Part 2

“Look your husband has a son and a daughter with another woman. This has happened for more than six years now. We just found out when the children said they wanted to kmow their brother. Forgive him Tinuke”.
Mummy broke into tears.. the family members couldn’t watch her cry, so they all left somehow.
She was always in tears to the extent that she fell sick. That moment, I knew I had to be there for my mum but how do I go about it? I can’t start being a man now, I’m just in penultimate year in secondary school.
Mummy took ill after she was informed of daddy’s mistake. Not long after, the sickness took her life.
Daddy soon took me to my step mum’s place, were we all lived along with her kids. Life there wasn’t easy. I was allowed to do strenuous work and daddy didn’t seem to be on my side. It was asif I was a stranger in this world. Everything seemed new to me. Life wasn’t easy, nothing I did was good enough. I was just frustrated with life. It all continued like that till I gained admission to a university.
Back in school, I tried my best to have a good result, Maybe daddy would be behind me again. But eveything felt difficult. It was too late to mend. There was nobody to talk to or to lean on.
I knew I wanted to be a better person. I knew I was tired of hearing them say “why are you making us waste money on you” I knew I was tired of daddy saying “I warned your mother” I knew I was tired of hearing “don’t be like your brother, I want you to be a child” No, I don’t want to hear those things. I want to my siblings to look up to me. I want my mother to be proud she gave birth to me. I want my father to regret saying all those things to me.I want my step mother to regret her actions.
I was preparing for my convocation as I’ve just concluded my four years program in a private school. I was in the living room when I received a call from my friend telling me result was out. I wasn’t so eager to check, so I tired dodging the information because daddy was in the living room too. I was about leaving the living room for my room when he said

“okanlawon, check the result, I want to know what you had” I was scared and I immediately wanted to tell him not to expect much from me but my step mother walked in with a creepy smile. I logged into the school portal and entered my data while I waited for my result to come up. Daddy immediately said hand the phone over to me. I had no choice as I gave him the phone the result came up like it was waiting for daddy to have the phone.
“A third class? Is that the best you could do?” He yelled.
“I tried alot, I trained you with all I had. Why don’t you ever make me proud. And I always warned your mum but she wouldn’t listen”.
Something in me triggered at the mention of my mum.
“Daddy please stop! Stop blaming the dead. Is mum the only one at fault here? What about You? What did you do to make things right? After mum’s death you just started treating me like a stranger.. like I was never your son, I said in tears. You know what dad, I’ll leave and come back better than you think” I said as I stormed out of the house taking nothing along, not even caring where to go or how to go about life.
Come back here, my dad yelled.
But I didn’t listen as my step mum kept saying “Leave him, let him go

But he’s my first son, my dad countered. I just keep going with no destination, my head was blank but I was determined that there was no going back.




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