It was very cold in the morning, my stomach wouldn’t stop rumbling because I was unable to eat last night. I wouldn’t still be able to eat this morning too because I’ve no money to feed with. I mange myself with the mechanic shop I work with, life hasn’t been easy for me but I know I’d be on the brighter side soon.
I got prepared to go to work that morning while I had prayers in my mind that God should send a helper to me. I got to work and it all looked like a normal day. After some hours, a SUV pulled over in front of our mechanic workshop . My boss was busy so I had to be the one to repair the man’s car. The man asked to leave his car while he comes back for it later with the hope that I must have finished the repair by the time he’d be back. He left the car with us and went somewhere else. The fault in the car was a very minor one that could have been fixed by the man himself if he had looked into the car and if he was patient. I got done with the repair in no time while I waited for the man to come get his car. He got back after some hours and smiled at the fact that is hope was fufilled that I’d fixed the car before his arrival he paid me off and then left for his destination
Adekunle, these are the materials you’d get from the market, get my atm card and withdraw from it as I’m not with cash now my boss said to me. Okay sir, I’ll be back soon I said in return. You can’t leave o, you this thief, you want to put me in debt abi ? A voice from the other end said… we were all surprised to hear that as we all turned to look at the man whose voice was all in the air. Alas! It was the guy that came with his car few hours ago, the one which I’d repaired myself. Who could this man be talking to? I asked myself. He’s a thief, hold him tight, he made away with my briefcase, he was the last person that drove my car and the briefcase was in the car he said. Ha I’m in trouble before I could say a word, police men held my trousers as they would hold that of a criminal. Mr man, you’re under arrest for theft. Ha theft? I didn’t still anything ha God o.. calm down, my boss said. Adekunle has been working with me for years now and nothing has ever gone missing at his cause my boss told them. Be quiet, were you the one that fixed the car? The man asked my boss or are you trying to call me a liar? I gave my car to him to fixed and I left my briefcase containing dollars in the car, now its no where to be found and you’re telling me this. If you’re not careful, I’ll tell them to arrest you too for you’re also a suspect, the man said to my boss. Officer, take him away, when you torture him to the point of death, he would tell you where he kept my money, he’s a criminal. Since I saw his face earlier today, I knew he’d be a criminal. At this point, I was dumbfounded and I had nothing to say anymore , my tears couldn’t stop flowing like river as they dragged me by the hem of my clothe like they’d do to a criminal. Ha God I was still looking for how to feed myself and now I’m been accused of something I know nothing about. I can’t even place the color of the so called briefcase. Adekunle you’ll be out of there in no time, my boss said to me. I’ll be with you soon. Don’t torture him he said to the police men, he’s not a criminal.
We got to the station and I was at the cell. We’re coming back for you, the police man said. By the time we deal with you, you’ll tell us where you kept the dollars, you this hardened criminal. You want to reap what you didn’t sow, as any of your family member worked to the extent that they are been paid in hard currency? You this wretched thing, the police man said to me. I couldn’t stop crying as those words were hruting me. Nothing hurts more than you being accused of something you know nothing about. God, you see my heart and you know I know nothing about it, please save me. Oga I didn’t steal anything, I said to the police man while he landed a slap on my face to shut me up. I was brought out of the cell in no minutes, hey you, your bail has been granted the police man said to me. I was schoked yet, I couldn’t hide my smile. Thank God, leave at once before I lose my cool for God has really saved you. I was about getting a pressing iron for your torture before chief called me to grant your bail. You’re lucky he found his money. Ha God so I was being accused and tortured for nothing. Lord I’m thankful for vindicating me. I had no money on me so there was no I could go home without that. Why are you still here, the police man asked. I have no money sir, imagine you’re so poor to the extent that I don’t pray to see you again, he said while he squeezed a 200 hundred naira note into my hands. Leave here now, wretched being.
I couldn’t go back to the shop so I headed back home
I went back to the shop the next morning, but I was surprised not to see a shop there anymore, everywhere has turned to ashes. Ha what could have happened here? Ha Adekunle, what are you doing here? a man called Baba agba asked me. Baba I came to work but I’m surprised at what I’m seeing. Ha what a pity! You better thank your stars and count yourself lucky. A tanker filled with petrol caused fire accident here yesterday evening resulting to the death of a lot of people which caused your boss and some of his boys to be among them. If I were you, I’d be happy for the gift of life and make good use of it he said while he turned back to leave me. Tears filled my eyes, I don’t know if its tears of joy or something. If only man knows his date of death, he would have done all to prevent it. May God forgive the dead. I went back home with a lot of thoughts in my head
Few months after,  I was walking on the street in search of a job, young man, stop there a voice called from behind. I turned back to see who it was, turns out the person has been runing after me. Oh my God, it was the man who accused me of stealing few months back. I stood still so I could hear him out. I’m sorry for the other day, please forgive me. I found the suitcase in my booth. Turns out I didn’t search well when I was searching due to anxiety. You don’t need to apologise sir, I’ve forgiven you for a long time now. What if after you found it, you didn’t bother contacting the police, I’d have rot in cell. On the contrary, I’m grateful to the God for the incident has spared my life, that’s why you can stand in front of me today. THE INCIDENT WAS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE. I’m sorry please he said. Where are you headed? He asked well I’m in search of a job. My boss died the day you got me arreated due to a fire accident. Eyah what a pity he said. Are you educated, he asked? Yes sir I am. I graduated with a second class upper in accounting. You have a job alreaday then. Come with me, let me take you to my company. Ha thank you sir,

I’m grateful. This is indeed a blessing in disguise, for I wouldn’t have been alife today to witness this. Thank you God, everything happens for a reason.


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