Often times I hear children saying Mum, some would say Mummy, and some would say My Mummy.

I was one of those children who calls mine “Mummy mi”(my mother). We children do not know the depth of the word, I don’t think half of the mothers know what it entails to be a mother.
Often time, I look at my mum and kept wondering why she was so selfless towards us and other children around her. From her, I got to know that a mother isn’t a mother to her children alone, but to all other children around her.

A mother shouldn’t be a “he or she is not my child, whatever wants to happen should happen” kinda person.
You might not know this, but children with good mother enjoy the acts of their mother for life and vice versa.
Hmm iya mi owon! (My dear mother) abiamo tooto (a true mother).

You were my god, my everything, if I had my way I’d pay anything for you to come back. How can I forget how you watch me sleep all night, how you talk to me as if I was your husband, how you fight for me, how you go to bed hungry, giving me your last bread, how you sleep on the edge of the bed at the hospital, how you stand at the bus stop when school bus doesn’t drop me on time, how you would wear rag just for me to look my best, how your pretty face goes sour when you don’t meet up with my needs, so many things you’ve done and I can’t thank you enough. You were a true hero Mum.
Your acts made me wonder if there’s actually a school to learn “How to be a mother”

Once, I saw a woman at a party with her kids. Seeing this woman would make you ask God to bless your husband. Oh No! Her skin was glowing, her dressing was out of here, all top class from head to toe, nails looking well-manicured, I can’t describe her enough, seeing her would have done justice.
Tade! She called out her son, who Immediately rushed out..

Yes mum!
Unbelievable, this can’t be her son. How can a woman be this dressed and her son is looking like a homeless child. I thought the saying was “we’d know how comfortable a man is from his family” but no, hers was different.

Why is it so difficult to make your child look as good as you? It’s okay for people to call you beautiful, for people to praise your husband because they can see how good he’s taking care of you, what happens when they ask to see your wards but all they can see is a child looking dirty and untidy?

Trust me, it takes enough to be a blunt person, I grew up with a mother who calls a spade a spade. My mother is the type who would tell you instantly that you just didn’t showcase what being a mother is all about.

Ha some women can be funny. Some would even say “I can’t be a slave for a child, they would live their lives and I would live mine” excuse me ma, you’re the first example God has laid down for your wards, if you treat them bad now, how do you want others to treat them when you’re not there? That’s by the way.

I’ve always said to myself that women are wicked, I stand to be corrected, but from experience, I got to realize it takes only few women to be selfless to other children. Some even makes the statement of “I know my child, my child knows me” ha we’re sorry ma(s) we didn’t know there was a separate book on how to be selfless. Does it have to be just for your child? What’s wrong in extending an act of kindness to other people’s children? Just because the child isn’t yours, you can’t correct him when he’s going astray? I don’t get why its always difficult. What you all don’t realize is that this world isn’t a “forever market”, there are times you won’t be there for your wards (not talking death). Okay let’s take for instance your child is in some deep shit somewhere and all of a sudden God helped him and some other people’s parents were used as a guardian angel to help him get out of trouble, he calls you and narrate his ordeal to you, you start praying for them and all. Well that’s someone else, a total stranger who helped your son, but you can’t even be good to someone else’s son who is right under your nose. Hmmmm! what did they say about karma again?

Well, all I’m saying in essence is that there’s more to being a mother, being a mother isn’t limited to your biological children, what about the ones around you? Do you just force them to call you mummy because you have kids older than them or they call you that because you’re fit for that?
As a mother, sit down and ask yourself, who are you to your kids? Are you a friend? An enemy? (I know some of you would say how can a mother be an enemy to her child? Did you all hear the story of a mother who allowed men have way with her 12 years old daughter for money?) I’m not saying she’s her daughter’s enemy, just giving an example, if that act is mother like enough. Are you a teacher? Do you often play the role of a mother and father? Do you go over and above just for your wards? Are you the kind of mother that your impact will be felt after you’re gone? After all, they are some mothers who are already dead to their children even before the real death comes. Are you that kind of mother?

My mum was my best friend, sister, teacher, lover and all other good things, my mum was my superwoman.
Who is your mother?


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  • Taofeek
    August 10, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    Excellent write up Anike 👏🏽👏🏽

  • D'Wise
    August 10, 2017 at 10:07 pm

    My mother is someone who dreams great dreams for me, but then she lets me chase the dreams I have for my self and loves me just the same. Men who love their mothers treat women wonderfully. And they have enormous respect for women.


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