WRITER/AUTHOR: Susanah Omohunola Ajiboye


I have been waiting all day, wagging me tail. I cannot wait any longer. Brushing my paws on the wet stony sands. It has been raining cat and dog. I don’t really understand why Master says this to his wife, Clarice. Amusing; the manner humans represent their big life happenings with animals like me when they speak.

The raindrops were a delight, they washed off the nasty flies circling me long fury ears. I wish I have open paws like Master’s, so I could make sounds with my paws and squash them flies – like he does with those blood suckers that bother the humans.

The sun didn’t come out today, not like it used to. The rain drops were mighty, making the dark sky arrive earlier.

I worship the dark sky because it means Master would come home. He is tall and dark. He touches me forehead very often. I like it when he does that. I know he can’t hear me but I always say “thank you”.

I know he can’t hear me words, because Master and the other humans can’t speak canine language but Master and I still finds a common ground. We understand each other.

When he tells me to sit, I sit. When he stands, I stand too. I would do anything to please him for he is my Master.

I have been waiting all day, wagging me tail. I cannot wait any longer because the dark sky has come. I see his grey monster who carries him and returns him home.

The grey monster has bright yellow eyes, its piercing reflection hurts me eyes but I don’t care because I will finally see Master.

He gets down to open the iron barrier and again he enters the grey monster, swiftly they both move in.

Master’s wife Clarice is holding a tiny man cub, he looks like Master – only smaller and noisier. The man cub doesn’t seem to be afraid of me like strangers do, he wasn’t even afraid of Billy the green grass which hid beneath the green grass.

Billy could have killed the man cub but I killed Billy instead. Master was very proud, he threw a huge bone to me. I remember sucking the juicy bone marrow.

Master manages to stop the grey monster. It stops making it’s usual noise and his yellow eyes were not yellow and bright anymore. He climbs down and hugs Clarice, then throws the man cub in the air.

I call out to Master, he hears me and smiles. But Clarice tells him something I cannot understand and Master walks briskly into his abode.

My wagging tail turns limp as I watch Master walk in without touching me forehead like he is suppose to.

Still I know he will not forget me when the dark sky clears. My Master will throw me a bone.


Will he? I know he will.

So I lay in my abode awaiting another day.



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