Saturday was one of Tom’s best days. He gets to be free and he loved been free. Today is special, he gets to be free and have fun. If he hits the right tabs, it could be more fun. He could be getting laid. He started his day cleaning his apartment. Cleaning was one of his worst chores but today is special. After cleaning, he laid his bed and arraigned his apartment. He made sure it was looking clean and inviting. He dressed up to go and buy fuel for his generator. As he was about to leave, he remembered the flower and fragrance he bought for today. He stepped back and went to his store. He brought out the flowers and fragrance, he brought the drinks he bought also and stuffed them inside his freezer.  He cursed NEPA as he closed the fridge. He hoped they would consider and bring the light. He arraigned the flowers at strategic positions, he stepped to the door to see if it made sense. He smiled and took the air-freshener. He sprayed generously around the room then closed the door to go buy his fuel. He got back in about an hour; he filled the generator with fuel and switched it on. He muttered to himself “those NEPA people are not trustworthy, make dem no go fuck person up sef.” He checked his time, it was about two o’clock. He had about two hours to get anything else he wanted done, done.  He went in and unlocked the door; the fragrance he had sprayed was too strong. He nodded his head as if he had achieved want he wanted. The opened up the windows and switched on the fan.  He checked everything again to see if he missed anything, he had not. He went into his bathroom to get his shower. “Today will be great” he kept singing while having his shower. He spent about half an hour bathing, he was damn happy about this Saturday. Getting out of shower, he groomed himself in anticipation of a very beautiful girl. By the time he was done, he had about an hour more. He picked up his phone and ordered for two buckets of chicken and a small bag of popcorn corn. He was going to give her two implied options of either watching a movie or talk, eat and dance.  His order was to be delivered in about an hour. He flipped through his phone checking one or two things so his time will while away.  Somehow, slowly but surely it did.

He had started to give up on time when he heard a knock on his door. He sat up straight and checked what his time was. It was 4:15. He wondered why his order had not been brought. “Who between both of them will be first?” He asked himself. He opened his door to see Moyo standing by his door. He was pleasantly surprised and he beamed with smile. “Please come in beautiful!” he said ushering her in. Moyo wore an oversized elastic shirt that seemed to stop in the middle of her lap. She has a very beautiful and fresh pair of legs. Those legs are worth to die for. He ushered her in and offered her a seat. He picked the remote of his player and increased the volume a little bit. In all honesty, he didn’t know where to start from. He went back to his seat thinking of what to say. As he sat, another knock came. He was so glad that he jumped up to answer it. “It was my order” he said as he stood to up to answer the knock. He paid and the order was brought in and dropped on the center table. He waved bye as he locked the door and came to sit on the armrest of her sofa. Tom asked pointing at the center table “which would you prefer?” “The chicken of course” she replied. He countered saying “we could put the popcorn in the microwave and it will pop in no time. We could settle for a good movie, eat the popcorn, and have good drinks…” She squeezed her face a little and said “still the chicken Tom!” he smiled and said “alright then chicken it is. Let have the drumsticks and dance.” He picked up the remote again and this time he really increased the volume.  He took her by her hand and dragged with him so she could follow him. He stopped by his freezer and brought out two beers. They were ice chilled. Tom smiled and gave it to her. He went inside the kitchen and picked two mugs for them both. He dropped the mugs and went to carry the pot of shisha. “Do you?” he asked indicating to the pot. She replied “not really.” He needed no indication that this day will just be good. He sets it down on the center table and sat down on the long sofa. He motioned for her to come and join him on his couch.  She stood and went to sit next to him. He looked at her and asked “so?” She smiled and said “your house is looking extraordinarily nice today. Did you do this just because I was coming?” He laughed because he knew it was true. He had set it nice to get her nice. She joined him in his laughter as if she understood why he laughed.

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