Author/Poet: Bhayor


In my country

Where the sun shone on my forefathers

Hands drenched in the White’s farm

Clothes soaked in the labour of my heroes

Trembling at the whip and voices of their laborious masters.

In my country

Where the Clarion call gave us strength

Faith gave us freedom

Freedom brought us peace

The noble cause built a nation.

In my country

Where green pastures fed mouths

Niger and Benue quenched thirst

Art beautified the soul

Our culture, our pride

But oil damnified us!!!

In my country

Where years of decrees were futile

Where youths still sing to be future leaders

Yet 1976 was 1999

And 1983 was 2015

A deja vu that may never cease!!!

In my country

Where oil now quenches thirst

Green pastures lie fallow

Our lost art saddens me

Our lost pride saddens me more

A Luta Continua!!!

In my country

Majority say, minority have way

We are homeless, yet not hopeless

As we pledge to defend our unity,

Uphold thy honour and glory

I salute!!!

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