Over the next few month,

Richards and Mary’s sexcaped went on. Leaving both well spent and satisfied

Slowly but surely, Richard started to warm up to Mary

He slowly fell in love with Mary and with her urge,

He learnt to forget about Sugar.

With time the love grew.

Sugar noticed that Richard was slowly losing interest in her.

She soon found out that Mary her friend had found her way with him.

She had somehow made Richard fall for her. She confronted her.

Mary claimed she had always said she did not care for Richard.

She could not rebuff the claim. She however emphasized that Mary was a bad friend.

Going behind her to steal her boyfriend?

“You never dated!” countered Mary.

That was the end of their friendship.

Sugar however promised her a comeback.

Sugar went back home

Her thought was solely centered on how she will deal with her traitor friend

“How dare Mary do such to me? What insolence! How could she?” she thought

This thoughts was all that kept resurfacing on her mind

She paced the length and breadth of her room thinking

“How the hell did such brat snatch a boyfriend from me? What does she have even?

That girl is crap compared to me. She won’t even fit as a spare not to mention a swop!”

She sat on her sofa to imagine how Mary could have been able to get Richard.

She thought and thought it through. She could not wrap head around it.

The embarrassment she is and will suffer shouldn’t be.

She owned Richard. Richard was hers and he slipped.

She heaved and smiled then shook her head

She was bitter but the will is up. “Get ready you slut,

You whore from hell. I will kick you back to where you belong” she said aloud.


Feeling good, Richard walked and sang in his head.

On his way, he saw a clover growing wildly by the road.

It was so beautiful he felt a swell of love and happiness, all his emotions rose to his eyes.

They were tear-filled.

It made him think of Mary. That girl has been everything

He plucked it and tried to smell it and could not pick a scent.

He stuck it in his hair.

He walked and whistled away, life has been so good.

He has not had any course to worry these past few months

And he felt a need to celebrate.

He entered into the mall; he got two strong wines and a bouquet of long roses.

He was going to make this day special. He was happy and so should Mary.

He knocked on her door ko! Ko! Ko!

He had arranged the flowers at his back such that she won’t see it

He hid one of the wines by the side of her step and waited patiently for her

He stretched out the hand with the wine upon hearing her scream “I’m coming!”

Mary opened the door and seemed quite happy seeing him

She was all smiles. She ignored the bottle held in her way and went for a hug

Richard knew his surprise was ruined. She had seen the flowers

“Don’t you ever dare think girls are fools!” she whispered as she grabbed the roses.

She brought it to her nose to smell. She smiled to him.

Her face seemed to suddenly light up

“She had seen it! She has fucking seen it! Today is not my lucky day” he thought.

Mary’s smile seemed to have gone broader. She said

“Where did you find that flower?”

Sighing with relief, he asked “which flower?”

She picked the clover out his hair to show him

Suddenly remembering, he said “by the road on my way here. Today is blessed isn’t it?”

Mary laughed and said “yes darling. It is!”

Mary looked at her roses and made a face like she disliked it

Or more like she had a nasty idea of it or both

Suddenly, she thrust the clover to Richard to take.

She looked so innocent just like a child, Richard smiled

He knew he will always remember this day when the sun shone

The wind of love gentle caressed his face and swirled Mary’s hair in front of her house

The good sex that might follow and the prank he just might also successfully pull.

“Richard, be ready! Be ready!” she screamed as she ran and jumped.

Richard also was screaming “ready for what, ready for what?”

As she jumped, Richard caught her in the air bridal styled.

Mary laughed and beat his chest saying “you are such a man darling!” she laughed again

“You are so lucky your boyfriend is a boy’s scout. Always ready!” he said carrying her in

Their laughter filled the air as they enter. Their love felt like a scene from a movie

When they got inside, Richard set her down and she went into her kitchen

She brought out a wine opener and two mugs.

She also went into her fridge and brought out ice cubes.

She had caught the happiness vibe from Richard and had started humming and dancing.

Richard opened the wine and it made a loud pop sound.

Mary screamed “hey!”

Richard laughed and said “God! I have fallen in love with a village girl.”

Mary laughed and rushed over to hit him, he caught her against his chest and kissed her.

Slowly the laugh and smiles turned into passion.

Mary lifted her face and savored his kiss.

His lips were gentle as it molded and formed, tasting and loving.

Her hands seemed in control of themselves.

Slowly they eased up to his face as she stretched and stood on her toes to match him.

Richard dropped the wine on the table, he wanted her fully.

He unzipped her short flimsy gown and she let it fall to the floor.

She was naked and beautiful. Her dark skin shone in the day light

She helped him out of his cloths so he was as naked as she was.

She imagined they were the one in the Eden garden. How sweetly those thought pleased her

She looked into his eyes and all she could read was love.

Love mixed with raw wanting. Lust that will make you lost

She stepped back into his embrace and locked her lips to his

Slowly they kissed enjoying the taste of each other

He slipped his palms over her ass and slowly caressed it. He then grabbed it, knead it.

He brought one of his hands forward and slowly teased her pussy lips

He fondled gently with them using it to tease and excite her clit

He could feel her get wet. Her breath was becoming more ragged

She moaned her pleasure into his mouth. She kissed all over his face and neck

She wanted him to feel the pleasure she was feeling, this ecstasy ought to be shared

She begged to be fucked with his finger as she was finding his tease agonizing

She moaned into his ear “please Rech dip it in. Fuck me with your fingers please!”

He slid his finger into her and slowly plunged. He kept that pace plunging and swirling his finger.

“I want the bigger you, fuck me silly now. I so want you buried deep inside me.”

He withdrew and grabbed her by the waist.

He lifted her up once and she wrapped her legs around him.

He moved to the nearest wall. He pinned her back against the wall as their kiss intensified.

She held his dick and positioned him at her entrance. Slowly she sat into it as he pushed into her.

He placed both hands on the wall and she rested her arms on it pushing out her waist

Slowly he started pushing in her and withdrawing. She lifted and dropped into him

Their breaths was ragged as they both slowly made love

This was a time of giving and receiving life.

The time to thrive in their love for each other, a time to unite their soul in perfect pleasure

It was time to reminisce in being together as one for they were making love.


It was nightfall by the time Richard and Mary were finished.

Mary saw him off and by the time they were at her step, Richard remembered his extra wine.

Sharply he turned and said “Mary my love!” She said “yes my darling!”

“I have one last surprise for you, now close your eyes” he said.

Imagining the stunt he will want to pull, she closed her eyes.

He quickly picked the wine and said “stretch both hands out a little.”

She did and he placed the wine on her hand and a kiss on her lip.

He then hugged her and whispered “just maybe girls are fools!

Fools for love anyway.” He laughed a little and she smiled.

She had been beaten! She and Richard walked a little down before saying their goodbyes

She kissed and hugged him. A part of her wished he would spend the night with her

Her dream of love was already her reality. It seemed tentative, unbelievable

She was living a fairytale.

Richard opened his door, entered and locked it. He was famished

And he felt he needed a good rest. Today has been a good day

As he turned from locking his door, he seemed to see someone lying on his sofa.

He switched on his light to find Sugar lying on his sofa.

She was wearing a very beautiful long shining gown. It detailed her beauty

He was so shocked that he literally jumped off his body.

She seemed like a mermaid, so fearfully beautiful.

“Sugar, how the hell did you get into my apartment” he asked

He closed his eyes and pinched himself, he wanted to be sure he was not sleeping

Sugar remaining calm smiled and said “you won’t even greet me properly huh?




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  • Neemah
    September 1, 2017 at 7:21 am

    Hmm madam sugar What’s up

  • spicy
    September 10, 2017 at 11:07 am

    Was only interested or got interesting when richard got to his room… People(me) love sinful romance


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