We have two worlds. The world of days and that of nights

These two worlds consist of real and imaginary things

Those things can occur in either of the worlds.

Nobody get to question why rain falls during the day, and same rain falls in the night.

My point here is; everything made possible to happen during the day, can also happen at night, or even better.

A little story I wanna tell y’all about a beautiful young lady called Tiwalade. I know y’all might be curious on how people face challenges and how they overcome them. Some people might think facing challenge is peculiar to some group of people or that challenges are meant for the poor or the ugly. Well, this is life and anyone is bound to face challenges.

I met this girl when I was in my fourth year in the university and I knew her for her attitude. She swings from one attitude to another and I bet you, you don’t wanna be there on the bad days. She was in her second year and I learnt that she was also a very brilliant girl.

Luckily for me, I met her on a day when she was in a good mood, and this day defined our cordial friendship. I get to know her more and saw through the face. She had a lot down inside her mind and this affected her.

She was someone who believed her education was the best pride for her in life and if anything should happen to her academically, she might give up.

On an unfaithful day, I was on my way to the cafeteria when I saw some people rush someone to the clinic. I was curious and asked who it was. The the next I heard was voices from several people. From those who didn’t like her, from those who liked her and even from those who felt pity for her. I heard words like; “that serves her right”, “and she is a gentle girl oo”, “wo I hate the girl she no sabi relate”….

A lot of people talking around and I was struggling to find out at least who was there. It happened to be Tiwalade.

I was so upset and at the same time felt sad. I waited till people left and then moved closer to the lady.

“Hi Tiwalade”, I said. She broke into tears and said; “Akin, I am done, I am tired, I think I just want to die and leave this world of alligators”. “What happened” I said

“I was sent out during my exam. He caught me for malpractices and I am going to face the panel. My life is done Akin”.

I looked at her with the look of “you don’t resemble someone that can cheat”.

“what happened” I asked

“Someone threw the paper towards me when the man was coming. I didn’t know what it was, and I was just trying to check but the lecturer caught me with it.”

I got more furious and then asked her “sheby it was not your handwriting?”

Then she broke into tears and said “It was my jotter, the one I used to jot to make sure of what I read”.

I sat down immediately and turned my head down. This is hard to believe. I’m sure people at the disciplinary won’t believe this too.

I tried my best to console her, not forgetting to tell her to have faith. I know God works in favor of the righteous.

All I could do was to believe my friend and pray for her.

As time goes by things weren’t the same as the matter was still under investigation. She became moody and had less friends. There was rumor all over and this killed her more.

She was called to disciplinary panel a week after the incident. After much investigation, pleads and all. She still got expelled for that was the rule of the school and that’s the punishment for exam malpractice

We met that evening before she left school, it was crestfallen and I could not hide my dismay. I looked into her eyes and saw something have never seen before, it was hope. I told her I was going to be with her all the way, no matter the step she was going to take next. We parted ways that day, not after I told her to be prayerful though.


I woke up late that gloomy Saturday, checked my phone, it was past 11. I screamed. I couldn’t make it to the gym. The buzz of my phone was annoying at this point. To my surprise, it was “MUM”.

The next thing I heard after picking the call was “Akin Ko da baye, ki eyan ma le fi okan to e, sho fe son pe o ti gbagbe eni yi ni Femi graduate”. (This is not good enough, have you forgotten today is femi’s graduation)

I immediately got up from bed as I got back late from work. I really need to be at Femi’s convocation. I got dressed in no time, heading to Femi’s Convocation.

The journey I must say was something else, Lagos traffic is crazy, I just enjoyed my Asa track endlessly till I got to UNILAG.

I found my way to auditorium where the ceremony was taking place. The ceremony had started and the guest were all seated. Twenty minutes into the ceremony I heard “JKLF45t please the owner should get to the parking garage now” wait! That’s my car, I said to myself . I rushed to the garage to see my precious car, on getting back, the best graduating student was getting ready to deliver her speech. As she approached the podium a text came in, I was focused on my phone , when that voice brought me back to life.

Wow! That’s Tiwalade, I said to myself. I looked up to actually confirm my thoughts and it was indeed Tiwa. I couldn’t believe my eyes maybe I was just day dreaming. I almost cried when she delivered her speech which was centered on “hope” I was over joyed. She actually told her story which I knew of. I was happy for her. I’m happy we got to meet again after losing her contact years ago. She received several jobs appointments and I bet she would pick the one that suit her the best.

Her story was inspiration to me and lots of people seated around.

This my little story, which consist of everything you can ever imagine. I mean hope is life and when there’s life, there’s definitely hope for greater things. That moment was sure one of her dark moment yet she overcame it all because she didn’t give up. Hope kept her going.

Think about it, the fact that you can’t do something during the day does not mean you won’t do it better at the night. Never give up, and remind yourself not to be a quitter. You are a major strength to someone

Don’t let yourself down, and don’t let those believing in you down. And always remember that sadness comes for happiness to triumph.


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