I heard TGIF (Thank God is Friday) is for those who has worked hard during week days and friday is a day to cool off all stress that was gone through over the week. But how would I be able to cool off if my heart isn’t at ease? I’m just here feeling tipsy while I can’t stop thinking of the man who got me deflowered. It all happened on a Friday night, I went to a club to cool off as usual. Then a handsome looking guy who could pass for a run way model came to me. I couldn’t stop staring at his lips, all I could think of was our lips locked together. We had few drinks but I’m not good at drinking so I got drunk. We said some nasty things, at that moment I knew I had to end up in his bed. He sounds so good and experienced. Don’t judge me, we all grew up doing things we said we’d never do. I mean I’m not a whore, but then every girl wants her first time to be a bomb.
I got too drunk and I’m sure he was tipsy even if he wasn’t drunk. We had a little dance on the dance floor and I couldn’t stop feeling his member. Gosh that feeling is heaven . He held me by my waist and pulled me back to him. I felt his memeber at my butt while he slowly took his hand up to feel my breast. He pulled me closer to him facing him and raised my head up to his just to see the look on my face. There it goes, his lips again. He pulled me a little closer brining his lips close to mine. I couldn’t wait to devour his lips but he surprised me when he made the movement of his lips to my ear and whispered “Come with me to the car” I got wet at the sound of this and I couldn’t wait to feel him all over me.
We got into the car, he kissed me and I kissed him back. It got so intense and we lasted for few minutes. He put his hand in my bra and caressed my breast hmm that feels good, I said to him. I was really wet at this point because I was alreday wet even before now. Can we do something crazy? he asked. Sure, I said to him. At this point I just couldn’t think straight because all I wanted was him inside me.  He laid on his back while I sat on him. He played with my clit but I didn’t want all that, all I wanted was the sex. Can we just do the main thing? I asked. Okay he thrust his member in my alreday wet clit.. oh my, you’re a virgin he said. Yeah, just do it either way. We’d have to go slow he said. There we were going in and out. Bam, a stranger deflowered me. We got done and talked for a little while until we fell asleep
It was morning, we fell asleep in the car. I got dressed and left my number  in his car for him to call me when he’s awake. Its been two weeks and he hasn’t called. I love him already, sex with him was the best. Do you guys think he’s gonna call??

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