The Broken’s Wish

AUTHOR/WRITER: Abdulhameed Olasunkanmi Tajudeen

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My heart flipped when you called my names.

Sometimes you are not there and I think I am insane.

I crave for the touch , it feels like work.

I crave for the pain , oh my, this is a shame

I think I am truely insane.


I hung on the events of the past.

My thoughts I would say are so wild.

I sold hopes to the hopeless and in the due course I lost mine.


Dreams turns nightmare and sweet turn sour

Eventhough I am relentless, you fly your ego and pride.

i wish i never met you.

i wish i never dreamt.

i wish i never talk to you.

i wish i never live.

i wish i never held your hand.

i wish i never touch you.

i wishi never think about you.

i wish i nevr fall in love.

all of these and more i wish.



you might not see me again.

but this dont really mean my death.

and even if i die.

i can say – am blessed.

i wish you never knew me.

i wish we never hug.

i wish you never bless me with a heart falling apart.

i wish i did the walk down town all alone.


this is more like a solitary reaper.

hanging on the brim like a pen with no paper.

i wish i never ate you.

i wish you left for long.

i wish i never rise.

i wish i never fall.

cells in my blood are sick of you.

my heart now turning blue…

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1 Comment

  • Dj bidex
    December 2, 2017 at 8:01 am

    Nice poetry……#djbidex


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