“I just need a break, I just want to leave, nothing is important to me, I just want to go away. Maybe it would make some people happy, maybe people would stop being judgmental whenever my presence is announced, maybe people won’t have so much hatred for me anymore, maybe people will finally get to see I’m a good person”…. but of course when death comes in everyone starts to say “eyah, what a beautiful girl she was” “what a nice girl she was” “she was so respectful” but here I am still on the surface of the earth, all I see is the hatred of people towards another, all I see is people judging other people as if God has given them the position to, all I see is people who are desperate to have it all and won’t stop at anything even if it means human lives should be at risk, all I see is this world not been what its supposed to be. So much of negativity… that’s all I see.

Where is Love? Is there ever love? Aren’t we all just tired of the same life cycle? From a toddler, to a grownup who attends school (crèche, nursery and primary school, secondary school, then university) that’s the basics yeah? Back at school it’s still the same routine… attend classes, do assignment and other things related to school. It’s always the same. Same everything all day long. Well it doesn’t stop at university for some.. I mean some people go as much as having their master degree, doctorate and the rest.. what good is it for? Why do we have to go all the way. Let’s see, its probably for money, fame, power …. you see? This life cycle is still the same. Always and eve time.
Yet some People won’t stop at nothing to get whatever it is, even if it means killing, some people won’t stop being negative towards others. I don’t know how you all feel when all you have in you is nothing but negativity. Only if you know the price people have to pay maybe you’ll appreciate them, maybe you’ll stop being judgmental, maybe you won’t stop tagging people bad. Only if you knew what goes on in the mind of others, maybe we’d learn to love more today.
Do you know negativity drags you back? Be happy for others, love those you can love, give when you Can, be a shoulder to lean on when you can, forgive endlessly if need be.
Hey! I forgot to mention not to go too extra all in the name of being good because no matter what you do, they’ll never stop talking. But hey!, that doesn’t mean you should give up when you’re on your way to do something extra just because of what people say( do it regardless, let them talk) sooner or later the truth would be revealed.
Oh I also hear People say happiness is the key.. well it’s probably true but over the years, I’ve learnt that you have to discomfort yourself just for some people to get comfort (such is life)
Oh yeah now you’re depressed? Why? The world is against you? What is world? Who is the world? The mistake we all make is putting a whole lots of uneasy things above us? Flooding your mind over things that are not really worth it. See why I say life is simple? It’s because you always have a choice. It’s either you choose to be happy or otherwise. I don’t wanna dwell so much on depression (talk to people) but all I can say is: “you are your own world, you are the world, if you don’t matter then other things don’t (love yourself)”
Okay so everyone as in one way or the other have this kinda feeling, “the am I even loved feeling”… let’s start here, the question is do you even love yourself? If you do then you should know you matter not others. I know we all need love, but love yourself first and you’ll see how pure love would come for you. It is when you love yourself you won’t settle for less but if you don’t, anybody that comes your way is perfect, even if it means accepting toxic people in your life, be it relationship or friendship, whatever shop it is.(Love yourself)
Life is easy, I mean very easy to live but humans aren’t easy. I mean how difficult is it to help? You have a job to use in assisting someone? Then assist, Why wait for something in return? You can save someone’s life? Then do, Why expect so much, you’re so rich? Good for you, how many lives have you impacted in? You’re powerful? That’s even better, but how do you use your own Power? To oppress people or to gladden people? You’re knowledgeable? Prefect, how many people have you shared your knowledge with? You’re successful? Cool thing, how many people has become successful through you? After all, the sky is enough for everyone to fly.
Look, I know the world is a whole lot of things right now, I know there’s more of negative than positive, but I am going to live life the best and righteous way I can. I don’t want to be just anybody, I want to be a being of substance. I’m not tired of this world, until I have done enough, I know life is in cycle but I’m not done living that cycle yet. I want to live it to the fullest with those who genuinely love me. Making impact in people’s life is my aim and I won’t stop till I get there. I know life is a lot now but don’t leave just yet, someone somewhere needs you. Ask yourself if you’ve done enough to wanna leave.
To those who share nothing but hatred I hope God touches your heart but its all good, life Isn’t a bed of roses. We need you to climb the ladder of success, better still ladder of life. But I know you can do better than hating. Somewhere inside you is filled with love, waiting for it to be used the right way, “Find yourself”.
Love today, complement someone today, give today, help today, do all you can (positive) and see how life goes positively for you. Don’t wait till they are dead before you say things you were supposed to say, don’t wait till they are dead so that it won’t be “and he/she came to me” regrets is the worse feeling ever.
Spread love not hatred. I’m a woman of substance and someone somewhere needs me and as such I’ll live for as long as I can as the battle hasn’t ended yet. I don’t want someone else to fight my battle for me because we all have our own phase of life.
Don’t leave just yet, for someone needs you . Most importantly, speak to God.

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