“Hey small girl what where you doing with that uncle?” aunty Mary asked giving Shola a sinister look
“which uncle?” Shola pretending not to know exactly what she was talking about. She knew the conversation was about to get uncomfortable, aunty Mary was the gossip and talkative type, who does basically nothing all day because  her only responsibility was taking care of Shola but Shola does most of the caring so basically her job was just to see Shola wake up and watch her go and come back from school, so all this gisting was the highlights of her day.
“I mean that your lesson teacher, what exactly was happening in that class? ”
“he was helping me with my assignment”
“okay?” Aunty Mary said anticipating more of the story
“that’s all”
“that’s all?” Aunty Mary said out of frustration
“wetin you people dey talk about?” Uncle Tobi said interrupting the conversation
“what’s your business?” Aunty Mary shot back at him. There has been some kind of tension between the two of them ever since Aunty Mary came, and this was because they both had nothing to do.           Grandma was still very strong and she loved doing things for herself, and never required help from anyone of them, she is even the one that gets up every morning at five am to prepare Shola for school, and countless of times she has told her children that she didn’t need any help but they wouldn’t bulge.
“Shola !!!!” grandma called out
“shola your mother is calling you” Aunty Mary said giving her a side eye
“my baby how was school” grandma said has she invited Shola to sit on her bed
“it was fine. It was a little boring”
“ha, noo it has to be interesting, jo omo mi you have to study hard, you have to come first”
“ha grandma, first…” Shola exclaimed
“yes oo my daughter, you are a bright child”
Shola smiled has she laid her head on her grandmother’s lap. Her grandmother was the only good thing in her life at the moment, she has been successful in trying to fill the void Shola ’s mother left when she travelled but Shola still misses her mother but her grandma made everything easier. Her grandma has always been spoiling her ever since she was a little baby and she came to visit and now living with her wasn’t any different
“do you want to sleep in my room tonight?” grandma asked noticing her fatigue, Shola nodded has she  adjusted herself to a more comfortable position.
The next day of school was a bit strange, Shola  noticed that Mr Eze was occasionally checking up on her and every time their eyes met he would immediately adjust himself and act like he wasn’t paying any attention towards her and what made everything more troubling was each time she tried greeting him he would ignore her and act like he couldn’t hear her greeting. All this was getting confusing,
“Shola Mr Eze said you should follow me and carry this to his house” a young boy around 11 years of age said has he handed her nylon bag which was quite heavy.  Shola wondered what was inside but she didn’t have the guts to check
On getting to Mr Eze’s house,  she stumbled on something very troubling and uncomfortable. On a piece of paper under a shelf has something boldly written “Shola and EZE together forever”
She got scared wondering what this meant, who wrote it? And what exactly did the person mean by that? And why is it in Mr Eze’s house?

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