The Never Ending Tomorrow Episode 10 and 11



*******CHAPTER 10*******
So it’s been a week since Shola sent her message to Grandma, still no response, although shola told her grandma not to respond she still wondered whether or not her grandma got her message and was making plans to rescue her, even if her grandma got the message, how was she going to rescue her, Shola wondered, all this thinking was making her head hurt, she realised it was time for her lunch, Mr Eze had set up a particular time for her to eat, he said he wanted her to be healthy, and wanted her to gain a balance diet, he was very strict with the timing, he would flip if she the timing was missed by a minute. One-time Shola was 10 minutes late, he began to scream and after he was done he started crying then started mumbling “I want you to be healthy” repeatedly
Shola got to the dining room to find the table all set with rice and stew and a cup of milk beside her plate. She took her sit with was directly opposite Mr Eze who was eating the same thing but instead of milk he had a cup of water beside his plate. Both parties devoured their food without saying a word.
After the food Mr Eze took a sip from his cup and just as Shola was about to leave for her room, Mr Eze called out to her “Amaka! Come sit with me” Shola had already accepted it even though she hated it, she hated the fact that she was been called another girl’s name and from her recent realisation It was a dead girl’s name
Shola took her sit and stared at Mr Eze wondering why he wanted her to sit with him, what exactly was on his mind, what did he want to talk about?
“I’m sorry, Amaka I.m sorry”
Shola couldn’t believe her ears, what was happening this time, the past weeks Mr Eze has been showing symptoms of crazy but this was different, this was new, and she had no idea how to respond to this.
“Amaka I said am sorry” Mr Eze repeated
“okay sir” Shola replied as she faced the ground
“I’m going to make things right with us, I know it doesn’t seem like this but we going to be a family again”
“yes sir” shola replied still confused about what was going on
In that moment the door broke down, people with police uniforms, heavily armed came rushing in, they were pandemonium everywhere and for some few seconds Shola froze not fully grasping what was going on, all she could see were the police screaming hands up, and one of them pinning Mr Eze to the ground. One them carried her outside and that’s when it all came to her when she saw her grandma standing in front of the house with some fellow church and her parents chanting prayers, her grandma had received her message and went to get help from the police, but what was more shocking was the fact that her parents where here, it seems like grandma had told them about everything, shola felt good in away because she could see the look of terror on her parents face, she haven’t seen them terrified because, it felt good to be loved .
Grandma let out a great cry has she sighted Shola who was just standing in front of them with tears in her eyes, she immediately rushed to her wrapped her in arm and soaked her in tears, she then broke the embrace and began to do a thorough check of Shola, trying to figure out if she was hurt, or if she looked malnourished, immediately shola’s mother joined them who had tears in her eyes also
“my baby, are you okay” Shola’s mother said as she embraced her only daughter, she embraced her daughter so hard, it looked like she was going to crush her ribs
“I’m fine mommy”
Shola looked up and for the first time in her life she saw her father in tears, this was very surprising because for some reasons she got it into her head that her father couldn’t cry that he didn’t know how to, she had seen him when his mother died, she had seen him when he broke his arm, and when he was stabbed by her mother and not once in those period did a tear come his eyes, but here he was his face soaked in tears, and couldn’t get a word out, all he did was just to old his family
“oshey o Jesu” Grandma screamed out loud as she began to roll on the ground
Shola immediately dropped his family has he saw Mr Eze being brought out of the house, he rushed towards him, giving him a punch that sent him to the ground, now both men were on the ground, struggling in the sand, till the police came to separate them
“I will destroy you!!!” Shola’s Dad screamed at Mr Eze
“She is mine!!” Mr Eze screamed back at him “Amaka I love you” he screamed as he was trying to get a glimpse of Shola has he was being pushed into the police van.
*****************CHAPTER 11*********************

Its bee a month since her rescue and her parents and grandmother couldn’t seem to get their eyes off her, ever since she was brought home she has been sleeping in the same room with her mother and grandmother, she has been in and out of the hospital doing series of check-up trying to be sure there wasn’t anything wrong with her, she has narrated the story of her kidnap over a hundred times. Shola what exactly might be happening to Mr Eze right now, in some strange way she felt pity for him, he didn’t seem like he meant her any harm, she overheard from her parents that he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital, that has been devastated by the death his wife and child, and when he saw the resemblance between Shola and Amaka, his mind convinced him that they were the same person.

Shola was feeling choked up by her own parents, they were spoiling her with gifts, giving things she needed and didn’t need, it seemed like they were feeling guilty about everything she went through. Shola needed to get out of the house to be away from her family even though they all mean well but their affection was becoming too much, she hasn’t been in school for since her kidnap and she was scared she was going to repeat, she didn’t want to repeat the same class, repeating was her greatest nightmare, her mates were going to be her senior and she was going to be the creepy old person in her new class, and she didn’t want to go back to the same school, she wanted to change school.

“why are you so selfish!!” Shola’s father screamed

“what do you mean am selfish?! Everything am doing is for this family!” her mother shot back at her father, this was the normal routine for her parents whenever they are in the same place, the thing is what were they fighting about this time?

“what do you mean for this family?!” her father said as it looked like the veins on his head were about to pop out “your daughter was kidnapped!!”

“are you seriously blaming me for that?!” shola’s mother replied has tears began to fill her eyes

“yes if you have been here to take care of your daughter like a good mother would all this wouldn’t have happened!”

“you’re evil for saying that to me, you’re an evil man!!!”

“I’m the one that is evil??!! It’s you that want to leave her again!!”

“it’s my job!!”

“oh! So your job is more important than your own daughter?!”

“no, am taking her with me”

“what?! Over my dead body, will you take away my child”

“so now she is your child, when I was leaving the first time, you said you couldn’t take care of her cos of your job, she wasn’t your child then right?”

“you’re are not taking my daughter” shola’s father walked up to shola “come on let’s leave this place” he said as he picked her up

“leave my daughter alone!!!” shola’s mother screamed has she rushed to pull her daughter away, both parents began to struggle with the little girl, shola was in so much pain that she began to scream. Then her mother began to punch her father trying to get him to her but her father’s grip was so strong it felt as if he was going to break her, her father then decided to retaliate, giving her mother a hot slap which sent her to the ground. Shola’s mother immediately came back to her feet screaming

“you, useless man, give me my child!!” she said as she started trying to drag Shola away from him and all this was going on shola was wondering where her grandmother was, hoping she would come save her as she always does.

As the struggle continued Shola’s mother went ahead to bite Shola’s father which lead him to lose his grip and left shola falling to the ground elbow first, Shola screamed out in pain and the thing that hurt her most was that her parents were busy punching each other to notice her on the ground, she held in her screams as tears rolled down her eyes as she watched her parents battle like animals

“get out!!! Both of yu, get out of my house” Grandma screamed as she tried to get Shola of the ground, shola screamed has her elbow was roughly moved

“oh dear, your elbow is injured” grandma said as she patted Shola’s head “you guys are animals, you both don’t deserve to be parents, I’m serious get out of my house!”

“maami ema worry, he is going to leave now” shola’s mother said as she gave a snare to her father

“are you deaf? I said both of you!”

“mommy ema shey aayi na”

“I don’t want to hear it from two of you anymore, shola is my responsibility now”.


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