I was raised by one of the strongest woman I’ve ever met. She taught me alot, and with her I knew I could be successful without depending on no one. She raised me to be a girl everyone would be proud of. She scolds me like every mother would scold their child. She was my bestfriend, my rock, my semi god.

She raised me up to be a good girl but no one is perfect right? I’ve done so many good things that alot of people don’t know that’s because I didn’t tell you. People won’t see the good side, they immediately judge you based on their own perception.
I’m just a girl with a big heart, I’m just a girl who feels pity for a whole lots of people that I don’t even know, I’m a girl who says silent prayers in my heart for a lots of people without even knowing their names, I say the prayers because at that moment that’s all I could offer them. I’m that girl who is emotional, I’m that girl who could drop my last for someone to be okay, I’m that girl who doesn’t feel happy when my friends are not happy or anyone around me. I’m that girl who loves to be part of other people’s success because I want to be successful too. I’m the girl with a free mind who really don’t care about a lot of things, example; “You saying you don’t like me” hahaha excuse me dear, I probably dislike you double times the amount you dislike me. I’m that girl who was brought up with love and care from a wonderful mother which I’m ready to give out in return to anyone who deserves it.
Well, I’m not perfect, I’ve done somethings I’m not proud of, I’ve dated guys I wish I never met, I’ve laughed at people, I’ve in one way or the other gossiped about people, I’ve snubbed people, not because I want to, its because I know you don’t like me but you fake it whenever you see me, I’ve done the unspeakable just to get the attention of boys and people in general (not anymore though)
I’ve had friends who stood by me in times of despair, I’ve had friends who prayed for me, I’ve had friends who talk behind my back and laugh with me whenever they see me, I’ve had friends who tried bringing me down just because some of their other friends were down, I’ve had friends who looked up to me and said “I belive in you”, I’ve met people who will do anything to make me succeed. But in the end, this is me.

I’ve gone through alot, I have been looked down upon, I’ve been downgraded, I’ve been intimidated, I’ve at some points had some crazy thoughts  I’ve at some point thoughts of beating a lot to pulp, I’ve one time thought of breaking one guy’s head, I hate him more every time I see him, for carrying rumours about me. But I can’t break his head, because I don’t have the heart to do so, because It is illegal and because I don’t want to hurt myself while doing it( not anymore though) I’ve heard a lot of things about me, I’ve heard a lot of she is proud, she’s a snub, I don’t like her some even go as far as counting the guys they see me with. Hmm! people of the world, Will I stop being happy because you’ve made your own conclusion about me? But do you know why I don’t get sad whenever guys issue comes up? Because I know I’ve not messed with them in any way except if they want to tell lies.Just because I don’t talk to you, it means I’m proud or I’m a snub. Well, its all good, I don’t want you to like me now, like me later, when I’ve made it. But in the end this is me.

I’ve my fears too, I’m scared of failure but failure is inevitable, anyone who wants success must fail too, success and failure work together, my greatest fear is losing my father, he’s my pillar, I’m also afraid of losing anyone close and dear to my heart. I’m also scared of not meeting up to my dreams but I’m not God, he knows best. But in the end, this is me.

I’ve crossed paths with good people and I’ve crossed paths with bad people, whichever way, I’m still breathing and belive it or not, it’s all part of my journey in life.

Thank you Mummy, for being a friend, a sister, a lover, And a daughter to me. You have the biggest part in this. You’ve made a lot of sacrifice, through all odds and tears you were still a mother. I miss you so much, your smile, your smell, your voice, your laughter, your facial expression, your words and everything about you. We went through alot and you being here today would have been the best in life for me but God knows best. This is a letter to you, that I’m going to make you proud.

Thank you daddy for being here for me, thanks for making my life a miracle, thanks for being responsible and lovely, thanks for all hard work just to make us all a better person, thanks for the good family, thanks for all the smiles and memories, thanks for alot that is yet to be done, thanks for being my father and my number one husband. I love you so much. This is a letter to you that I’m going to make you proud.

Thanks to my brothers, you know yourselves, We’ve gone through alot together, the tears , the pain, the heartbreak, the joy, the laugher, the memories and the love. To my little baby brother, thanks for being a small daddy, the advise, the laughter, the tears you caused me and the everlasting love, I live for you and you are one of my source of motivation. Thanks to you brothers for giving me a place to be a sister to you. I love you and this is a letter to you that I’m going to make you proud.

Thanks to those who are now my mothers, I can’t list you all out here, I love you and this is a letter that I’m going to Make you proud.

To the strangers, who now take a big part of my heart, God bless you as you make my success your goal.

Adewunmi Joshua, we were so young when you advised me, you probably must have forgotten but I want you to know your advise came at the right time. I probably wouldn’t have known my ability if it wasn’t for your words, I probably won’t be here writing if it wasn’t for your words, I probably wouldn’t have found myself without you. You saw the sadness in my eyes that very day, you said “no one likes failure, but do you know you can do it?” You were just my classmate, as a matter of fact I thought you knew too much, so I didn’t really like you. You knew I wasn’t happy about my result, you knew I wanted more but how will I go about it? You said it all, I did it. Not only was I the best, I also got alot of envy and jealousy. Right there, I knew a lot of people would like to see you successful but they can’t stand you being successful. I knew alot of people who hated me for being the best but in the end, its just me. I carry you always in my heart my classmate, I don’t know why you left but I hope to see you again at the top, because the top is meant for those who aren’t afraid to see/ help other people attain success. This is a letter to you that I’m going to make you proud.

Thanks to those who impacted knowledge into me, my Islamic teachers, my teachers in school, especially that man who sat me down and said, I’m going to make you eat literature. Ha! I really wish you were there, your girl badged awards for art course except for igbo, and fine art( I can’t still draw till today). This is a letter to you that I’m going to make you all proud.

Thanks to my friend, Who started the journey of ANIKESTORIES with me, I miss you and I love you. I wish you success in your business. This is a letter to you that I’m going to make you proud

Thanks to the one who’s still with me and tells me not to give up days I get tired and angry that my hard work is in vain. Thanks for always making sure Anikestories stays. I love you always and this is a letter that I’ll make you proud.

Thanks to my friends, haters and well wishers and to those who would do anything just to make Anikestories known, I love you and this is a letter that I’ll make you proud.

I’m just a girl with a lot of dreams, I’m a girl who won’t stop trying till I’m there, I’m a girl who takes the success of other people serious, I’m a girl with a rare crown, I’m a Queen, I’m a fighter and I’m a winner. But in the end, this is me.


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  • feranmi adeola
    September 5, 2017 at 8:44 pm


  • Fareedah
    September 5, 2017 at 10:19 pm


  • Moe
    September 6, 2017 at 5:17 am

    This is the most touching piece I’ve read in a long time. Good job, sis! You already know I love you *xoxo*

  • Temitayo
    September 6, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    I knw u can make us proud. so go girl the sky is ur starting point…My adorable princess

  • Mariam
    September 6, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Thank you and we love u too

  • adeleke
    September 15, 2017 at 5:03 am

    Honestly, I must confess you ought to be novelist, but am very sure this is not the end You are still going places…… continue the good work sis

  • Tafa
    October 24, 2017 at 10:00 pm



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