Majority are in relationships but not in love.

Majority are in relationships but not happy.

Majority are in relationships but don’t know each other.

Majority are in relationships but don’t know God.

Majority are in relationships but don’t know why they are.

Majority are in relationships but don’t know where they are headed.

Know that whoever you choose to be in a relationship with; you give them the power to choose for you, to make you happy, to stand for you, to break you or make you.

Know that the person you choose becomes your representative.

Most of our partners don’t draw us closer to God, they don’t share ideas that’ll make the relationship better; the future better, it’s always about the present.

Some partners drain instead of add value to us (say no to energy drainers)

Women are no longer submissive (submission doesn’t mean being a slave, it only means you are humble to your partner)

Most relationships are failing because everyone feels too big to say “I’m sorry” or “I am/was wrong” or “I admit my mistake”( stupid ego)

People go into a relationship over looks, I’ll use me as a perfect example, I’ve lost my flat tummy, I’ve web like stretch marks on it and it’s rough, so imagine if my partner fell in love with that flat tummy and a pretty face, now the tummy is no more, will your feelings change?

An accident can happen and people’s faces get disfigured, will you still be with your partner after it?

“Husbands, love your wives like Christ loved the Church” right? But some partners have turned into Mohammed Ali or Azumah Nelson; they beat their partners, brethren don’t you have fear in you? Don’t you fear the Lord?

Be open to criticism and praise, your partner shouldn’t just watch you when you’re doing wrong, they should be able to tell you, don’t forget about Mr. Respect though, he’s also very necessary. Respect each other, don’t yell at each other or say hurtful things to each other when angry, it’ll ruin you two!!

Now let’s talk about Vulnerability and God, oh yes everyone dey claim hard guy, hard girl in a relationship because they don’t want to get hurt, please then become a robot, to love God you must become vulnerable, you must be willing to give your all to, if you love God then you can show genuine and perfect love to your partner. Loving God isn’t about paying huge sums of money in church; God no dey chop any currency, it’s about humility, becoming like a child(becoming vulnerable).

Everyone is scared to be vulnerable but sometimes it’s better to give the wheel to your husband.

Study your partner, make sure what they add to you, is more than what they subtract from you(I’m not talking about money please)

Support your partner, be a shoulder, don’t pressure them but guide and guard them and also Pray for your partner and your relationship (for it’ll lead to marriage)

Teach your partner about God, pray for them, be humble, be patient, be a good listener, Worship God and make Him a part of your relationship.

Know your worth, Love God and you’ll love yourself.

Whoever you choose to be in a relationship with, is who you’ve chosen to marry, please choose wisely.

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  • Neemah
    November 29, 2017 at 7:03 am

    Prefect 👏👏


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