Rock Paper and Scissors

POET: Oju Omamogho


This love is like rock paper scissors
Cause every day,
I will cut through your paper walls
Taking strips To form paper clips
With which I will Hang your heart
like a practice bag for my rock fists
Still you will embrace me
In your dictionary
Where U and I are meant to be

Like pieces on a chess board
You will think we are king and queen
But This king is just a player
Who never lose
So I will use you like a pawn
Mate with you for fun
But when storm comes
After a knight fork
I won’t hesitate to give you up,

That’s just who I am
A boy who will lay your heart to sleep
On the path of the wrecking ball.
And when you get crushed by love
I will help you pick up your pieces
So You think I am an angel in disguise
And really I am an angel
But in this guise
I am the devil
That will feed on your soul
Till all that’s left of your whole is a hole
You’d still want me to fill.

You see, I was made for the abyss
So like darkness, I will cloud your mind
to  make the thoughts that rain,
thoughts of being mine
And you will be mine
After I rule your world,
Till you become blind to how I dim your glow
But I will never be yours
You will love me
You will adore me
You will even trust me with the temple
Of your heart
Where you will spill the blood
Of your time, image, energy, and even your money
Just to worship me
Still I will never be yours.

I grew up to be an Ace
So I will always come first in your heart
But like tight embrace
You will last as long as I enjoy
the feel of your breast on my chest,
Its tiĺl my boredom do us apart.
Then I leave you a part
Of what you once were.

But, I love you,
I love you
Yes I love you
At least i say so quite often
To seal the nails in the coffin
But still I love you
Long enough to break you
Like another fuckboy chase for a new prey
So pray today you don’t fall on my way.
But I love You,
It takes a minute to pay respect to the dead
But I will take a day for your heart sake
Before the next
Yes I love you
I learnt how to destroy toys I love
At a young age
So this love is like rock paper and scissors
Me the rock that will crush you
And scissors that rips your heart apart
While the memories stay written on your pages.
But for Now,
Let’s keep the pages blank.

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Oju Omamogho

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