I can’t agree less with you Charles. You see that girl is very beautiful. Her skin is smooth and light, her bum will make any man lose guard and her chest is heavenly. Tell me where you found such girl!” Tom one of Charles closest friend said to Charles. Tom had visited Charles and had found him thinking. He seemed so deep in thought he felt it was up to him to open and cheer him up. “Wetin dey work you guy? You seem so bottled up with worries. It is not normal for a guy like you. Tell me what is up Charles?” Charles feigned a little smile as if it was a small matter not worth considering. He looked at Tom hoping he will drop the matter but Tom seemed resolved in hearing out the issue. “Nope we are brothers and this one, I won’t let it go and you must tell me.” Charles heaved and said “it is about my girlfriend Moyo. That girl is very beautiful, too beautiful I must say. Every guy keeps hitting on her and I fear just maybe someone has taking her from me already. I am not sure about her.” Tom smiled and shook his head in agreement. “Yeah I will tell you a truth, that girl is too beautiful for just only you. She is meant for all.” Lifting up his hands as if to protest, he said “I mean no disrespect bro but you have to understand that she is so beautiful better guys will keep coming her way.But that should not worry you! Or are you planning to…?” “Yeah I love that girl, I really do. I won’t mind marrying her. In fact I want to marry her.” Tom burst into laughter and said “common, you can’t marry that girl! She is everyman’s dream woman. Oh! Don’t you know you will worry just as you are worrying now about her chastity when you eventually marry? You think once you two climb that alter and you cage her with that pretty ring of yours, you have won the battle? You are funny. I like it though, your innocence.” Charles unsmilingasked “what am I to do now?” “Well that is not very hard Charles. Why don’t we test how “beautifool” she is?” “So Tom what is your plan” Charles asked. Tom smiled a crooked smile and whisper into Charles’ ear. “I will do the package. If she passes, well that is good for you and if she doesn’t…” Tom rubbed his belly and asked what Charles had in the kitchen. He was starving and just maybe why he came to greet Charles in the first place. Charles said “was your father was not nice enough to give you money to buy your own food!” Tom made a small laugh and said “you know how that man is. Still you have to save a soul!”

Tom entered into the fancy restaurant and went straight to the counter to get what to eat. He was really starving. After getting a bucket of chicken and juice, he turned to leave. On his way, he saw Moyo sitting alone with a bottle of coke in her front. He turned back to the counter and bought another bucket of chicken. He went and stood beside her, she seemed unaware of his presence. He slid the bucket to her and came in front of her. He smiled broadly and said “hi”. She seemed surprised to have seen him. She smiled back and responded just as warmly as he did. Dipping her hand into the bucket she smiled and said “thank you. What brought you in here?” He smiled raising the bucket and juice. “I was starving and I was on my way out when I saw you. You know that saying that a gold fish has nowhere to hide? That saying must have been made for you, your beautyshone. There is almost no one who won’t notice.” “You silly boy, stop embarrassing me jor” she said evidently smiling. “You seemed to be expecting someone?” tom asked. “Ehm, not really!” she answered. “Alright then, I have to get back to work” he said standing up and grabbing his bucket and juice. “Give me a call when you can beautiful!” Tom said as he left her table.

That evening, Moyo called, she was so full of thanks. Tom picked the call and said “hey! Sup beautiful, today must be my lucky day.” Moyo made a small laugh and said “you this silly boy. I want to say a big thanks to you.” “Oh my, oh my, common it is not that big a deal!” “Oh yeah it is that big really” Moyo countered. “Fine then, if you really want to thank me make it in person. I am planning a small fanfare for myself. I will love if you join in. it will be fun.” Laughing lightly, she said “I will get back to you on that but thank you. I really appreciate it. You are such a sweetie sometimes.” Sounding really surprised “what do you mean sometimes? Common!” They both fell into a heartfelt laugh before they said their goodbyes. After breaking the call, Tom slapped the phone on the palms and smiled. He bent his head as if he was hatching a grand plan. He raised his head and licked his lips. He thought to himself “just maybe I will have her. I am crazy. I must start planning for my fancy fanfare.”

Tom’s phone beeped, he looked at his screen to see a message from Moyo. He swiped and the message came to fore. She sent “where, when and who?” He smiled and answered “here in my home, on Saturday and it’s only us. You cool with it?” As he was about to drop his phone, she replied “alright, I am in. yeah!” He smiled for his plan was on the rail and slowly it has kicked off. He messaged Charles almost immediately saying “gee, how far? Who is Moyo’s musical icon?” Charles did not seem to receive the message. He replied almost three hours latter replying “wetin you wan use am do?” Tom replied him “her birthday is on the way and I was thinking I should help organize a good surprise for her.” Almost immediately he replied saying “stop that stupid lie. You won’t do shit for anyone but then she likes Simi!” Tom sent a laughing smiley saying “funny I like Simi too!” then Charles sent “you fool!” The chat ended and Tom picked his shirt to go and find a Simi mix-tape for his fancy small fanfare. The first place he went to was the mall. He needed to get the drinks and other pretty things for his fanfare. He bought the drinks, some flowers and a nice air-freshener. He got out of the mall and went to another stall. He bought a pot of shisha and some other things before heading to where he will get the mix-tape. It was late night before Tom got back home. He kept all he had bought in his store in anticipation of Saturday. He entered his shower, got out and entered into his pajamas. He picked up his phone and texted Moyo “4pm Saturday.” He switched off his phone and soon he dozed off……

To Be Continued


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