Sugar remaining calm smiled and said “you won’t even greet me properly huh?

Your apartment is lovely Richard.” She paused and stood

“You know what Richard, in actual fact I like you! I really do.”

She raised her hands to her shoulder and pulled the hem of her gown

It fell freely to the floor. She was stunning! Sugar had a body of a goddess

Richard stepped back, he said “common Sugar I can’t do this!”

He stepped back again and made to leave

Sugar said “you had better come back here. If you dare leave, I will scream rape.

You have a policeman as neighbor and he is my friend, I will call him.

I will shred my cloth, scream and cry. You just try me Rich!”

Richard was taken aback. He could not believe this was happening to him.

Sugar moved and stood in front of him, she could not believe she was doing this.

She had grown to really like him. She could feel the prang of regret at the back of her mind

She felt guilty for wanting to ruin his happiness but she must

Mary had been the first to betray her and now she must have her pound of flesh

She stood on her toes to kiss him. His lips were soft and warm but irresponsive

His breath was warm and soothing.

She took his palms in her hands and kept it on her breast.

It felt warm against his palms. Her tip invitingly scratched his palm

She quizzed his hand against her breast, she was soft and firm

He felt a need to taste her, to gently sulk, to squeeze and gently tug, to nibble and bite slowly

She used him to caress herself and slowly slid his hand down her body to her ass

Richard could feel his emotions betray him. Her body was smooth as silk

Her lips part softly under his, so appealing. There was conflict of emotion within him.

His heart raced as his head thought of his action and possible consequence

He looked down to her face and saw she was beautiful to behold.

He moved his lips to kiss her back slowly as he squeezed her bum

She left his hand on her ass and undressed him.

She led him to a sofa and sat him there. There were no words of affection

Or any sizzling passion borne out of feelings.

For one a sense of mission and the other unsure of the happening reality

She kept one of her legs on the sofa and the other on the floor as she slowly sat on him

She lean in and kissed him. He raised her waist up and she slowly sat back into it.

The way he filled her up made her moan. She licked her lip and rested her hands on his shoulder

She slowly rose and fell into his dick. The pleasure of him made her let out a moan.

With his hands in support, her pace started to pick up.

He raised her up and down his dick. Her tits were bouncing and he leaned his face

He took one in his mouth to sulk. He leaned in again and took the other in his mouth

Her pussy felt warm and it sucked him in.

He could feel himself expand her wall as he penetrated her.

He raised her waist mid-air and began violently hitting into her.

Her moans got louder and she screamed “I’m cumming Richard, hm go faster!”

Hearing she was almost there,

He could feel himself build up, he went faster and faster. He shot his load deep inside her.

She collapsed into him then rose up her face and gave him a deep kiss.

“You have been wonderful” she said. She sat back into his lap

She laid her face on his chest. Slowly they both slept off.

Ko! Ko! Ko! A violent knock came from the door

Richard could hear Mary screaming “open up this door Richard!”

Sugar had gone and he had no idea when she left.

He would have thought it was a dream but for that he was still naked and on the sofa.

He took his cloths from the floor and wore his boxers short.

He left the clothes on his sofa and went to open the door.

He could feel it in his guts that today is going to go all wrong

The guilt of the past night was evident on his face as he opened the door.

Mary walked in without giving a damn. She seemed very angry

“So you are a piece of shit after all huh Richard? How could you do this to me?

I loved you with the whole of my heart Richard. Is this how you pay me back?”

She said waving her phone to his face.

No one needs to further explain that Sugar had taped them having sex

She had filmed both of them sexing and had sent it to Mary

A lump rose in his throat, his thoughts ran wild trying to find an excuse.

“My Mary I swear to you it not what it seems” he said

“Oh! Okay tell me what it fucking seems” she shouted

“I did not want to do, I promise you she forced me too” he begged

She said waving the phone again “oh, that is not the story that is here.

You got naked didn’t you? You kissed her didn’t you? You fucked that bitch didn’t you?”

Richard could not say anything as his head hung in embarrassment.

He was starting to hate Sugar but it is of what use?

After a brief silence Mary said “I thought so. I hope you enjoyed the fuck!

And that is it, this shit is over.” She made to leave and Richard pulled her arm

She turned back sharply and Richard could see in her eyes that she wanted to slap him

A tear slipped from her eye as Richard said “I am sorry Mary!”

She screamed amid sob “it would have been forgivable if I had not seen it.

How would I ever look at you and not see you two fucking each other?”

Richard went on his knees and with heavy heart he said to her

“Mary I am very sorry. I swear she coerced me into it. She was going to scream…”

“Oh shut it. Please do not let me see you again” she said with tear streaming down her face.

She stepped out of his house and cleaned her eyes with the back of her hand.

She brought out a handkerchief and blew her nose.

She was going to stay away from Sugar, that girl will ruin her life.

She was not ready for a crazy fight.

She thought to herself “fucking lose and get!”

Another tear slipped again, she cleaned them off.




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  • Jay
    September 1, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    Wow. One second I’m getting all horny and the next second the story is making me feel so sad for them.. sigh
    Good writing

  • Neemah
    September 1, 2017 at 7:56 pm


  • Anonymous
    September 10, 2017 at 3:27 pm

    Like seriously…. what sort of stupid way to end your story… you better continue cos it cant end like dis… as in am pissed off

    • Richard clover
      September 22, 2017 at 3:34 pm

      how should it end?
      you know life is unfair, this is exactly what many girls will do. thanks for your comment


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