Shola took a look around, trying not to make a sound she walked towards a phone which was laying on the table directly in front of Mr Eze, she tiptop and has she was about to grab the phone Mr Eze moved startling shola making her hit the glass cup which was right behind her. She immediately caught the cup before it could hit the ground consciously trying not to make a sound as she watched Mr Eze adjust his posture and continued deep in his sleep.

She grabs the phone and immediately dial her grandmother’s phone number, a rush of adrenaline ran through her bloodstream as she heard the phone ringing, her heart started racing when nobody answered, she dialled the number again, now she was sweating profusely “come on na, God please let her pickup” she whispered under her breath, but still no answer, “grandma where the hell her you” She said out of frustration as tears began to roll down her face, she gave it another try but before the phone could ring she felt a huge slap land on her face

“who are you trying to call?!” Mr Eze screamed at her

Shola couldn’t  find the words to reply, she just stayed on the ground sobbing

“I’m talking to you!!! Who are you trying to call?”

Still no reply shola just remained on the ground crying

Mr Eze walked towards her grabbed her and shaking her as hard as he could

“I said who are you trying to call?!!!!”

Shola crying grew even louder, and just then Mr Eze stopping shaking her and began to cry, holding her tight in his arms as he collapses on the chair

“I hate seeing you cry, I don’t want to see you in pain, why do you always make me hurt you?”

Those words made Shola confused, “what exactly does this man want from me?” Shola thought to herself

“I love you Amaka”

“why does he keeps calling me Amaka” shola thought has she started to feel suffocated by the Mr Eze’s embrace

“you have to trust me, I’m going to keep you safe, a father can never hurt his daughter, the safest place for any child is with her father”

“but I’m not your daughter” shola said

Immediately Mr Eze pushed her from his arm following her as she landed on the ground

“you are my daughter!!! Do you understand? and I will kill anyone who says otherwise” Mr Eze’s said as he walked away from the room leaving her on the ground

Shola sat on the ground baffled why Mr Eze believes he was her father, she already had a father and a mother but what was more confusing was how the girl in the picture looks like her and where the hell is the Amaka of a girl? Shola thought to herself as she scanned for the phone but realised that it was no more there.



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