Ring ring.. that was my phone ringing. I picked up the call, it was daddy on the phone

“Hello daddy, Good afternoon”

“Afternoon dear, are you home?” he asked

“No dad, why?”

I’m around your neighborhood so I thought I’d pay you a visit”

“Oh okay daddy, can you make it by weekend?”

“It’s fine Tolulope, I would see you by weekend”

“Okay daddy, love you”

“Love you too”

I dropped the call, just to concentrate on what I was doing. I looked at the time and I realized it was past 5. Oh Tolulope, you over work yourself, I thought to myself. I should get going.

I was about packing my stuffs when I got a call from my fiancé

“Hello babe” he said to me

“Hi darling”, I said back to him

“How did your day go?” He asked

“Hectic, yours?” I asked

“Not bad. I’m dropping by, I want you to make me rice and stew” he said

“Sure love, I’d leave the office now. Just call me when you’re almost home”, I said to him.

“Okay dear, I love you”

“Love you too”, I said back to him

I immediately packed my stuff and left for home.

On my way home, Kike kept on calling, but I couldn’t pick her calls because I didn’t have my hands free with me. Kike is my sister. My adopted sister. Mum and dad adopted her when all effort to give birth to another child after I was born was futile. They’ve taken care of Kike so well and daddy loves her so much. I love Kike too and even though we’re about the same age , she still treats me with so much respect. I thought of our childhood all through my drive home and I couldn’t stop smiling.

I got home in no time, and I made my way to open the gate as Umar our security guard had quit his job because he had to go back home. There was no need to blow my honks because it was easy to open the gate

I drove in and closed the gate, waiting for kike to come welcome me as she always does but it seems she was no where to be found. I made my way out of the car while I walked towards the door. I tired opening the door but all attempts was futile. I forgot my key at home today and I thought kike was going to be home. Oh my! Maybe that’s why she was calling me, I thought to myself.

Oh I could use the back door which leads to the kitchen, I said to myself.

On my way there, I started hearing some funny voices saying harder! Oh harder! Who could be watching such movie at this time of the day? Could it be kike? I asked myself. I guess I’d know once I get inside

I opened the door to the kitchen and the voice got clearer. I made my way to the palour where the voice was coming from

What? I screamed as my hand bag dropped from my hand.

Daddy!!!! Kike!

What’s this? I screamed as they immediately let go of themselves.

No, this can’t be. Kike was the one shouting harder all along as daddy was the one giving her the cause to shout. Daddy and kike have been screwing one another

Tolulope I can explain daddy said while he tried putting on his clothes. Seeing them disgust me

I couldn’t stop my tears as I thought of how Mummy would feel if she learns about this. She has loved and cared for Kike as her own.

God what’s all these? How would I cope with this? Who would tell Mummy? Should I tell Mummy? For how long as this been going on ? If you were in my shoes, what will you do?


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  • Ayoola Ibrahim
    April 17, 2018 at 7:35 pm

    keep it to maself.. that can break alot of things

  • Emmy black
    May 3, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    I will keep it to myself cause its going to spoil too many things


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