Road to Christmas

AUTHOR/WRITER: Ajani oyindamola

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I packed my bags quickly as Baami kept screaming and questioning every one of us, “why is your maami bag too big”, “why is your brother not moving quickly”. He complained about everything as the chilly harmattan wind blew against our window, awaking the sweet fragrance of christmas. We were travelling to ogbomosho, my father’s home town.

We filed into Baami mercedes benz, the one my siblings called “oko hitla, my father told us it was Used to fight the world war, our car danced along the dusty street sending morning greetings to our nosy neighbours.

Sister Anuwere,the leader of the women choir voice echoed in the car. Baami drummed with his fingers and danced with his head, as he told us tales about his hometown as we have never visited before but i ignored his tales of so many colours, before Baami made announcement that drew my attention. “Mr Akanbi is coming with his family” Baami said with a rather exciting tone.

I cringed at the thought of seeing Adeolu, Mr Akanbi first son, whom I secretly have a crush on. I also stalked him on social media cause I couldn’t seem to get enough of his well-built physique, he had long legs with broad shoulders that hung perfectly on his god-like body, his orange lips and curly hair makes me lust after him.

Finally we arrived at ogbomosho, the wind blew angrily, drying every droplet of liquid as white washed kids in panties with dandruff filled hair ran up to greet Baami.

“I wish i never came”,i thought to myself but the thought quickly vanished as I remembered I would be seeing Adeolu for the rest of the beautiful holiday.

I ran up to my bedroom, took a long hot bath, reapplied my makeup and wore my favourite bumshort while making sure my boobs clung to the top for support, spraying myself with Maami expensive colonge. I went downstairs confidently.

My parents Spoke about Adeolu as i strained my ears to hear a bit of him, i took a few selfies to post on instagram, and updated my whatsapp status. I waited for Adeolu and his family as my ears blew up at the sound of any car.

Few hours later, they finally arrived, i panicked as i ran around the whole building, my legs melting at the sight of Adeolu, i drowned in his fine looks as i mentally came to a conclusion that he is too handsome to be in his last 20’s.

“Inioluwa! Ini!! ” my junior brother screamed my name pulling me out of the illusional dream i had plunged myself..

“Mommy wants you downstairs and brother Adeolu is around too” he said singing the last words.

I cussed under my breath as my legs dragged me to the sitting room to see my worst fears.

He looked absolutely stunning as his soft beards caressed his mouth, his eye lined with ease and his tense strong muscles too. I mentally imagined what his strong arms will do to me, how his lips is going to drown my worries and my body slipping into his every night.

I was soon drawn out of my daydreams as Baami ordered me to say hi to him, he kept going on and on about him while i wallowed in my thoughts.

I could almost feel his deep brown eyes digging hot holes into my back, as I imagined his fingers sending sparks into my body when it accidently brushes mine, the smirk on his face when he says thank you, like he want to crash his soft orange lips against me.

Two days to christmas, he got me a present.. It was a beautiful gold neckpiece with my name inscribed on it. His eyes glowed with satisfaction when i wore it around my neck, he smirked and walked out of my room.

It was christmas eve, the house resonated with the buzzing of family members, clashing of spoons and bangs of the pots. I sat in my room immersed in the thoughts of Adeolu untill a knock brought me out of my sensual dreams.

It was him standing in full glory, like a knight in shining amour. He looked at me and said “Ini, your Mom needs you downstairs”. I stood up and brushed past him until he pulled me back into my room and shut the door with my back pressed firmly at the wall.

His long arms caged me inbetween him as he lowered his lips to meet mine. He looked at me like i was a fine strawberry ready to be dipped in thick chocolate sauce and whispered seductively,”I think i like you”.

He stared at me before backing off, walking out of my room.

“It is going to be a beautiful Christmas and a long New year.” I thought to myself caressing my lips where his once rested.

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