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Just few minutes to New Year while everyone was making their New Year resolutions I had made a bucket list of what I wanted to achieve the following year but you know that regular saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” I included in my list one of my most craved fantasy of a perfect date. I want to get a beautiful worthwhile date from any nice guy whom I find charmingly handsome and attractive but with no strings attached, “no strings attached.” You know what I mean, that very moment when a single independent girl wants to have some fun, enjoy around and probably get fucked? Though I knew how impossible it will be that year because I am often not the choice guys seek and of course Tania always had stories to tell about the good romantic guys. That girl like boys too much, she always have gist of guys. Work has been stressful, hustling as an independent woman is not easy. Tania and I had planned on go on a vacation during our one week leave from work. We were going to do some hook ups and have careless fun.

Oops I almost forgot, I’m Annie and my best friend is Tania. I was a nerd all through my schooling years in the university. The only person who seemed to understand me and always fill me up on what I am missing socially is my one and only best friend who is just the opposite of me in every respect. Tania and I made agreement to start our off by going to a cinema to watch the latest most anticipated movie for the New Year. I got to the mall at around 11:30 expecting my best friend and I could have some fun before the movie time. I called Tania and she apologized pleading she will be late and I should have fun before she came. “What the heck?  Who the heck says that? Who the heck was I supposed to have fun with? With who was I supposed to have fun with? All this questions have been ragging through my mind. With no answers to them, the process of waiting in frustration and boredom for Tania to come started becoming agony as I wanted to give her a piece of my angry mind. Is this not this embarrassing? Where the heck was Tania?  I am painfully not surprised; she was used to disappointing at the very moment of need. She even promised this time, what a bitch! So, I walked across the mall in anger hoping I could get a cold bottle of drink to calm my angry nerves. But the next movie was starting soon, would I be able to watch it alone? Oh my gad I felt so uneasy, nobody to talk to, no one to tell my observations too, and no one to laugh at the movie with. Should I just go home in disappointment, I could just wait up a bit to see if she could make it before the next movie started.  I checked in on my time and just then I heard a deep manly voice say “are you waiting on someone?” I just knew it was one of those guys, I felt irritation mix with my anger. These boys who come to the mall looking for whores they could buy a drink and get into their pants. Those dirty minded pussy mongers in search for shallow idiots who will fall prey. In anger I turned, “do I look like those…” I bit the words back. My God! How do I explain this, turning back with the flash of anger in my eyes, the only thing I felt was pouring out the anger in me. As I looked up, I looked into a pretty face, he stunned me. He seemed like the guy I’ve been waiting for all my life. The handsome nice guy I couldn’t see his face in my dreams, I just couldn’t stop smiling. He was a dark skinned, basketball tall, pink sexy lipped, sexily handsome,  his smell, his voice, that charisma as well as that boxed look which carried air of confidence made him seem like a perfect match. “If you don’t mind can I keep your company before he or she arrived?” he asked in a smooth crisp Nigerian English. He will make you feel proud of being a Nigerian.  “Even if it was the whole year you want to stay, you are welcomed! I even need company and your advance is welcomed” I answered smiling. We walked around smiling, talking and getting to know each other better. At some point, he threw some joke and I laughed. I brought out my phone and gave a quick test to Tania.  “Where the hell are you? Do you want us to miss the ticket I paid for?” She replied “Annie give me more time, babe I’m almost there just 10 minutes please!”  Time? Did she just say time? The third movie is about to start and she dared to ask more time. Seeming to notice my anguish, the guy said “It seems like I could use more time with you!” I replied in monotone “I’ll be delighted.” He said “okay then let’s go in for the movie.”

We went in for the movie and settled at the edge of the down row. I wanted to able to catch that bitch firsthand when she enters here. We got comfortable and soon our attention was drawn into the movie. It was a helpless romantic movie with a lot of romantic and sexually oriented scenes which will make your chest tighten making the sex hormone in your body rise and become active. I could feel goose bumps spread all over my body; I could feel my boobs swell in my bra and my nipple standing as well. I felt a funny movement of opening and closing in my vagina, I could feel myself get all wet and slimy down there. I looked over my shoulder to see his face as the muffled moans poured out the cinemas speaker. I don’t know what he must have been feeling but we found ourselves in the toilet panties down. I was like we were under a spell, in a moment I was holding the W.C with my skirt hiked up over my waist and his dick out ready to plunge. I took a step back as I bent to grab the W.C; he seemed to like what he saw. He tapped my ass a little and I felt it giggle. I was wet as fuck and I will do anything to get fucked right now. He slapped my ass again and this time harder, it stung. The pain and the waiting made me get wetter. He came forward and took a sumptuous grab of that ass as he slowly entered me. He felt warm and full and he slowly stretched out my pussy. He moaned “you are fucking warm and tight girl.” It has been months since I last had sex and this was glorious. He started to pick pace and the feel of him romping in and out of me was driving me nuts. While at it, we did our introduction and he told me his name while I murmured mine. I don’t think he would have caught it in-between those moans. It was a hot sex I couldn’t have remembered his name. He stopped and we exchanged positions. He sat on the W.C and I sat on him. He slowly lowered my waist into him and he slowly carried me up and down his shaft. I placed my hands on both walls as the urgency his dick started to grip me. I wanted him to go faster and faster. He moved his hands up to my breast and started squeezing. I was left to drive myself in and out at my own pace. I sat on him hard and fast and withdrew just as fast. I could feel my breath shortened and he unbuttoned my shirt to fondle with my breast. Oh damn! He moaned he was going to cum soon so I stood from his dick and knelt in front of him. I gingerly placed my hands around his dick swiping it up and down gently. I spat in the head and used my hand to smear it on him going fast. He closed his eyes and curled his toes and he moaned more vigorously he was about to cum.  And I kept more spittle on it and tried going faster, he shot his load and it landed atop my breast.  I kept up the hand job but slowed it down. He was visibly shaking and shuddering. We were done like nothing ever happened so we walked down the mall where I met with Tania and they exchanged pleasantries and we all parted ways. “Hmm, you are glowing Annie! What the fuck happened?” Tania asked me. I wanted to frown and form serious but I could not. I was just smiling like a sheep. “You know what we will discuss it at home.” I said it with pleading in my eyes. I know she will find me out if she kept up with the probe. Tania moved closer to me and whispered “he fucked you Annie!” she stepped back and looked at my face. As if her village people had pressed her button she screamed “yes!” She quickly kept herself in check and moved closed again whispering “you will tell me the full gist when we are home! Whew, my friend just got fucked! Hehe!” I knew I had lots to tell Tania, when we got home I still couldn’t remember his name.

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  • Emmy black
    January 19, 2018 at 9:41 pm

    Very intriguing and fascinating stories,I love them

  • R
    January 21, 2018 at 6:34 pm

    Super nice story


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