“Leave him, let him go!”
“But he’s my first son!” That was the last I heard of my father, before I stormed out of the house.
Looking back at how I started, I wish I didn’t grow up this way, I wish my mother was a little obedient to my father over training Me, I wish things didn’t just turn out this way.
Growing up, I was the only child of my father and mother. My father Chief Arowolo was one of the richest in our home town. My mother was of course the wife of a rich man and I was the son of a rich man. I had everything I ever wanted, always at the tip of my finger. Speak of maids, we had a lot. Speak of cars, name it and you’ll get it. I could eat whatever, whenever I wanted. School? School was one of those things I hated aside Aunty Agnes whom always complains about the way I’m being treated. To her, she felt I was being spoilt. But it didn’t feel that way to Mum and dad, especially to mum because dad still raises his voice at me once in a while.
Aunty Agnes was one of our maids who has lived with us since God knows. Now mum treats her like a sister. She’s the only one who dares says no to mummy.
On a certain day, it was rianing heavily and I was suppose to be in school, mummy called one of the maids to take me to the car while she used umbrealla on me. The maid followed Mummy’s instruction but on getting out, rain water dropped on my shoulder, Just a little.
“Ohohohoh’!” I yelled.
“Oko mi (my dear) what is it?”
“This lady here allowed water drop on Me”, I said to my mum.
“Why?” “Why would you allow water drop on my son?” my mum asked .
“I’m sorry ma, I didn’t want the umbrella to injure him, so I had to move it a little. I didn’t intend for rain to drop on him”
“Shut up!” my mum said to her…”look what you’ve done now. Pele Okanlawon mi, ma bi nu” (don’t be offended Okanlawon)

“It’s fine mum, but I don’t think I want to go to school today, maybe tomorrow”, I said in anger
“Ha! Baby its not up to that. If you want, you could change your uniform”.
“No mum, I’m too angry for that”. I said as I went back in.
“See what you’ve caused now, you this wretched girl. You’ve made my son angry. Get out of my way, omo iran Kiran”(a child of Nobody).

Hmmmm!!! Mother like no other, How I wish she was more hard on me like she was hard on other people. Would she have known? She was just showing love in her own way. The love that has caused my life alot. No teacher dare messed with me. Whatever I did was the best.
Once my mum came to school because Mr Asiko wrote in my report sheet “he could have been a better student if the needful was done, there’s still room for improvement”. My mum made sure she came to school to ask Mr Asiko what he meant by that. She made sure she taught him the lesson of his life. He almost got sacked but people pleaded on his behalf while he also promised he’d mind his business when he gets to me. Not only did he mind his business, other teachers did too. Even when I slapped Chima for stepping on me, I wasn’t punished. All these to Me Was an evidence of good living.
Back at home, after the Mr Azuko’s drama,
“Tinuke I heard you went to our son’s school to cause a scene”
“Beeni Oko mi, I did”(yes my husband)
“And why is that?”
“Haba! didn’t you see what the so called teacher wrote on his report sheet? He’s trying to insult us, I won’t take that”.
“Ha! Tinuke, do you want to ruin this child’s life? Isn’t it the teacher’s job to state the obvious? If we as parents are lagging behind, can’t we be called to order? Tinuke with the way you’re going about this, I don’t think you want your son to be a man”.

“Please please .. someone tried insulting us and I fought for us, all you could do was take sides with them. My own son is already a man”.
“Okay, we shall see. With what you’re doing, I don’t know how you want the boy to stand on his own when we’re no more”, my daddy said while he walked out of the room angrily.
“Nothing can happen to me. I’ll live to watch my son grow. Don’t curse me please”.
I heard it all, but I thought daddy was just being wicked. I rushed in to meet mummy in tears .
“Omo mi, Why are you crying ?” (My child, why are you crying)
“Why does daddy hates me? He never seems to like whatverr I do”.
“Don’t mind him my son, he’s Just having a bad day, he’ll come around”, She said to me calmly.

That was how my life continued with my parents.
On a sunny Sunday, few of my family members came in. My mum ushered them in. It all started calmly and mummy even gave them food with smile and happiness. After eating, they called on mummy and informed her that the purpose of their visit was important. Mummy hurried to them while she sat calmly, waiting for them to go on with their discussion.

“Wo aya wa ( look our wife), your husband has offended you. Although when it all happened, we were angry at him but they say “when you scold a child with your right hand, you embrace the child with your left” that’s why we’re here so that you can forgive him. I’m sure he’d never repeat this in his life again. We really scolded him”.

“Ha! olori ebi, Arowolo hasn’t offended me. Abi ki lo se?” (What did he do?)

Look your husband has a son and a daughter with another woman…….


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  • Abolade Tolu
    October 24, 2017 at 6:25 am

    Hmmmm…..hin don happen

  • Anonymous
    October 24, 2017 at 7:47 am

    Good one dearie

  • Adunola
    October 25, 2017 at 9:41 am

    Na so those stupid family members dey do


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