************WELCOME BACK************

Solape, where are you taking me to? What do you want me to see so bad?” Bimpe asked sleepily following a figure she thought was Solape.

“It’s close by.” The figure replied without looking back.

“Is there anywhere in this house I haven’t been to? I live here.” Bimpe said again rubbing her eyes as she followed the figure into a dark room.

“You’ve not been here!” The figure replied and locked her in. Bimpe felt blood rush through her veins as she screamed.

“She’s screaming! Oh my God, where is she?” Sophie asked in panic. Gbemi already broke into a soft sob.

“We have to look for her. We have to look for her and get out of this house.”Solape said almost breaking into tears too. They struggled with the door but it wouldn’t open and Bimpe’s scream got louder. Bimpe was screaming and they were screaming loudly too. The light went off and they turned to see a figure-like shadow. They screamed harder and forced the door open. It finally gave way and they all fell out sweating profusely. The scrambled to their feet and traced Bimpe’s voice. Gbemi pushed hard on the door and Bimpe fell out. The girls hurried to her side to calm her down. After a while, she got calm.

“Bimpe, what happened?” Solape asked

“Where were you? I was following you.” Bimpe replied.

“What do you mean you were following me? You followed someone here?” Sophie asked.

“Yes. I was following Solape and then it wasn’t Solape and…. what is going on here?” Bimpe asked breathing heavily again.

Solape told Bimpe what she could and Bimoe’s look changed from a confused one to a frown real quick.

“You guys left me alone?” Bimpe flared. “How could you leave me alone?”

“We tried to wake you. Besides, with the screams and all, why didn’t you wake up?” Gbemi fired back.

“Because Solape was talking to me. She kept telling me to sleep and not worry.” Bimpe replied. Solape moved back from her and shook her head fervently.

“We need to get out of here. All these are madness. Whatever weird stuff is going on in here, I don’t wanna be a part of it anymore.” Gbemi said and they all got up. They ran quickly to the front door and opened it with relief; but their relief was short-lived.

“Wait, how are we back in the room? How are we back in here?” Gbemi screamed. Solape covered her eyes and bent down in fear.

“We are going to die. We’re going to…” she was saying when they heard a weird noise and the light went off again. They watched the door open slowly and they backed up against the wall. They watched a shadow come in and their eyes shown in fear. The figure rushed at them and the girls screamed.                    Solape’s lids flew open. She was breathing heavily and covered in sweat. She closed her eyes and opened them again. “A dream” she sighed and looked at the clock. “6;45” and she frowned. Then she heard a knock on the door and the girls sprang up quickly.

“Girls! It’s Demi! Why did you leave the door open?” they sighed with relief and looked at eachother in surprise.

“Wait, why did you girls…. did we all have the same dream?”

Solape asked and the girls gave her a positive and knowing look.





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