If someone had said I was going to make it this far in life, I wouldn’t have believed it. Who would have thought amidst all the pain, sufferings, tears, sorrows and poverty, there was a gold who was waiting to be discovered. I was the gold and all God wanted was for me to find myself. I did, and I’m thankful it wasn’t too late.

My name is Arionla, I’m the first child of my mother and father. I grew up into a poor family, where I always had to help Mummy with her sales before we can eat. I use to hawk biscuit and sweet every morning at schools before I prepare for my own school. I heard my parents use to be very rich but I didn’t grow up to meet them that way.

I grew up watching my parents struggle on how to take care of us and also make sure we go to school. Whenever I’m going to hawk as usual, I always feel bad because It felt like the suffering was never coming to an end. It felt like I was going to be the biscuit girl forever.

By the time I was almost done with secondary school, everyone in my class knew me for my sales. It was more like I was sponsoring myself to school. I wasn’t the only one into this. All other of my siblings did the same thing, except that we sold different things. There were days I got insulted for this, there were times when good things happened to me and I start to question God to be sure he wasn’t making a mistake. Why? Because I was so into my poverty ridden life and I felt good things only happen to rich people, not people like me. I didn’t really have friends because I didn’t think anyone would want to talk to me. It was that bad

The only true friend I had was Ewade and she was from a very rich family but never looks down on people like every regular person does.

At the time I was done with secondary school, I didn’t have the plans of going to the university because I don’t know how my parents would sponsor me and I don’t know if I can ever be a doctor.

On my way back from my daily sales, I came across a boy, too young to be in this kind of position. He was crying so badly and I was tempted to know what was wrong. I stopped by and I was almost in tears as I watched him cry too. I didn’t know when the words “what’s wrong” came out of my mouth

“I’m hungry” he said

“Is there no food for you to eat?”

“No, there’s none. My mum and I have not eaten for two days now”. “My mum went to the other street to see if she can get something for us” he added.

I felt moved by his words and I was tempted to give him the biscuit I had on sales. I gave him a lot while I got him pure water at the nearby shop. Even when I also had nothing to eat that day, as I wasn’t sure if my mother had cooked. I didn’t care, because my mother taught us to never watch a fellow man hungry. We grew up with this, despite the fact that we had nothing too.

He devoured his biscuit like a hungry lion and before I knew it, he started to smile. He also started to tell me personal things about him and his mum. He ended his conversation with “I’m going to be a lawyer when I grow up”. “I also want to help so many people”, he added.

I was in tears when I heard this. I mean this boy is way too young and he’s already suffering too much yet he has the hope and believe that he’s going to become a lawyer in future. I mean he didn’t even think they didn’t have any money. How did he think the money was going to come? Yet he still wants to be a lawyer. I clearly have more opportunity than this boy but here I am killing my dreams and future slowly. I left his place in tears as his words moved me. I wanted to meet his mum but I couldn’t wait.

I immediately got home and I sat my parents down. Telling them how I wanted to continue my education. My father was Okay With it and he was willing to do anything to help me.

Here I am, already a doctor. A very successful one at that. In less than a week, I’d be traveling to London for a medical seminar. Thank God for using that little boy as my angel who opened my eyes and ears to great things. In all situations, be thankful. The life you don’t wish for is another life some people are praying to have

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  • Godwin
    April 24, 2018 at 7:27 am

    Thank you for touching lives and giving hope even when things seem not to be working out. May God bless and strengthen you.
    My dear keep it up 💌 the sky is just your bringing

    April 24, 2018 at 9:16 am

    weldone darling..I knew u are going be to be a shinning star for other may the good Lord fulfill ur heart desire.


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