“Let him go”
“But he’s my first son, my dad countered”.
I just keep going with no destination, my head was blank but I was determined that there was no going back. It was getting dark and I soon sighted some guys who were packing dirts(bin) around. I decided to move closer to them to at least see if I can get a place to sleep this night. I imagined myself doing what they were doing, I asked myself if I could cope doing the same. But I didn’t care at that moment, I just wanted to settle down.
“Good evening, can I join in this business you’re into?”

They all turned around to look at me
“You ke? Sey na you abi na your brother?”Because you wey I dey see no resemble perosn fit work”
“I can work sir, just try me”
“Okay make we go house because as you see us So, all of us don tire .. hope say you no be thief?”
“No sir, I’m a good boy. I just want to make earns means”
“Okay! Hope you get money? Because I no fit use my money start business for you”.
At this point, I realised I came out with nothing, Not even my atm card. Hmmmm well I could go to the bank to withdraw over the counter
“Yes I get small money”
“Okay, follow us”.
We got to their small apartment where six guys live in. It was nothing compared to my use to be house. I decided to endure and not show my displeasure. They all sat down to devour a whole bread while I watched them even after I was offered some, which I rejected.
After eating, the guy whom had been the one talking to me, whom I don’t know his name by now started by saying: “I know say you go dey look us say we dey suffer. But my guy no think am, better days still dey come. Look this job better pass any other thing. You go dey pack dirty and you fit charge any price wey you like. Infact we get people way don marry with pikin with this job. You just dey do good and dey honest you go see as eveything go gel”.

“By the way you go dey pack from Adekoya street to Orimolade. Na so we go share am”.
“Also, you sef go dey contribute rent money, And we go all dey alright. Who know? You set fit find your wife. No worry you go laugh last”.

I knew I didn’t want this for myself? But what can I do? I want to make it on my own, I want my father to retract his words. I just want to be great. Maybe I’d use the money I get to learn a handiwork seems I didn’t have a good result.
I’ll go to the bank first thing tomorrow morning so I could withdraw the money I have and start my new life. May God help me.
I started the business in no time and I got use to It. It could be stressful and insulting atimes.
There was this particular man who had so much interest in me, over the time. He was the chairman of orimolade street. A very wealthy man. We’ve spoken on different levels but I’ve not taken out time to speak to him about my personal issues. Until this day that I was being accused of stealing in the house of Mrs odofin. I do go there to get her dirts.
“That’s him mum, he stole it yesterday”
“Steal what?” I asked
“The money I left here when you came to pack the bin” Mrs odofin said .
“What money? How could I have stolen when I didn’t even see it”
“What do you mean? My job here is to pack dirts so how could I have stolen?”
“Shut up! You liar”
As I was about being beaten, a voice said from behind, “he didn’t steal It, your daughter did”. “She took it yesterday as at the same time this young man was here” . The voice from behind said.
They all turned to look at the girl who accused me. I was dumbfounded I couldn’t even pack the dirts. I just left there with the hope of going to the chairman’s house to narrate my ordeal to him. It’s a good thing I was vindicated. I was pained and frustrated. I got to the chairman and I told him all that happened. He consoled me. That was when the new chapter of my life began. He asked I told him everything about me because he has taken interest in me. He loves me as hed love his son. I told him eveything without leaving any stone unturned. I told him how I studied something different from my dreams in school..
I wanted to be as designer but my dad proposed I studied business because of his company.
“What if I enrol you to a fashion school in Paris?” He asked

I couldn’t explain the joy I felt as tears of joy dropped down my eyes. The process for my travel started and I was in Paris in no time.
I started my fashion school and I was determined to do better. I was determined to make sure Chairman was proud of me.
I was going to make everyone say I wish we never said that about him .
I was done with fashion school as it was a year course. I was amongst the top five in my set. I had lots of contract already set down for me. I was coming back home to make history.
My dad heard the news and looked for a way to find my number. He put a call through me
“Okolanwon my son, I’m proud of you”. ¬†Those were his first words.
“Daddy” was all I could manage to say. I wanted to say more, I wanted to say making you proud was the aim but words failed me
“Come home okanlawon, come home to me”, he said.
“I’m coming home dad, I’m coming home to right my wrongs” I said as I hanged up
I couldn’t wait to get on the plane. I couldn’t wait to see my step mum’s face looking disappointed. I couldn’t wait to run into chairman’s arm. I couldn’t wait to show them my I was my mum’s child.
I’m grateful for the second chance for everyone could shine as bright as they want if they wanted to.



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