“Good morning baby”, my husband said to me.

“Good morning love” I said back to him.

I immediately checked my phone and I realized I was late for work. I immediately jumped out of bed while I rushed down to the bathroom.

This has been my whole life since I got married to Mike. He has been an understanding man since our five years of marriage. He understands how much my work means to me and he gives me ultimate support. He understands the fact that I’m not ready for child bearing yet. So the things we have to handle are less. I mean I can’t juggle work and kids together. You know the trouble children brings right? I don’t think I can handle that.

Also, cleaning the house was no big deal to me because I only have to clean up only on Saturdays. My work demands my total attention and I don’t think house chores would be good for me on weekdays. Well Mike is a good guy and ever since he brought Sharon home things has been easy. I mean she cleans up the house and does all the things necessary. She even cooks and do my laundry most times. I only help out when I’m not too busy. Sharon is Mike’s distance cousin. She came over because Mike thought she could be of help to us plus her family is going through financial issues. Having her here has been good, in fact I and mike have been considering child birth. That’s how I’ve been living with my lovely husband for five years now.

I got done from work early and I couldn’t wait to get home. Lately, I’ve been horny but I’ve been too busy to get some sugar. I was happy to leave work because I couldn’t wait to feel Mike again. It’s been a long time.

I got home in no time and Sharon as usual already cooked. I ate while I rushed in to get set because I can’t wait for Mike to be home. I was in the bathroom when my husband got in.

“Hey Baby”, he said

“Hi love, come on in, let’s shower together” I said.

“No babe, I have to use the toilet first”.

I agreed with him while I came out of the bathroom naked. He was amazed at my looks and he immediately rushed down to kiss me.

“I want some sugar tonight”, I whispered to him.

“You’re sure getting some baby”, he said

He got undressed while he headed to the toilet.

I was applying the carrot oil on my skin when I heard the beep of a phone. I went down to the table to get the phone. It was Mike’s phone. As I was about picking up the phone. The text message which popped on the phone screen got to me

“You’ve been acting strange lately, whatever you do, just know I’m not aborting this pregnancy, not this time”.

I was shocked when I saw this. Mike got someone pregnant?

I immediately went out of the room while I took my phone and Mike’s phone. I went to the kitchen, while I copied the number from Mike’s phone and dialed the number. As the number began to ring, Sharon’s number came up

What? I felt it was a mistake so I redialed the number again and it was still Sharon. Hot tears rolled down my cheeks as I was filled with anger. Oh no! Mike has been cheating on me with Sharon to the point that he got her pregnant? How can mike bring his girlfriend to our matrimonial home and acts like she was his cousin? I was filled with rage as I thought of killing them both. What could I have done wrong for Mike to treat me like this? What was my offense? I’ve always been a lovely wife? God what am I to do now? If you were in my shoes, what would you have done?

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  • Sultan99
    April 24, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    Excellent write up


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