The girls fell effortlessly asleep but who wouldn’t? After all the work and party of the day, it would be a miracle if they didn’t sleep off immediately. Solape and Sophie took the best position on the bed while Gbemi and Bimpe snuggled in the most comfortable way they could.

Solape was the first to wake up. Her bulby eyes flew open and her gaze fixed on the wall clock. It was just 6:45am. She blinked twice and tried to focus her mind on where she was. She sighed heavily and rubbed her eyes when her brain finally processed. She glanced at the other girls that were still asleep and shifted slightly. She heard a knock on the door and frowned.

“Who could be knocking the room door? They didn’t invite anyone over and besides, it was still early.” She thought to herself. The knock got louder and persistent and she got down the bed and stepped on a fork.

“Ouch!” she yelled and held on to the foot until the pain subsided. She limped to the door when the knock still continued. Opening the door, she saw no one. In shock and utter confusion, she stepped out and looked around but she still saw no one. She looked back into the room and saw the girls were still asleep. With confusion still written all over her, she closed the door and went back to bed. As she was about to lie down, she heard the knock again. She quickly sat upright and drew the blanket up to the knee. She tapped Sophie sharply and Sophie groaned in anger.

“What?!” she yelled.

“Someone’s knocking.” Solape replied.

“So? Go get it!” Sophie replied shooting Solape a “what’s my business look.”

“I did the first time, I didn’t see anyone.”

“Solape please don’t be mad. If someone is playing a joke on you, don’t drag me into it.” Sophie replied in anger. The knock got louder again and Solape tapped Sophie.

“Fine, I’ll go get it. You are pissing me off right now.” Sophie replied and got up in frustration. Solape tiptoed behind her and Sophie shot her a disgusting look.

“What? I thought you were not scared.” Solape said.

“I’m not. The fact that you’re creeping up behind me is annoying.” Sophie replied. Solape simply moved her hands indicating that Sophie should keep moving. Sophie groaned and made towards the door ready to kill whoever it was.

“Now who is this person that doesn’t have eti….” she pulled the door open and kept quiet when she saw no one. She stepped out and looked everywhere, Solape walking closely behind her.

“There’s nobody here.” Sophie said looking back at Solape and immediately, the door shut itself, leaving them outside. They screamed simultaneously and tried to open it.

“It’s jammed!” Solape screamed and Sophie just looked at her in disdain and fear.

“Gbemi or Bimpe probably locked it. Stop shaking or shouting or whatever nonsense this is you’re doing. Solape laughed out in the most sarcastic way and kept a straight face almost immediately .

“Gbemi or Bimpe abi? Were they the ones that were knocking too? Because now, you are forming hard girl.” Solape lashed back. Before Sophie could reply, the door opened and an angry Gbemi was in the doorway.

“Why did you lock us inside?” Gbemi asked looking at the two shaky girls.

“We didn’t lock you in, you did.” Sophie replied in the same tone. Solape just looked at the two of them in silence.




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