open the door. I turned around to see if everything was set. I cleaned my hands on my shirt and walked to the door. “Hey Rose! Hey Lin!” I said with my brightest smile. “Sup Charles, hey handsome” Rose and Lin said respectively. “You two look too lovely. Common tell me it a dream!” I said with a small laugh. Rose with her hands raised like she wanted to slap me said “let me wake you then.” I smiled and shook my head negative. Lin was just turning around like she was an inspector. “You sure you are not here to arrest me Lin?” I asked. She made a small laugh and whispered the house was lovely. I muttered thank you mimicking her tone. “Common, the party starts in the kitchen. My home theatre was booming with soft music as we walked into my kitchen. At the kitchen, I brought out a bottle of wine, a bottle of beer, a bottle of soda and a bottle of water and asked which they will prefer. Both of them pointed at the wine and I smiled. I was honestly hoping that they will choose that. I brought out three glass cups and filled it to the brim. Serving them, the protested they were not drunks. I laughed and welcomed them to my world. “I like it filled up. Like some people will say, why content with half loaf when you can get a whole?” “That is a crazy logic. We are not drunks!” Rose said. We all fell into a heartfelt laugh. We made pancakes and all through we joked and laughed. It would have seemed we have been friends since forever. In a moment, the first bottle of wine finished and I got another. We moved into the sitting room with the wine and pancakes. I increased the volume of the music, the groove was good. The wine seemed to be settling in and loosening us up. We eat, drank and danced all through. It was the best time of my life. Rose fed me pancakes and Lin took her turn also to feed me. Rose raised her glass to my lip. I took a sip of the wine and turned to Lin. I kissed her and passed the wine into her mouth. Lin looked into my eyes and something seemed to register in both of us. She slowly brought her lips to mine and kissed me deeply. I responded taking her mouth in mine. My tongue slid into her mouth, I tasted the roof of her mouth before coming to wrestle with her tongue. I turned to Rose and kissed her too. Lin came with the empty bottle of wine we just finished and said we should play the game of truth and dare. Her sister eagerly agreed. I did too, I was already getting excited and a small bulge was forming in my trousers. She rolled the bottle on the floor and it faces from her to her sister. She dared her sister to pull off her panties. Rose smiled a little, raised her gown up and pulled down her panties. It was a black lace pant and she held it in her hands. Lin rolled the bottle again and it faced from Rose to me. My heart thumped really fast. What in heaven will this girl ask me to do I thought to myself. She tossed the pant to me and told me to smell and kiss it. I caught the pant mid-air and raised it to my nose. The musk of her juice rose deep into my lungs; I could feel my dick twitch in my trouser. There was a wet patch in the pant which I raised to my mouth to taste. Lin rolled the bottle again and it faced from her sister to her. She smiled and said “sis, don’t be wicked oo.” Rose laughed and told her to flash her boobs. At this stage, I was getting crazy horny and being in this game made it much worse. Lin pulled her gown with her bra down to reveal some two lovely conical fairies. Her tip was pointy and inviting. She herself was turned on, we all were. She pulled her gown back up then rolled the bottle again. This time it faced from me to Lin. I muttered “today is not your lucky day Lin. Pull the gown off beautiful!” she pulled the gown down and let it fall to the ground before stepping out of it. She wore a matching pick lace set of undies. By this time, the bulge in my pant had become very visible. It pushed out of my trouser and am sure it must be a spectacle for them both. Lin bent and rolled the bottle again. This time the bottle seemed to roll forever. I gazed at Lin’s butt; the part not covered by the lacy pant was smooth and lovely. I imagined having to take from the back and spanking that ass. These girls have been naughty and should be dealt with. The bottle finally stopped and faced from Lin to me. Lin’s smiled a crooked smile; she said “now pull out that dick pretty boy.” I hesitated at first, the embarrassment of having my dick out with my full cloth on did not settle down well with me. I held my zipper to undo it and pull out my dick when she said “no, I will do it myself.” She came, knelt down in front of me and she undid my zipper bringing out my dick. It was fully erect and it pointed out in appreciation for its freedom. She looked at it as if to use her mouth on it. She backed away and rolled the bottle again. It faced from her to her sister Rose. Without hesitation she said “blow him, suck that dick sis!” Rose as if on cue knelt and took me in her mouth. She felt so warm and soft around my dick. Lin came over and undid my belt and pulled my trouser and short down. Rose kept her hands on my ass slowly rubbing and squeezing. I shut my eyes a little in ecstasy. Lin came to my front; she stood in a sexy way which made my dick go harder. She pulled off her bra first revealing her pointy breast then she slipped her pink pant down. She was beautiful and naked. She went to the sofa in front to sit. She swung her ass in deliberate attempt to tease me. Rose’s head moved up and down my shaft, she had disengaged one of her hands to pack her hair which was disturbing her. I took all of her hair in my hand and watched her head pick pace again. Lin sat on the couch with her ass at the base on couch and her head to the rest. She raised her legs and folded it to her ass cheeks revealing her well shaved pussy. It had a strip just above it like an arrow pointing down to it. I could see her whitish juice; she ran her finger up and down her pussy in slow motion. She moaned out. She kept her other hand on her breast caressing and pinching it. She moaned again and I felt a build-up within me. Lin ran her finger up down her pussy again and moaned out. She brought it up and made circler motion around her clit. With this, she started reeling from side to side. She moved to her other breast caressing and pinching it again. I could feel my build up impending and about to explode. I groaned out “Rose am going to cum. I will cum in your mouth.” She did not seem to mind, she moved her head faster in anticipation of the cum. Lin was now groaning, she removed her hand from boobs and inserted it into her pussy. I shot off my load into Rose’s mouth. She stood up to kiss me. I kissed her deep tasting my cum in her mouth. We disengaged and I moved to Lin. I knelt down in front of her and removed her hands. I bent and kissed her inflamed clit sucking lightly on it. I ran my tongue up from her entrance to her clit. I rolled my tongue in circular motion around her clit as I saw her do with her hand, she groaned in ecstasy. I insert two fingers into her pussy and slowly drilled into her. Her moans came more pronounced. Her sister leaned in and took one of her breast in her mouth. She licked and caressed it while holding the other in her hand. She squeezed lightly as she caressed her boobs. She used her teeth to lightly bite and nibble on her tip. She interchanged at intervals. She kissed her. Lin’s groan now came off as if in sobs. I sulked on her clit and went faster drilling into her. She groaned she was about to cum. In her groan, she begged to be fucked. She groaned “please Charles, please fuck me. I will fucking do anything you want. Just fuck me, fucking fuck me! Ahn, I am about to cum please. Don’t stop please.” I slipped my mouth down to her pussy and fucked her with my tongue while my hand went to play with her clit. She buckled her hips against my face and I used my other hand to hold her in place. She wriggled and bucked against my face still as she exploded and let off her squirt in full force. I tried as much as possible to get it all in my mouth but it still splashed over my face. I stood up and faced Rose. I kissed her and she kissed her sisters cum off my face. I ordered Lin to get up, she seemed baffled but she stood almost immediately. Lin who was the only one among the two of them that brought a purse went to her purse and brought out a dildo. She waved it to my face and said “one dick won’t do us both.” I wondered if it was still the same shy Lin I am seeing. I collected it from her and told her to kneel. I arched her face up and told Rose to her to move in front of her sister. She did, I went to her back and raised the gown she had been wearing up till now up over her head. Her ass was naked. I bent and kissed her bum before slapping it. It shook and I loved it. I felt like bending her over and take her from behind. There was no need to rush the show. I removed her bra and let it fall to the ground. I went and sat in the sofa and ordered her eat her sister’s pussy. Lin kissed her sister’s pussy, she rolled out her tongue and flattened it against the inflamed fanny and licked from down the pussy to up the clit. Rose moaned and looked at me. She must have seen the satisfaction in my eyes. It seemed I could feel the pleasure she felt. She closed her eyes and held her boobs in both hands squeezing and caressing it. I felt my dick twitch; I was getting an erection again. I kept my hand under the sofa and brought out a condom. I tore and wore it. I sat next to where Lin knelt to take over from her. Rose stood over me as I took over from Lin. Slowly I eased her down until she knelt and was almost sitting on my face with my back to the floor. Lin passed the dildo to me and I brought it by my side pending when I will feel up to it to use it. Lin sat on me, she gasped as she made her way down. My erect big boy dived slowly into her warmth. Slowly at first she moved up and down my shaft. The sensation of her wall around me made me moan into Rose’s pussy. She sat in the revered cowgirl position with her hands on my laps. She was warm and tight. I raised Rose’ butt up such that her clit was in my mouth and her glory hole just above my chin was exposed. I picked up the dildo and inserted it into her slowly. She gasped as the dildo made its way into her pussy with my mouth still flicking and sucking on her clit. Slowly I pushed and pull the dildo into her. I licked and sucked on her clit as I increased the tempo of the dildo. I increased the pace of the dildo to match the pace at which Lin rose up and down my knob. We were fucking at the same pace. The intensity of both the dildo and my mouth on Rose made her groan. She was near and she groaned she was coming. I twisted and quickened the pace of the dildo into her. I lapped on her clit and she came on my face and neck. She eased herself from my face and leaned back to give me a kiss. Lin was still bouncing up and down my dick. She was riding her way into ecstasy. I held her waist and pulled her deeper into my dick. I held her there feeling the tightness of her wall around me. I rolled her waist around and lifted her from me. She seemed disappointed but I had another idea. I told them to mount the sofa and position themselves for dodgy. I wanted them fucked together side by side. I peeled off the condom on me and took another from under the sofa. I positioned myself at Rose pussy and the dildo at Lin’s. I was going to fuck them into ecstasy.

We got into my bathroom and we all had a quick shower together. Rose and Lin were very playful in shower. They would rub soap on each other and laugh. They would throw soap lather into each other’s face and we will all laugh. They ganged up against me while I was running the water over my head. They kept putting soap on my face making me frantic trying to wash away the soap. At the long run they seemed to wear themselves out with their play. We all got out and I handed them my extra towels. I was hungry so I went to the kitchen get what I would eat. I went into my cupboard and got out a loaf of bread. I went into the fridge and got a soda drink to wash it up. As I got to my sitting room, I reduced the music and sat down to watch TV. Just then, Rose and Lin came out into the sitting room. They looked beautiful and pure. Rose was in my bathing robe and Lin had worn one of my shirts. They both came and sat beside me, one by my right the other by my left. They both rested their head on my shoulder and watched the TV with me. Rose dipped her hand in my bread and Lin took the soda from me. I looked to both sides and asked them “you guys will stay the night right? Time is way gone for you two to go!” Rose with the bread in her mouth said “of course we can’t be going. We already made ourselves at home. Or you want to pursue us?” Lin backed her up by saying “I don’t know for him oo.” I burst into a small laugh and said “I don’t want you two to go. I was just trying to make sure you guys won’t.” They both settled back into my shoulder, the bread and drink passed round and in no time they both fell asleep. I switched off the TV and woke them up so we could go and sleep. They settled on both my sides and slept quite fast. I checked the time and it was a little past twelve. My generator should die soon, I settled and just as soon I slept off. I woke up the next morning and found both Rose and Lin gone. They left my robe and shirt at the foot of my bed with a note reading “thanks love!” I smiled to myself and kept the note as a trophy. I slept back and woke up several hours later.

Over the next few weeks, I tried calling Rose and Lin. I wanted to call up on my date with Rose. I had won the game and should take her out on a date as the prize of my win. Both their numbers did not go through. I suspect they must have blocked me off. This must have been their plan from beginning. I was just lucky to be the one to play the role they planned. I kept trying to get through to at least one of them but it will never go. I gave up and concentrated on my single hard working, party hard life. If only I knew their full names, I could just look them up on social media. Well, God knows best.

About two to three months after my sexcaped with Rose and Lin, on a very dull Monday morning, I received two packages that seemed like RSVP cards. I met them on my table and I asked around who dropped them on my table. I wanted to know who dropped them on my table and if it was meant for me because it was not addressed. After all my troubles, I sat at my desk and tore the cards open. They were very fanciful and gave the impression that they were wedding cards. They were wedding cards. I could see two names wedding each other. I don’t think I know any of them. I opened the second and the cards were very similar. I smirked to myself thinking how foolish to send me two same cards. I opened it and found out the names were different. It struck something in me. I picked up both card to compare. The second names were of same family. They were twins. “Could it be from Rose and Lin?” I asked myself. “What the fuck?” I screamed out loud. Everyone’s head turned towards me, I merely looked down. “Shit, please who delivered these cards to my table?” I said out loud raising the cards above my head. Everyone looked to my side again and turned back to their work. Ok, that means no one. I am going to have to attend that wedding then. My curiosity was eating me deep.

On the date of the wedding, I got into my best native and drove off to the venue. I kept asking myself if it could. So Rose and Lin just used me to live out their fantasy. It was funny though and I enjoyed it. I asked myself “if I knew they were getting married will I have slept with them both? They were both beautiful but will I want to?” I took a deep breath thinking deep what I would do. I shook head negative and said I won’t. I won’t want someone to do that to my bride. I arrived at the venue, entry was strictly on invitation. I handed both RSPV’s the guard, he looked at them both and then at me. He asked “didn’t you see the dress code?” I collected the cards from him and looked at it. It was “English style: suit and tie.” I smiled the guard and told him “I did not see it, sorry.” He shook his head as if he understood and let me in. I sat alone in a round table for four. I was very distinct as I was the only one on native. The music was loud and everyone seemed in good mood except me. It was obvious I was an odd one. I hate to be in parties I know no one. I was served food and drink which I very much enjoyed. The jollof rice was on point and the beer was ice chilled. I will always remember this. After what seemed like hours, some three girls walked up to where I was sitting and sat in the empty seat. I raised my head up from my phone and you won’t believe this. “Rose, Lin? I knew it! You two are the ones doing the wedding isn’t it?” They both giggled; there was no need for them to answer. It was their wedding and I had just helped live their fantasy. Rose said “meet my little sister Pearl.” I smiled and waved at her. She was so beautiful. She surpassed her sisters in beauty. Her eyes, her smiles, she was perfect. He she had curves that blew me out of my wits. I made a mental note to get her contact and see how far we could go. I wish we could make something out of this encounter but before then this twins have queries to answer. Rose continued saying “and by the way our name is not Rose and Lin.” I shook my head at the betrayer. I asked “so what are your names?

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