AUTHOR/WRITER: Tajudeen Abdulhameed Olasunkanmi

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Ade ori mi owo

Eleyin ju eg

Abi wa tutu bi eji owu ro.

Healing my soul with every single touch.


Roothless, she is my Cleopatra.

Rise above the sun.

Eleyin ju ege.

Iwo ni, the chosen one.


I sleep and slumber on the curses from the past.

Pure bliss is her smile and the pain will pass.

I sleep and slumber hoping for all the good dreams.

She is all I can find and she put an end to my pain and that’s the gain.



Never make the same mistake twice.

If she is the mistake then I am ready to pay the price.

Kings are born but queens rule their heart

Put my piece together, solve me like maths.


Erin oje oko o naa.

My light in the dark.

Eyin fun jowo.

Glitters than diamond and gold.

Nations fall to their feet at the call of your name.

Body to body orekelewa Side to side.

Ade ori mi, I choose you alone, Anike my pride.


I hope this meet you well my lady.

For all the stories the sea tells through its wave.

So much is the things life offers.

And part of it are the diamonds in the gutter.

I don’t even want to wake up if it is a dream.

Likewise I don’t want to be found if this is lust.

I cherish what we have and I will take it to the dust.

But before I hope we can go to the mosque.


I fall asleep and I see you there.

Even in the real world I know how much you care.

Only with you I tell the truth you can dare.

Forever yours my queen that’s my pledge..

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Nimota Ideraoluwa

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