Tunde was quiet tall and handsome. This endeared him to so many girls. It was no secret that he was loved by most; he himself knew he was loved. Just maybe that was what fueled his ego, he was too sure of himself. It’s only God that can say what came into his head as he leaned to kiss Mary. Surprised by his act, she gave him a good slap. That kind of slap is often said to be able to reset a man’s destiny. Everybody turned to observe what went on. That slap sting, it stung and he dared not caress it. He merely licked at that side on his cheek. His eyes went blank; he must have seen stars in broad day light. His face slowly changed to contain the expression which seemed to beg ‘why?’ With all heads turning towards them, Mary felt a little guilty. She had not intended it to turn into such a big embarrassment for him. In all honesty, had she been expecting it she might have enjoyed it. She liked him too. She cursed herself on the inside. She looked at her hand with the expression ‘why are you faster than my brain?’ she was about to mutter how sorry she was before Tunde’s eyes seemed convey anger. He walked away forcing a smile like as if nothing happened. He could not think. His head seemed heavy with the weight of embarrassment he just received. He will soon receive visitors in name of friends who will laugh and ridicule him for what just happened. He knew he was in for it. His thought reverted back to the incident and he tried to fathom what pushed him to kiss the girl. Honestly he could not think of anything else than the slap. Now away from the people, his hand slowly and slightly caress the cheek. It still burned from the slap. Holding his cheek in his palms, he thought of how to pay her back. He shook his head again imagining all those face. They will tell a friend who will tell a friend who will also tell another friend and so on and so on. He wanted to pay her back. He really should, he thought to himself. He walked into his room and locked his door. Straight, he pulled his cloths to remain his boxers short and slept off on his bed. ‘What a bad day’ he muttered in his sleep.

In his dream, the incident seemed to play and replay. He rolled from one side of the bed to another. His mind though not totally conscious was restless. He dreamt of different solution as to how to deal with her and none seemed good enough. He wanted to be on his right while punishing her. Suddenly, he leapt out of bed for the sleep was not pleasant. Just as soon as he leapt, a knock came. He was so pissed that he shouted

“go away, I’m not in the mood to receive anybody” he cursed the fellow under his breath.

“Sorry Tunde! It is Mary, I want to see you. I want to appolo…” the door swung open and she steps in. She looks around half amused. She had never been to his room; it gave her a little chill to be here. Tundes’ room was very rough just like any other boys room. It looked clean but was rough. Pieces of clothing littered every corner of the room. Trying to lighting the mood, Mary said;

“seems you need a wife!” Unsmiling, Tunde said dryly “will you marry me then?” she lit up slowly in smiles then gradually into a laugh. It seemed his words slowly took meaning in her head hence her response. Tunde did not even smile.

“I am sorry I slapped you. Honestly I did not mean it. It was the surprise that took hold of me.” His eyes softened a little at her explanation. Her apology seemed to melt his anger away. The urge that took hold of him earlier, which made him kiss her, seemed to revive itself in him. In fact everything became clearer now. Her figure took prominence now. Her hips curved out loving and he could make out the outline of her bum. Her cleavage was smooth and the gentle slope of her full firm boobs almost made him lick his lips in lust. This was the very first time she will enter into his house. He had on various occasions invited her in but she will always deny the invitation. At best, she stayed outside the house and waited for him. A thought struck him to find out the extent to which she wanted to push her apology. Sitting down on his bed, he said;

“alright then. Lock the door and make your apology since that is what you came to do.” His eyes were gauging her facial expression and body movement. She paused defiantly for a moment seeming to understand the weight of what he was asking. She shrugged it off, stepped back and turned to lock the door. Her behind was graceful. It is what some will refer to as abundant blessing. In those tight trousers, Tunde could make out her pant line. The mere thought of what he could with them made his erection shoot out like a soldier. He sat properly into his bed and pulled his pillow to his chest to cover his groin. He hugged it tightly as if to quiet his need. She sat at the edge on his bed and said;

“I am very sorry.” Her face seemed to pull closer, closer and closer it became. Their lips just an inch apart, they could feel themselves drawing on the others breathe. Time and space seemed to slow down as their lips seem to lock in an untainted passion. Tunde discarded the pillow and moved closer to Mary. His hands on her face and slowly their kiss began to gather heat. With Mary’s eyes closed, she tasted and savored him. Her hands seemed to pull his face closer in loving affection. They both could feel the love grow physical. Yes, they wanted to make love. Mary’s hand caressed the back of Tundes’ head, his neck, and his shoulders down to his back. She spread her palms across his naked back and chest. The feel of the ripples of his muscle underneath her fingertips made her grow wide. His chest was so wide she seemed unable to cove it all. He was strong and firm. Touching his abs drove her crazy. The gallop of her palms against them seemed to set her heart on fire. She was excited and was already getting wet for him. She was crazy wet and she wanted to feel his big boy. She wanted it to feel her up. Her fingers twitch and burn to touch him. She kept her hands inside his boxers and brought it out. It felt full and strong. Slowly she caressed it and readied it for the grand entry. She wanted to be fucked into ecstasy. It felt rough and strong under her fingertips, veiny and ugly but strong. That was how she wanted it.

Tunde gasped as she took hold of him. The feel of her soft fingers on him drove him nuts. He took her with him as he stood up. His boxers short fell off and he stood in front of her naked. His broad chest narrowed at his hips giving his dick which was pointing out prominence.

“I am naked now, your turn diva!” he said to Mary.

Mary stepped a little back kicked off her shoe and started her grand show. Shoe now aside, she faced Tunde and asked “what part my body will turn you on the most?”

“The boobs and the butts so make it worth my while baby!”

She pulls off her blouse and trousers to reveal matching undies. She wore a pink lacey bra and pant. She stood akimbo and turned round for Tunde to view and lust. He moved closer and by the time she was completing her turn, she fell straight into his arm and lips. Her lips was so soft, he kissed every corner of her mouth. The rained kisses over her face and slowly came down to her neck. He kissed and sulked on the part of her neck chose. Gently biting and nibbling there. Her groan felt so good, she seemed to be literally melting in his arms. Her groan and short gasp made him go wide. He unhooked her bra and let her go so the bra will fall off. As the bra fell to reveal those full heavenly conical boobs, Tunde returned back into her embrace. He buried his head into one of those fairies. He used his tongue on her standing tip. He took the peak in his mouth and gently bites and sulks on it. His hand was on the other kneading and gently caressing. He did same to the other. Tunde placed his hand on the small of her back. He caressed the whole of her back slowly heating her up. He went back to her neck and kissed her there. He lowered his hands into her pant and caressed her butt. From her back, he fingered her. She was warm and wet. He kissed her mouth again. She grasped and groaned into his mouth with each thrust of his finger. Slowly they eased into the bed. Tunde brought his fingers up to her face and she kissed them dry. Mary pulled off her pant, Tunde trailed off her body with his kiss. He kissed her mouth and trailed it down to her neck from her neck down to her boobs. He took each peak in his mouth to gentle sulk, bite and nibble. He worshiped each of the fairies accordingly. He used his tongue from in-between the two mounds down to her navel and stopped. Kissing and teasing her navel, he could smell the musk of her juice. She was damned too ready for him. It made him hungry for her, to taste her, eat her. He wanted to give her pleasure. He trailed his tongue from her navel down to her pussy. Up from the beginning of her cunt, he swirled his tongue lapping all the way. He tongue fucked her; his tongue was soft and warm. With him fucking her this way, she felt such unbearable reaching, such ecstasy. He moved his tongue and circled her clit. She grabbed his head as fireworks of pleasure seemed to rocket the whole of her body. She could feel her soul violently leave her body in such intense moment of pleasure. He joined his finger at this moment and began to finger her. The intensity tipped her to her edge. She came all over his face as he tried with all effort to eat them clean. He brought his face up and some of her juice was on his face. He kissed her and she kissed him too. She kissed her cum off his face. She whispered into his ear “that felt like heaven. You were so good.” She sat up and pushed his back to the bed. She said “you have been good, now let me ride you silly!” she gently placed her hands on his dick as if trying not to break or deflate it. She lowered her mouth on it, it felt good. While still holding his erect dick in her hand, she squat over him and slowly lowered herself into his dick. She sat slowly into it. She gasped and bit her lips as she slowly lowered herself. “Oh shet!” she exclaimed as she started up and down his standing man. Very slowly at first going up and down, then she started picking pace. She kept her hands on his chest using him as support. He kept one of his hands on her breast squeezing and tugging while the other played and teased her clit and pussy lips.

“Hm, hmm I love this you are so sweet, so sweet!” she said.

“You are damn sweet Mary” he moaned back. She kept on going up and down his dick. The pleasurable radiated throughout her body. She went faster and faster, he slipped his hands on her waist and helped her go faster. She could feel herself build up for an imminent outburst. Without disengaging, he toppled her and laid her back to the bed. He placed her legs on his shoulder and began pounding into her. He pressed against her and she gasped as he leaned to kiss her. He kept up with the pace going in and out. He struggled but took her breast in his hands to caress. It felt so intense she began to rapture violently. The violent tides of her pleasure left her exhausted. She tightened and contrasted around him. The feel of her enveloped him and he too stared to thunder. He closed his eyes and savored the moment; he felt all his being vibrate as he shot off into her. He released her legs but remained on top of her. He kissed her tenderly and asked why she did it. She said

“was it the slap or the sex?” she smiled at the thought of how it all happened. Tunde smiling too he said;

“the sex of course!” Mary answered saying “the sex was good, I really enjoyed it. You never told me you could be this great.”

Tunde rolled off her. He stiffed the smiled and said “yes it was good so answer my question!” Mary heaved and replied

“well is it wrong for a girl to really like a guy? I know you liked me; in fact you have liked me since forever. I have waited for you to ask me out but no you fucking won’t . You know all those times you invited me in, I could have followed you in but I did not want to have meaningless sex. I did not want to be counted as one of your trophies.” Tunde looked at her with his jaw hanging down. He was so surprised but Mary was not finished. She seemed to be getting angry. She sat up and said “I guessed that was why I slapped you. I was already getting frustrated with you.” She became silent and her breath evened. “I’m sorry, I slapped you. Your only fault is you are a pretty boy. And am not sorry for falling in love with you.” Tunde smiled and kissed her. “You are sweet still. Am sorry too, will you… will you date me?”



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