To whom life is given humanity is expected~Jhayjuniour👌

I once pictured a world where a soul is more precious than a diamond One where there is unification in diversity

One where the joy of one is that of all

One where the prospect of a man was uncommon peace

A world where our only oppression is the threat to our nature

A life of rationality, equity, Equality and civility


A world of autocracy dominated by love without prejudice

A world where colour had no meaning and was dead to the eyes and race no one acknowledged

A terrestrial planet where mankind had it all

More like the devil was on exile and evil into extinction

Or who are we to blame for our existing dilemma?

Who?? I ask

Ourselves? Life?  Time?  Or maybe our lucidity has been taken away, maybe!

Who can explain this dark nature of man, more like we’ve lost every iota of light in us

The values we no longer hold or moral standards we abolish

A world where religion overrules our judgement and no one sees brotherhood any longer

Discrimination our watchword

Molestation and humiliation our core values

A world where only the atrocious anger of the guns

only the reiterating missiles’ rapid rattle

Can spiel out their hasty orisons.

Cruelty has a human heart,

And Jealousy a human face;

Terror the human form divine,

What happy moments do we count!

Blest was all bliss above!

Now, for that consecrated fount

Of mussitating, sparkling, living love,

What have we? Shall we dare to tell?

A comfortless and achy world


To be continued…


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  • Dammy Sonoiki
    November 30, 2017 at 7:20 am

    Good One Sis…


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