Hmmm, just before writing this, two things  came to my mind; like seriously am I ready to share this ordeal? Secondly, will it convince her to have a rethink or harden her more? well, lemme just write and have fun jare…

2012 was the year when I was posted to Lagos for NYSC, meanwhile I camped in Gombe state. I told myself I won’t leave UAE for Gombe, if my parent can’t work my posting to either Lagos or Abuja. Based on say I no fit mingle with anyhow babes, chicken sense wey de worry me. Abeg, make I free that side of the story jare. Shortly after camping in Gombe, I was redeployed to Lagos, Nigeria. hehehehehe, dream come true, big boy, I ended up mingling with the pepper dem gang. I rented a mini flat in Ikeja and bought myself an Honda Accord to paint Lagos blue knowing fully I dare not say I want to paint it red, when I no de craze.

I became corpers favorite at my PPA, babes no wan waka, guys wan add another big boy to their friends list, that’s irony of life, everyone wants to be seen and noticed. My area people noticed me, all the small girls want to talk to me, all the younger boys become loyal, “Baba we de fell you die”. At a point, “we de feel you die” turned an anthem. You need to serve in Lagos to know how exciting what I’m saying is as a corper. I was extremely comfortable to the extent I empty my house when my parents are coming to Lagos for anything.

I started feeling uncomfortable at a point, friends calling, babes coming uninvited, friend’s friend clinching to be closer than the friend gangan, neighbours gathering at the balcony every 5pm to see the action when  boy gets back from office,as if my father open company for me, yeye. I was so disciplined not to have messed with any girl on my street, infact the decision was a stupid one, I wish I had cancelled plenty of them. In my sixth month I eventually left the area and moved to a mega estate, bigger house, bigger car, more friends, classical babes, money don finish, I de die inside.

Now in my new area, a well planned estate, less people, new faces, I had no choice than restrategizing on how to correct all my wrongs. A 3 bedroom flat, omo de don die, infact I don’t need to bring you home before you die, just the area alone go kill you. I settled in shortly after my elder brother paid the house rent and bought a new car, so you guys thought I paid millions for house rent and new car? una no well. I reduced all my friend list, made it known they must call me before coming, only two girls had permission to come anytime and they were my very good friends. I never got to sleep with, Nike and Sandra.

Sorry I wasted you guys time talking about my life and my business as if I’m on MTV Base. Let me tell you guys what I saw in my new area, haaa I saw something, things de dis life my people, omo mehn, abeg grab your seat and relax as I narrate what I saw.

A wonderful evening it was, I had my bath and was heading to ICM (Ikeja city mall) to catch up with a friend, just few gates after my gate there’s a supermarket and another small tintinni shop, I was trying to pull my seat belt when I turned my neck to grab the belt, I had a close one, on one look with a wall paper image. You guys remember that Jennifer Lopez wall paper right? that was what I saw, I almost hit the poor boy crossing the road, this babe fine no be small, I was staring at her and she never took her eyes away, I was intimidated with the look, I had to set both side mirror and inner mirror just to see where she will end up entering, luckily she entered the small shop and immediately I noticed she wasn’t looking again. I decided to park and called my friend to tell him I had a flat tire. He offered to come around to help me fix it, fix what? I asked, he said my car. I asked again “you be mechanic abi vulcanizer?” guy later please I go call you later. He called severally to ask how far I have gone fixing the tire…”oooh dis guy na bad market sha”

So I put off my phone and drove back to the small shop, OH my God, I met her in the shop,she was backing me when I entered, calmly I greeted and it was a small boy that replied me, he asked what I wanted? I entered that shop without having in mind anything to buy, I almost told the boy to give me pizza…hmmm, luckily the lady turned around and greeted me politely “good afternoon” omo mehn I don die for body having a close contact with this babe. I ended up buying recharge card all in the name of buying something.

The following morning I went back to the shop and I met a woman,I greeted and told her I forgot my wallet at home. I went back in the afternoon, but seeing the woman, I went back home. I took my time and went back in the evening, I met the gorgeous girl helping that same boy with his assignment. I got to know the boy is her brother, the woman I met in the morning is her mother and they own the shop.

I prefer going to that shop for ice cream than going to coldstone, that shop became my favorite shopping mall, it was so obvious I was extremely lost in the girl, you won’t believe her mum noticed. One weekend I went to buy bread and egg for breakfast, I met the mum and she replied ” idera is coming out soon to attend to you” she brightened my day wth that statement. Idera is her beautiful name, she has a shape every lady will be dying for, she’s smarter than I thought. I waited for her calmly, she came out in blue jean and spaghetti top abi na noodles top, she smile at me, something like a green light, noo amber light ni. I forgot I came for bread and egg. I asked her where she has been all this while and she smiled, then I asked what level she was, she replied by saying “I just finished SS2 third term and I’m going to SS3”. I was shocked, she looks 22 when she was only 15, more composed than I was. She is beautifully made somewhere I don’t know, she has answers to all my questions even before asking, I fell in love with her and that was the first time I knew what falling in love was.  Childish right? you can say that again.

I never knew her mum noticed all my moves, remember  I said only Nike and Sandra of all my friends come to my house? I started living a planned life, I go out and come back quietly without been noticed, shioor, I was so stupid not to have known the woman always in the shop all day will be noticing me, definitely because of her daughter. I left my house on a pleasant evening, Nepa with their usual weyrey, money to fuel generator no even dey, I went straight to Idera’s shop to gist with her, and her mum told her to bring her assignment, if I can help…jesu!!! my own don be today… luckily the assignment was simple and I killed it mehn, the mother stared at me and I was a kinda look that speaks volume. oshey

My brother came home from abroad and drove pass the street with his girlfriend in the car, he came home saying a very pretty girl was eyeing him on the street but couldn’t stop because his girlfriend was in the car, I was like “abi dis egbon de craze ni” I never told him anything. Good for him, he noticed the staring wasn’t for him, the staring was meant for me since she knows the car to be mine and she noticed a girl in the front seat again. I ended up asking her out but to God be the glory she turned me down, I was shocked. Her brother was getting used to me, the mother was liking me, her uncle that comes around once in a while noticed all the chemistry between us but the girl gangan said “oga ade, kolewerk”.

I became so close to the mother since she was always alone in the shop throughout the day before she get back in the evening. She gisted me so much about Idera , something like ” I trust this boy with my daughter” I became humble but the daughter never liked me still and she never knew her mum told me about her.
Few months later the mum fell sick and she passed out. It broke me, like I lost a mother, the only bridge between us is gone, I cried in my house without my brother knowing, it was a bad day devil drink water…that was the last time I saw Idera  till this moment you are reading.

A year later I was driving my mum to the hospital and my BlackBerry blinked red light but I couldn’t reply cause I was driving. I sat at the reception of the hospital to reply the message when another message came in from the same person saying “Hi” ” it’s idera” it was a day to my birthday, I was extremely happy and couldn’t ask for a better birthday presents. We became close but she never liked me still. I told myself this babe can’t like me for any reason.

I got back from work one day and needed someone to talk to, I couldn’t think of anyone aside Idera  and I put a call to her straight. I had the best phone conversation of my life that day, it got so interesting that we ended up chatting. I no gree give up on this tiny girl, I made it known how much I was into her, you guys won’t believe what she told me “the feelings as always been mutual” I was shocked!!! mutual kinni? she was only 16, where u go get dis kind sense. To cut the story short, we ended up dating. I love Idera  like my mother, she is like my little sister,  my mama no gree born but sadly, the feelings wasn’t mutual at all. We only dated for 2-3 weeks and she went back to the little girl I used to know. #Infalz’svoice# she uze mai loff to play tabu tenniz, mi a whool model for d shidren in my adugbo.

To God be the glory I’m doing extremely well for myself but I know I can do better with her, I’m still dying to have that girl. She’s now in 300L, no day of my life I don’t think about her. I really really want and need that girl in my life. This girl was shocked when I told her somethings her mum told me about her, she didn’t believe it at first but it was to real for her not to believe. It haff do before una insult me say I be lover boy!!! Bad belle

Based on true life story!

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  • Aziz
    March 25, 2017 at 6:53 pm

    This takes me years back. The story got me thinking of my pre-tertiary education days. I recall I used to do similar runs then. Lol



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