I want more of you, he said to me. I moved his head closer to mine just to look clearly the look on his face. It was filled with lust and love. I want you more than you want me, I said back to him. Then let’s make this moment right he said. He pinned me to the wall while he gave me a little kiss on my neck.

He unbuttoned my shirt and smiled at the sight of my breast. “I love what I see” he said to me. I gave him a flirty smile, hmm I hope I’ll like what I see too, I said in return while I tried pulling his pants. He chuckled at my inability to pull his pants, he helped me out, just then he asked if I’ve ever been on top of the world. Make me, I said, in my flirtatious tone ever. At this point, I was wet at his use of words, and I couldn’t wait to feel him all over me. He caressed my breast in a gentle way and went on to pull my skirt.

His touch could make me say “fuck me daddy” he caressed my breast again while he bent low to kiss my breast up to my neck. At this point I could feel his memeber on me and all I could think of was it being inside me. He placed a soft kiss in between my breast oh my that feeling is everything, a little mmm left my mouth. A placed a kiss on my lips, that was intense, I wanted more of him so I went tongue in and out with him.

He was getting on the edge when he shifted my panties to the side and played with my clit “hmmmm fuck,” that was all I could say. He kept on teasing my clit while a gave him a subtle moan. I was going crazy, I wanted more, more of his touches, more of his lips, more of him so I pushed his finger deeper while he thrust his finger deep inside me. He did it so well that I wanted his finger to make my area its place of abode. He went slowly while he said softly “you’re so wet for me, I want to explore”.

His voice gosh, it sent chills down my spine. He went slowly with my clit while he teased my nipple at the same time. I couldn’t take his touches anymore when I yelled “fuck me please”  he stopped every action when he heard this and looked into my eyes. He removed his hand from my area, No i won’t fuck yiu he said. He stood and got dressed in an attempt to leave. Why won’t you fuck me? I asked him.. he went out of the room hastily.

I was about running after him when I heard a knock on the door. It was only a dream, I woke up realising it was a dream.

It was the man of my dream!!! 

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