Words I run out of to describe this,

Life! we acknowledge is unpredictable

Yet, we keep on anticipating what would take place next

An exit we sometimes seek out of this maze

Indeed the events never seem to amuse the creator

Truly death is an anticlimax that bores our antics

Our accomplishment this man envisage as vanity,

For death they all want to vanquish;

What next I inquire?

Darkness, their minds is ascribed to, full of unreasonable doubts

Memory, they say is treacherous

Indeed, we are ordinary people

Our accounts are truly different, for we are ordinary people

Guided by lust for nothing

Now, we are truly lost

For our past they say daunt us

Creator without your help

We know we can never amount to anything

Just bunch of ordinary people; thats who we are

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Nimota Ideraoluwa

I am Teriba Nimota Ideraoluwa, I was born in Ogun state, into a family of eight, I'm the second child of the family and the first female child. Anike is a name my mum calls me whenever I'm sad , Anike is my Oriki (praise name). continue here...