The next few weeks were really trying. Demi been off her pills made her unstable but she hid it perfectly well. She tried all she could to get her husband back and as hard as it was; she tried not to lose her temper. Soon enough, Kunmi brushed it all aside and was determined to move past it all, he loved her that much. He could hardly get through to Gbenga because he was hardly available. The last time he spoke to him, Gbenga made it clear he didn’t wanna be involved in any mess anymore. After series of messages and pleads, he finally let Kunmi see him.

“I’ve decided to let the anger go. She’s changed; I can tell she’s changed.” Kunmi said as he used his fingers to caress the tip of his glass.

“She can’t just change like that.” Kunmi replied.

“It’s been 5 years and I’ve not seen any trace of sickness in her. She’s taking her pills and I can tell she’s doing alright.”

“Do you monitor her? When she’s taking her pills, do you check to make sure she’s actually taking it?” Gbenga asked again.

“I trust her. I won’t let her past determine our future.” Kunmi replied and Gbenga scoffed.

“I’m not asking you to leave her, I’m just asking you to pay more attention to her. Now that this whole thing is out, she’s prone to fall off the wagon again. Make sure she takes her pill.”

“I will, but I don’t think there’s a need to be worried. Thanks man.”

Things got better between Demi and Kunmi and they were both happy. Kunmi was more determined than ever to make things work between them and so, he showered her with gifts, love and everything nice. Demi on her own part tried to play her part well. On several occasions, Gbenga called to check in but Kunmi always blew his warnings off. For days, Kunmi did not go to work; he spent the most part of it trying to relive happiness with his wife. Demi also did fall off her wagon a couple of times but was really good at hiding it.


*  *  *

Kunmi woke up that morning feeling unusual, like something was amiss. He could feel the bad omen that morning but he brushed it off. He looked beside him and Demi wasn’t there. He was going to get up when his phone rang. “Why is the bank calling?” he said to himself and picked anyway.

“What do you mean she’s transferred all our money out?” he yelled into the receiver and started shaking immediately. He dropped the phone and ran off the room.

“Demi! Demi!” he yelled but he couldn’t find her anywhere. He rushed to the dining room and found her scribbling something on a paper. He pulled her up in anger and turned her around to face him.

“What?” she yelled at him. Taken aback, he was surprised. Demi never yelled at him before.

“You’ve been transferring money out of our account? You’ve wiped it all off? Why? Are you trying out some new business, is that what this is? I know there’s a logical explanation for this.” Kunmi said already sweating all over. Demi struggled out of his hold and walked away.

“The money is gone. All of it!” she replied still walking off. Kunmi followed her and pulled her back. She flared and suddenly started throwing a tantrum. She started picking anything she could lay her hands on and was throwing everything off. Kunmi paused and looked at her in awe. How did he manage to marry someone like this without even realising it? He couldn’t even move close to her. She was like a mad woman. Confused and not knowing what to do, he tried to calm her down and she just started hitting him himself.

“Let’s forget about the money, just calm down!” he managed to say but she was deaf to it. She dived into the kitchen and he tried to follow her when he accidently slipped and hit the floor with a heavy thud. Before he passed out, he just had a blurry view of Demi leaving and running off.



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