I slept off thinking of today, now it’s morning, the day has finally come.
We got to uncle Agba’s house and it felt like we were on another paradise on earth, we were served with all sort of things and even palm wine. I didn’t have the appetite to take anything, I just wanted Uncle Agba to say all would be well, I wanted him to tell I and Ajala that our wedding would be peaceful and our marriage would be a blisfull one. In no time, uncle Ajala came out, he was a middle aged man with beards around his face. He dressed sort of modern putting on a knicker and a polo with cigar in his mouth.
“Ha! Ajala my son, it is you”.
“Yes sir, e kaaro baa mi” (good morning father)

“How are you dear, how is Lalonpe your mother?”
“Ha she’s fine sir and she’s the reason I’m here o baa mi”
“My mother won’t allow me carry out my heart desires”
“Ha! why would you say that?”
“Look, I and Ajoke have been together for a long while now, I really wish to marry her for my life depends on her. But my mother won’t allow me, she has subjected the poor girl to so much torture” Ajala said.

“Help me, sir, help me speak to my mother” he added.
“Ehnehn” , Uncle Agba said eyeing me.
“Ajala, let me marry your Ajoke to save you some stress”, he said in a stern voice.

It felt like a joke and Ajala took it as one

“Baba mi, Iyawo yin re (this is our wife) would you be dating the wife of your son?” Ajala said jokingly.

“she is also your daughter”, he added.

“Laye, (never) I know who my children are, what’s always wrong with you children of nowadays, I’m trying to save you from trouble and you’re saying this?”
“Uncle agaba, I came to you for help and look what you’re saying to me, aye ma le o,(this life is difficultlt) someone who is suppose to help me is even the major traitor (eni a ni ko kini leyin, egun lo lo fi si owo)”
“Ajoke, stand up and Lets leave here, whether they all like it or not, we would get married” Ajala said in anger.
Ha aye mi, all hope is lost. Why would I not get married to my Ajala in peace, I thought to myself crying
“Ajoke aya mi, (My wife) do not cry, joy is ours, don’t worry, lets leave”
“Ajala, are you walking out on me?” Uncle Agba queried .

“You don’t want me to marry Ajoke abi, I’m trying to save your life and you’re doing this, don’t worry, you shall see”, he said with utmost annoyance while laying emphasis on the “you shall see”

“You were rude to me because of a girl Ajala?”
We both left there sad, But what is sadness when I have my world with me?
He shook my hands and look into my eyes and said to me “Ajoke mi owon, (my dear Ajoke ) we’ll pull through this together”.
We got to our town still sad but we had no option than to return to our various houses and we both exchanged good bye……



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  • Neemah
    August 29, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    Haba how can he want to date his cousin’s wife??

  • Esther
    August 29, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    💔 these old men looking for young blood


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