Us, Oil & Bare skin

AUTHOR/WRITER: Xarvie Raheem


Take off your clothes slowly

Let me see you in this darkness

Show me your skin without any shame

And enjoy how my eyes tell you I have seen a masterpiece


Let me pour oil on your contours

Be patient love

Oil flows in slow motion

Slow down your heart beat

Breathe slowly ; moan softly

Its just us, oil and bare skin


Allow the swelling parts swell

Let the wetting pants soak up

I’ll let the hardening parts thicken

Its just us, oil and bare skin


If you part your lips,

I’ll slide in a finger

If you lick it right, I’ll slide in another

I’ll wait for your moans

To tell me when to touch your nipples ;

They are hard enough

Smooth round curves dancing at the pace of your heart beat

Its just us, oil and bare skin.

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