Richard Clover,

Ogun State.


1st of October, 2017.


Dear Tobi,

Sup cuz, how have you been since I left you? I hope you are doing real nice over there? I enjoyed my visit to your place. In fact it was fun going all around the town learning all those places. How are your dad and mom? Hope they are doing fine? Please help me greet them. How is your sister? Has she gone back to school? That girl is gorgeous though. Also help me thank your parents for the gifts I was showered on with on my way back home. My journey from your place back home was fine glory be to God in heaven. As I promised I am writing to give you an update on my resumption into school. I have been here a week and I feel up-to to give you an account on how it is going.

My resumption to school on the twenty-fifth of September was a bit too early. Naturally the school should have resumed on the eleventh of September but postponed the resumption till ninth of October. Due to this, I delayed my coming to school till twenty-fifth and was expecting that at least a lot of people would have resumed. I was however very wrong. The school is as empty as it can be with only freshers (first years) in school. As my cab dropped off my load and I packed into my room, I had started to regret and was pondering if going back home will be a good idea. I decided against it almost immediately for my father will kill me for wasting his hard earned money on transport fare. He won’t even give me another to transport myself back to school. He is such a funny man. I stayed indoor most of the time due to the boredom. I had nowhere to go and no one to meet so I maintain my cool inside eating and browsing all day.

On Wednesday the twenty-seventh of September, I went to the ATM at the school gate to withdraw some money. I had withdrawn my cash and was on my way back when I saw a dashingly beautiful girl standing in front of the cathedral. From my stance, her back was luscious and her front complimented it verily. She was a little fair in complexion too. She stood there seeming lonely and indecisively. I decided to approach her at least to make friends in this lonely time. I walked up to her and said “hi there!” She looked my way and replied “hi” waving her hand. She seemed baffled I had walked up to her and maybe she was wondering who I was. I introduced myself as “Richard. Richard Clover by name, some often call me Rich or Richie,you?” She stretched her hand out for a handshake which I took and mentioned her name to be “Tina. It is nice meet you.” I replied “the pleasure is mine Tina. I am a student of law in this crazy school. And by the way I think you are beautiful, really beautiful.” She smiled and replied “I know right? So many people say so but I don’t really believe that. You know it is just antics to make me feel good about myself. I am also a student of law though. Don’t use that one and do shakara for me.” She seemed happy someone noticed she was beautiful or that was what I thought. She loved the comment I could tell from her eyes but she won’t admit it. I wanted to push it but I know if i do, it just might get into her head and I will lose a perfect company. I asked “since when have you resumed school?” She sighed and said “it’s been two weeks or so now. I have been bored to death here. Is this how this school is?” I smiled and said “I promise you this school is a lot more fun. Just chill for another week or so, people will start to troop in and everywhere will be fun.” She shook her head in accord as if she believed me. “So you don’t have any friends? Freshers often times make friends of themselves and you see them in their group moving everywhere.” She turned to me shocked and almost laughing. She said “so you have noticed too? They seem like chicks and mother chicken to me. I don’t like such kind of caucus and I would rather be on my own.” I smiled and looked at her, “it is a normalcy. Soon they will find more people and they will detach themselves from the groups. Common, you seem lonely here. Let me take you on tour round the school buildings.” She made a small laugh and said “is there a place in this school I have not been too?” I frowned and shook my head in agreement. One could not have been in this lonely school for more than two weeks and not know everywhere in the school. I countered saying “I am sure you have but I can bet you have not heard the story attached to each building.” She smiled in interest of what seem will be a juicy gist. “On that, I have not had a tour then” she claimed. I smiled and said “well that means you agree to my tour. Let’s start with the cathedral that stands at your back.” She turned to her back and said “what about it?” I pointed at the cathedral as if I wanted to analyze the structure. “Before this building was completed like this, I heard students used to have sex at the back. That was before I got admission into this school though.” Surprise was written all over her face. Her jaw dropped in surprise but she quickly recovered herself. “Common that can’t be possible. Are you serious?” I smiled lightly and said “I have heard some lecturers lament. They don’t seem to believe their prayer might be answered in the cathedral. It’s funny when I imagine some two people fucking in there or at the back. How will they even do it?”she answered saying “don’t be cheeky, you know it is possible. It will have to be a quickie, a fast one. The girl will just raise up her skirt, pant down and shoot it out. The guy, just zip down and be fast about it.” I laughed a little and started to cough. She is really bold and blunt. I like her already; it won’t be hard to get down to business with her if ever you want to. We made small talks which were gapped by occasional laughs and smiles as I led her to my next stop.

We stood in front of the school’s general auditorium. We became silent as if we were both waiting for what I will say next. I coughed and grabbed her hand. “For this one, we will have to move round. You see this auditorium; there are about three to four secret entrances. They are not so secret anyway, everyone knows it is there but not everyone knows its uses for students.” She muttered “hm.” We got around and I showered a hidden staircase which I suppose is meant for emergency. “When you get your boyfriend, you two can come here and have nice shag. There’s a ‘but’ though, you don’t moan out loud, groan or make any noise that will attract anybody. The security patrols this area at every fifteen to thirty minutes. You have to be sharp and smart about whatever you are doing here.” The next thing she asked was “tell me have you had one in there?” I smiled at her question. I was contemplating telling her the truth. I took a deep breath and said “well I once had a girlfriend. It happened once. It was spontaneous and worth it. I always carry a condom or two when am walking even in broad day light.” “Oh, I see then. So it’s you huh?” she said sounding accusatorial. I smiled and said “trust me on this, the stories are not mine. This once just seems to fit that’s all. Well some people have been caught though. I have seen pictures of guys’ sperm on the floor of the classes just behind this auditorium and girls hair on the same floor. The guy must have pulled her hair in ponytail and she lost the pony. There was once an emergency raid on the auditorium and so many people were caught. It wasn’t a funny week trust me.” She said again “hmm” and this time it was longer. I smiled at her and said “this is still small compared to some other buildings.” We left to the auditorium and we were on our way to the next destination.

“See this building” I said pointing to the political science building, “it is rarely being used but it is still being used. I like to think of it as a motel, very convenient and private to use. And it the least patronized spot among all. When we gained admission into this university just as freshers always are, we all tagged in groups. Evens the mingling of boys and girls are always in groups. There was this popular boy and a beautiful girl whom were rumored to have fucked there.” I smiled at the girl and she smiled back. It was amusing recounting the tale. “If ever you shag here, it is bound to fly into the air. Every tom, dick and harry will hear of it. It’s conducive; I have been there to see how possible some two people will do it. Both will have to be standing while one will be upright giving the deeds, the other will be bending receiving the deeds.” She was awfully quiet but her interest seemed unabated. So we took some few steps and we were at our next stop. “You see this place; it’s the craziest of am going to talk about so far.”

“Biology lab, biology class, biology lecture hall or whatever those people call it. In all the buildings we have been to, this is the worst of them. Other worst ones are yet to come but you will like this one. You see when you get to this building; all you can do is to exclaim wonders shall never end!” I looked at her and found she was quiet anxious to hear the gist behind this one. What makes this very building special? How crazy could this very beautiful and innocent looking building be? I paused a little and swallowed the lump in my throat. “It is a recognized fact that some girls will leave their hostel around six-thirty pm to come and sit around this corner. Do you know why they come?” I asked her deepening the suspense I created. She shook her head negative. “Well they will wait here booking space down so when their boyfriends come they get straight down to business of the day. I like to think this is the school’s brothel and most nights, it always on sold out. So it’s first to come, first to serve. Some of them will often come out without bra and pants. I love those types of girls though. There is no much hindrance and we could more easily enjoy ourselves. I wonder if some guys actually come out without boxers short too. It feels eww to think.” I paused and looked at her face, “one of my friends once told me his encounter here. That day, he was here with his girlfriend. They sat at that corner” I said pointing to a hidden corner at the side of the laboratory. “He said he and his babe were there when he heard faints moans and groans. He quickly told his girlfriend to be quiet and listen. According to him, the girl was holding unto an A.C with her ass up in the air and her pussy exposed. He said the skirt was rolled up to her waist leaving her naked from her abdomen down. The guy had dropped his trousers to his foot and his shirt held up by his chin. He was throwing in a series of hard fucks and she was moaning into ecstasy. She was not aware her musical notes had reached some music lovers. I had asked him to point out who they were and he said how would he know? Silly boy” I said to her. “There are so many stories attached to this building though. But let’s move to the next one shall we?”

“Ha! You see this is the school’s main cafeteria. I don’t really like this place. It is so open and every preying eye will be on you. You can’t even eat sef. Some eyes will be preying on you like you are a free cinema. Although I have heard that a girl once straddled a guy in there. She sat on his laps, slowly and gently she gyrate her hips against his groin. I heard the intensity gave way and the guy raised her and bounced her on his lap. I like to think it’s the reversed cow girl style.” I said smiling. She smiled too although a little forced. I walked her up to our department. The law department has its own style.

“The law department according to some is this most corrupt department in terms of sexually scandalous events. You see this very department is so big it can house several couples who have the intention of sexually enjoying themselves without any disturbance. The buildings in this department are often said to be hotels. The ones on the right as I like to think of them is a three star hotel while the one on the left is a five-star grandeur hotel. I don’t need to explain why they each carry different stars, as you can see one is grander than the other. And the one on the left is exclusive. Only the big boys get or go in there.” I had a story to back up my school of reason. She had been quiet but was obviously enjoying the tour. “On one particular raid, the school often likes to do a quick raid around the school catching as many victims as possible. There was this guy who took his girlfriend to that class” I said pointing to a classroom that was very dark. I doubt she will be able to recognize it as a class. “They had been there for hours on stretch. I there had been there before dusk so the sun had set and darkness overcame them. They got into the groove and one thing led to another. They kissed passionately moulding and forming into each other. It became heated and the guy touched her breast. She loved it but was aware of where they were. She looked around and found no one around. She felt safe and continued. He somehow managed to remove her bra which he kept in his pocket. Now he had easier access to her unfettered breast. She was soft sweet and glorious. Her sumptuous bosom made him forget his worries. It got more passionate, their kisses and touch got into them and the guy slipped his hands inside her skirt. She was fucking wet. Her pants had been soaked as he made his way up into her with his fingers. He rubbed on her clit and she moaned lightly into his mouth. He loved his girl. He inserted two of his fingers into her and slowly fucked her. She reeled from side to side trying to contain the pleasure within her. The seats creaked lightly and they became more careful. It was however not satisfying so the guy stopped and advised she come the reversed cowgirl style on his leg. He wanted them to fuck. She looked at him stupefied, she wanted to reject it but she wanted it too. She wanted her brains fucked out. She looked round again and saw nobody. She pulled off her pants as the guy unzipped his trouser. She sat into his laps and raised herself lightly so he could find his entry into her. She sat into him and her wall expanded pleasurably. She raised herself slowly and then lowered back slowly. A moan and gasp escaped her mouth and she turned around again to if they were still safe. She continued bouncing on him. He had already started to moan his build up into her ears and she was urging him to chill a little as her own was on the way too. Suddenly a light flicked on them and boom. They had been caught.” She had been listening with so much rapt attention; she muttered “shit” under her breath without even realizing. “How did it now turn out?” she asked. I smiled and replied “seriously, I don’t know. I normally don’t follow up those kinds of stories till the end.” We had another interesting place to go. It was to be our last stop before I would let her go to her hostel. It was the school’s cafeteria-two.

“The school’s cafeteria two is one of the best spot to chill. This place as you can see is very beautiful and quiet different from the rest of the school. It’s very cool and you can chill with your bae privately. You see this place receives the most people but the first cafeteria receives the most patronage in term of sales. People prefer the food there.” She had been quiet until now. She said “hm, it has been a tour. Should I thank you?” I smiled pulling her hand and said “come I have something to show you!” I dragged her to a corner which was dark and secluded. We were well shielded and far away from the scanty people which littered the cafeteria. “What says your time there Tee?” she brought out her phone to check the time. It was “eight thirty-five pm.” “Since you resumed school what time do you get back in?” I asked. She said “usually, I go back around six, seven o’clock!” I smiled and said “the hostel close by nine o’clock right?” she answered by nodding. I said “well today you will be a little late.” I told her to “look around. What do you see?” she turned around and said “I can’t see anything, what is this about?” I moved closer to her until our bodies touched. I gently placed my hands on her waist and vigorously pushed her to me. She bumped into me and I held her there. I looked into her eyes to see her reaction. Even though in that darkness I could not see her eyes, I felt them. They were meek and soft from passionate sexual tension. She did not fight it and seemed to want to go with the flow. I pressed my groin against her abdomen, the bulge in my pants pushed against her. She asked “what are you doing Rich?” I answered “what do you think it is?” She then said “you are pressing your erection against me!” I took a deep breath and said “you don’t seem to mind dearie. You are on your toes and your groin is pressed against mine. You know I noticed beautiful.” She dropped into her feet and asked “what did you notice?” I smiled and said “you were awfully quiet. I notice your short breath intake when I was narrating the sex. Tell me beautiful, why did you shuffle on your legs? Were you wet? Did you find my stories exciting or tempting even?” “You son-of-a-bitch, you are doing this on purpose isn’t it?” I moved my hand down to her ass and cupped it. I pulled her up against my groin so my bulge would be caress her clit through her clothes if possible. She gasped and I said “tell me, you have done this before huh? You have had sex isn’t it?” She looked at me as if weighing if to trust me. She shook her head positive and I jammed my lips into hers kissing her. She took in my lips kissing me back. Her lips were soft and embracing. I caressed and squeezed her bum slowly letting the heat creep up her body. I feathered kiss all over face down to her neck. She shivered as I placed a kiss there. She groaned “oh Richie.” I lightly licked her neck before taking a spot in my mouth to gently kiss and bite. Her moans urged me on. I trailed the kiss back to her lips. I turned her to the wall so she would be able to see if anybody was going or coming. I muttered into her mouth “keep looking baby and make sure we are safe. And make sure you enjoy this.” I fell to a squat and raised her skirt up. I drove my head in and let it fall over my head. I could smell the sweet musk of her juice. She was fucking wet and I loved it. I used a finger on my right to pull her pant aside before licking from her pussy up to her clit. She gave a soft moan and seems to stand on her toe. She bent her kneel into a squat opening up her legs for me to get better access. I rounded her clit with my tongue again and tried to muffle her moans. She felt chills been sent up her spine as I eat her up. Her back was now on the wall with her groin projected out to my mouth. I licked and sucked on her protruded clit as I dipped the middle finger on my right into her. She gasped as I slowly surged into her. She moaned and softly muttered “hm, yes. Yes baby, I want you there. I fucking want you there like that. Eat up that pussy good baby. Yeah like fucking that baby.” I picked pace swirling round and gentle surging into her. I ran my tongue over her clit and continued digging into her faster. She seemed to be going crazy and unrestrained. She buckled and wriggled her hips against my mouth. One of my hands was inside her pant on her bare ass. She was smooth and perfectly round. I held one of the ass cheeks so to hold her in place. I went faster and faster hitting her spot. I removed my finger then doubled it and surged back inside her. She moaned into ecstasy. I ran my tongue down to her pussy which I was fingering and tasted her juice. She tasted beautiful. I ran my tongue up again circling her clit. She bent down more and held my head. She wriggled as if trying to get away from me but I held her still. “I am almost there Rich. I am about to cum Rich. Oh my fucking jeez. Am cumm…” her juice cascaded down my hands as I went faster into her. I tasted her then came out from inside her skirt. I kissed her before bringing out a handkerchief to clean my palm. I raised my middle finger to her lips and she licked it. I licked the other finger and said “do you know how good you taste? You taste very beautiful.” I used the handkerchief to clean her laps and put the pant back in place. She asked “do you have a condom here?” I smiled and said “yes. But it won’t happen here. What does you time says?” she brought out her phone and exclaimed “jeez. It is eight fifty-eight. I have to get going Rich.” She made to go and i pulled her back. “Youcan’t just go back like that!” she leaned in kissed me on the lip before finally giving me a hug. As she was going I said “one of you first assignments will be ‘who is a lawless man’ and when you get it, ask anyone for Richie. They will tell you where to find me. Goodnight!” She waved back at me muttering some goodbyes. When she gets to her bed tonight, I wonder what she will think about. What will she dream?

Hey cuz, hope I did not bore you with too much details. I just wanted you to have a clear imagery of what went on. How was the clearance? You better finish your service soon and get employed. One of these days when I am broke, I will call on you. I hope and pray for you every day. I love you like a brother cuz. May God sustain you in all that you do and labour for.

Your Cuz,



N.B: Nothing in this story is real. The people, the scenario and landscape are all products of creative representation. They are just imaginations of the author. If you feel you are familiar with the scenery used in this story, its just creative imitation and nothing more. None of this ever happened. Your comments will be appreciated. Thanks.

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