It’s been three months or so since I last had sex. I can physically feel my need for it. I am not sure I’m ready to get a new girlfriend as I’m still in grief and I can’t go hire a prostitute. I have crazy distaste for those who traffic in love. Who knows, maybe I’m just been naïve. As I walked into the bar, all tricks I will need to get laid today were playing in my head. Normally I should have gone to a club where there were loads of horny women who won’t think twice before following me home but my mind pushed me to a bar. That was where I wanted to be. I went in and sat at the counter to order for a beer, I would not want to be drunk when the moment shows its face. Although getting drunk is part of the plan, I will want it postponed to the later end of my drinking. My headset was on my head and I was nodding my head slowly at my bottle. What else can a man do to enjoy his lonely life? I was flipping through my phone and sipping my beer when I felt a tap on my back. Her lips were moving and she seemed interested in me. I slipped the headphone down in anticipation of what she was going to say. “Hi! My name is Zea.” I nodded my head and made a quick glance at her body. She is beautiful in every sense, the very essence of perfection. “Rech… I mean Richard. This beer is already getting the best of me” I said smiling. “Hm, so will you buy this lonely girl a drink? You look lonely sitting here all by yourself or am I wrong?” her smile was charming. I took a long nice look at her. Her ass curved out nicely from her back and her boobs curved out lovingly to complement the beauty of her face. Smiling, I shook my head negative and said “no.” She bent her head backwards in such a way that seemed she had just been freed from a spell. Her cleavage was smooth and nice. It looked invitingly at me. I bit my bottom lip. “See anything you like?” She said and turned around. I couldn’t help swallow the lump in my throat; her curves were to die for. ‘Could I really be this lucky?’ I thought exhaling noisily. I looked up at her and said “you have started what you can’t finish!” I gave her a crooked smile and turned to the barman. “Give her whatever she wants, on me”. “Now you sound like a man, a gentle one” she said swirling her hair over her shoulders. She looked at me expectantly and I patted the high stool by my side inviting her to join me. She looked back at some girls at the far corner and winked at them triumphantly. They seemed crazy happy and threw thumbs-up at her. “Hmm I never knew girls do this too” I said. “Well guys can’t own all the fun. It was a bet though” she answered smiling. I wondered how far the bet she made covered. I will stretch my luck to its limits; I really want her in my bed. Her order was given to her and she flipped her hair backwards again before looking at me. There was this attitude to it that was so attractive; i could already see myself naked with her making love. I asked her “what is a girl like you doing in a bar all by herself?” She laughed a long laugh and said “I am not here all by myself, you saw my friends just a moment ago remember?” I smiled in obvious embarrassment. “You know what I mean, you look free to me” I made efforts to further explain. “There is no man if that is what you are getting at” she looked around then winked at me saying “you’re here though!” She raised her shoulder buttressing her point. More drinks were severed and we sat talking through and through. I sat talking and thinking of how to get her to bed. She was really beautiful and right now I won’t care whatever price I might have to pay to get her to lay with me. I was ready to do anything, everything to get her. We have been sitting drinking and chatting for quite some time now and I was already bored and seriously thinking of getting laid. “You brought your car?” I asked. “Yeah” she said. I looked back to her friends who seem to have forgotten our existence. I leaned forward and whispered into her ear “I have a world I want to show you. You might want to tell your friends we are going for a drive. Just one hour and we will be back.” She seemed amused, maybe surprised but she smiled. She took her purse from the table and made a quick walk to her friends. I could not resist having a gracious look at her round sumptuous butt. Her hips shot out in an evident bracket. Perfectly beautiful, she swirls it’s as she walked like she knew I will love to watch her. I was lost in the moment. Hunger for everything that was beneath that short tight gown seized me from nowhere. I wanted to take a good bite at her ass, I was dying already. I need her naked with me. I will… I shook myself out of the dream and faced the barman and asked him for my bill. He told me the price, I paid and got up. Standing up I met her already by my side. I looked at her apologetically. “I will get to meet your friends later. Now all I want to know is you” I said. She smiled saying “it’s alright, guess they have to understand!” she said as we walked out.

I drove out of the park. It’s been so hot in the bar but who would have noticed when there was so much more going on in there. I love nature and I wanted to show her a little of my love. “Have you ever have been to the drive orchard?” I asked hoping she hasn’t. She chuckled and asked “where is that?” it’s my lucky day. “In a moment then beautiful” I said with a cheek full of smiles. I drove downtown and I love my windows down allowing the rush of the wind make me feel like I would choke. But I rolled them up. It is often a funny fight between the nature and I. I sped up, the sun would soon start to set and I needed to catch up with the moment I wanted to show Zea. Halfway into the drive, I lowered the window. Almost immediately, the cool air from the A.C disappeared and the warm rushing breeze engulfed both of us. I could hear Zea screaming faintly and asking “why did you? You are so cruel.” I just burst out the laughter and said “too much comfort is not good for a fine girl like you. You need the best of nature to make you fresh!” I winked at her and burst into laughter again. The drive seemed to be getting interesting. I placed my hand outside the window allowing the wind push my hand. I looked at her and asked if she won’t enjoy the wind while she could. “Yes!” She exclaimed like I reminded her of something really important. She did something in her hair then combed it back with her hand. She lifted herself from the seat. She then looked out at the mirror. I had not noticed her hair was red. It was so beautiful! I had once fantasied about having someone with redhead. Her hair was longer than the usual hair most Nigerian girls carry on their head. She looked up and saw the sun slowly lowering itself down. It looked bigger and rounder, it was just beautiful. I’ve seen this so many times but it still always feels its first time. “The orchard is just right after that bend” I pointed out to her as I slowed the car to a decent pace. I opened the moon roof and told her to stand on her seat. The leaves of the orchard hung really low. She could through the roof touch them. I kept my pointer on then played a nice popular country music. “Oh, I like that song how did you know all this? You won’t make me melt. It won’t work!” she screamed atop the car. I smiled then increased it until it was very loud and continued driving. I could hear her faintly follow the song. She shook the tree branch and leaves fell on my wind screen. She seemed to love this. At each side of the road were lined trees. The beauty and serenity of this place will make you think God must be leaving somewhere around this place. I brought the car to a stop as the sun had gone down and it was already getting dark. She slipped down from the roof to her seat. Her gown had hiked up as she fell revealing her under pant. She looked down to see what had happened and then looked at my face. My face must have revealed the hunger in me for her. She kissed me briefly; her tongue was warm and sweet. I couldn’t have guessed how much I missed these things. I looked at her to see why she had broken the kiss. I launched my mouth on her; she kissed me with just as much hunger as I had in me. There was this oneness in both of us as to the direction we were going. I broke off of her and started my engine. It was already very dark and I needed the conditions to be perfect. I wound up the windows and kept on the air conditioning. We were sound and safe to do whatever now. I leaned in to kiss her deeply tasting every corner of her mouth. She was sweet and tender. She allowed me lead all the way. I placed my hand on her lap, it felt fresh and soothing. I leaned and whispered into her ear “I could go on like this forever.” She tried to suppress a moan as I brushed my hand past her pants. I trailed my lip all round her face kissing her eyes and encircling her temple with my tongue. I kissed her ear and whispered words of pleasure and excitement. Her bra had stopped me from feeling those conical bosoms. I raised my other hand which had been empty until now to unzip her gown and unhook her bra. I pulled the gown over her head and unhooked her bra. My hands moved to capture her pointy bosom and I trail my thumb over her to taunt nipples. “They are magnificent, I love the feel of your conical bosom” I whispered. Her breasts were so full my hands could not encircle it all. I played a little with her nipples and she moaned for more. I kissed down from her forehead, all over her face down to her neck. I brought my hands down to her waist and tried to slip my hand to her ass to fondle. I have wanted to have a feel of it ever since she turned around. She raised herself up slightly and I pulled her panties off. I brought back my hand forward and stroked her clit a little. She moaned. I brought my head down to kiss her warmth. She eased her leg more apart for me to taste her intoxicating pussy juice. I ran my tongue through and she moaned for more. “Oh Richard the warmth of your mouth is killing. I want you there, eat it!” she said in a semi-scream. I brought my head up to her ear and told her sometime later. I slid a finger into her and started out slowly. I went only as fast as her breath was going. She pulled the control lever used to adjust the seat and adjusted the seat to a sleeping position. She wanted to enjoy this to the fullest and I will make sure of it. I increased my pace as her breath got quicker and shortened. She gasped and coughed slightly while still moaning together. I was half scared she might be under an attack but i didn’t stop, i wanted her to love it. She held unto the door fiercely as she buckled against my hand. Suddenly she placed her hand on my shoulder and said “Stop, stop!” She bit her lip and seems to be resisting the embarrassment that will soon plague her. In my mind I could not but curse my luck. ‘Why would she have allowed me start when she knew or was supposed to know I will want it? I withdrew my hand from her and was about to seat up. I was lost for words on how to apologize. Although I was not ashamed, in a way we both wanted it. I looked into her eyes and was about to make my apology when she said “do you have c.d here?” For a moment I seemed dumbfounded. I quickly searched through my pockets for my wallet, there was none in there. I told her to help me check the glove compartment. Luckily she found two. It must have been there for months. I unbuckled my belt and pulled my trousers with my boxers down all together. I unbuttoned my shirt leaving me bare from my chest to my ankle. Zea was already naked and I could see her erect tits pointing forward. I wanted them in my mouth. She raised her seat back to normal then climbed over into my lap. The feel of her skin on mine was… indescribable. I pulled my lever to allow much more space, she leaned forward and we started kissing. I kept one if my hands on her boobs and started caressing. My other hand went to kneading her perfectly round soft bum. The kissing became more intense and she started grinding her groin on me. She was super wet and I could feel her warm juice on my belly as she grinds. She moaned softly into my mouth as she raised her face and I trailed my mouth down her neck. She moved her hand from my chest and slipped it down between her tights to hold my erect big boy. She kissed me deeply as I slid my hand down to her clit. She took my big standing boy in her hand guiding it into her. Her eyes closed and she bit her lips as she slowly lowered herself. “Oh shit!” she exclaimed as she started gliding through. Very slowly at first, she started picking pace and started going a little faster. She kept her hands on my shoulder using me as a support, I kept one of my hands on her breast squeezing and tugging. Her pussy clamped around my dick like a glove, soft and warm. “Oh shit Richard!” she moaned out as I grabbed unto her waist. I held her ass in my hand and squeezed. I slapped it and felt it bounce in my hand. She groaned as she rose and sat into my dick. She leaned in and kissed my lip while going faster. “Oh damn! I love the way you fuck me Rich!” I held her waist raising and pushing her into my dick. Going faster, she closed her eyes feeling me fill her. I suspended her ass in the air and I rammed into her. “Yes, oh yes Rich. I am almost there. Fuck me silly baby! Fuck me hard.” She screamed. I could feel my orgasm impending as I banged her faster. Her eyelid flipped open; I was sure as hell she could not have seen anything. Her eyes had rolled deep into her socket as the ecstasy overtook her. I shot my load into her. Slowly we descended back into ourselves and she collapsed on me. I kissed her for being sweet.

The glow of the after-sex radiated all through. It was too good to be true. I had to ask asked Zea to come take over the driving. I sat beside her as she cruised back to the bar. A soft music was playing from the radio; I was completely speechless and thoughtless. I looked out through the window recapping what had happened. It had been a wonderful night. She drove into the parking lot of the bar; her friends were already outside looking tensed. Just maybe they had somewhere else to go. Zea looked at me and smiled saying, “it was a weird night really. Thank you!” I leaned in and gave her a kiss on the lip as she exited my car. I just sat in there staring as she walked away. She still swirled her ass and I felt myself get hard again. They drove off and that was it. I will regret not getting her contact, I had completely forgotten.


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