TOO QUICK TO JUDGE…reason you shouldn’t judge quickly


A little girl sitting at a chair holding two apples, one on the right and the other one on the left, her mother was coming right from the room into the sitting room where the little girl was. Esther she called, give me one of the apple. Hearing this Esther quickly bite the first apple, her mother looked on thinking Esther would give her the second, she extended her hand hoping Esther would give her the second apple, again Esther quickly bite the second apple. Her mother was disappointed she wanted to say some words to her, but she didn’t, in her mind she knew Esther will soon need something from her and she will teach her a lesson……. A minute Esther said……. Mommy take this one it is sweeter than the other one… Oh! The mother looked amazed and disappointed in herself, she had judged the little girl too soon, I should have been patient enough to know my daughter intentions before judging her she concluded, she drew Esther closer and gave her a sweet hug,
MORAL: never be in haste to judge someone, wait till you see the person and let him/her give explanation of their actions.

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