Every child is a blessing in disguise to every parent. A child needs care, love, attention and hospitality.

A child has a right to be educated, heard, freedom, shelter etc. The bible says; “Train up a child in the way he should go and when it’s old will not depart from it”.

There was a couple named Mr Godwin, they got married long time ago without not having a child to call theirs, she got embarrassment from various people far and near. She kept going on her kneels asking God to give her a child of her own, she fasted severally Despite the insult. One faithful day, God answered her prayers and she found out that she was pregnant, she quickly rushed to the hospital to confirm her pregnancy, where the doctor attended to her and told her she was 2 months pregnant. There was too much joy in her heart, has she rushed home went on her kneels prayed to God saying thank you God for the gift you have given to myself and my family. Not quite long, her Husband got back home then she shared the news to her husband and they both praised God together. She was been taking care of, loved and cared for by everybody. Nine months later, it was time for the delivery, they got to the hospital and the doctor attended to her and she delivered a bouncing baby girl. The news spread around, there was joy in the family of the Godwin not knowing that the devil was coming to plant an evil seed in their heart. Then the doctor came to announce to Mr Godwin that his wife was dead due to bleeding. Mr Godwin cried bitterly saying “who will take care of our child?, I can’t do this alone!, wake up! Wake up! Let take care of our child together, you can’t leave me alone, I refuse to be alone he cried out” but stil his wife never woke up.

Few years later, the child was grown up, family members were asking him to get married again. He refused to get married, they begged him several times saying ” this child needs a mother, this child needs to be cared for, you can’t do this on your own” then he told them that he will get married on one condition, Only if they will get him a wife. They got him a wife within a month, they got married. The woman woman took care of the child like her child but after some years, she had her own children and trouble started, she maltreated the girl, beats her, and turned her into a househelp. The woman made sure she allows her goes late to school while she pampered her 3 children.

Mr Godwin never knew of this maltreatment because he was never around, she cried several time saying “God why did my mother die ?” any time her father come back, her step mum pretend to love and care for her. But when the man is not around she does wicked things to her call her names and the rest.

Few years later, the girl managed to finish her secondary school education. She got a scholarship to study medicine abroad. While the woman’s children never finished secondary school, her children went into gambling, stealing and prostitution. Meanwhile, Mr Godwin first daughter was doing well with her studies. She was always the top among the white people, her step mother became more jealous of her and did so many bad things to her, none of the things worked on the girl instead she became more successful everyday but the woman children’s became more wayward and useless. The girl graduated as the best student and she got a job to work with the senior doctor’s abroad, her father was proud of her and was ready to do anything for her. She travelled down home to meet her stepmother sick that she needs to undergo an operation but her father couldn’t afford it. She took care of the woman’s operation, when the woman got well she was surprise finding her step daughter did the operation after doing so many bad things to her, then the woman got to hear that one of her child is dead, then the other arrested, she cried so bad and asked the girl for forgiveness. She cried bitterly saying my evil deed has caught up with me, she confessed on how she tried to turn the girl’s life upside down and how she killed the girl’s mother. The woman seek for forgiveness from the girl and then they lived happily ever after.



If you are the girl, will you forgive her?


Lesson :

Never discriminate between your child and another person’s child. Never do evil to people because those who do evil, evil will return to them ten times what they have done. Love each other with peace joy and harmony. Treat each child equally.


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