Everything looked blurry, Shola began started having a terrible headache, she tried to take notice of her environment and realised that she was in the back seat of a moving car, looking through the car window she saw a sign which read “goodbye to Lagos”, her heart began to race “where is she going? And who is taking her?” she rushed to the drivers sit and saw Mr Eze and the memories of everything that transpired came rushing back to her.

“you’re are awake” Mr Eze said smiling at her

“where are you taking me” Shola replied

“I’m taking you home”

“but we just left Lagos” Shola said feeling confused

“your home is not in Lagos”

“yes it is”

“I sad your home is not in Lagos, it’s with me!” Mr Eze screamed

“I want to go back to my grandma, I want to see my mommy”

“Amaka haven’t I told you not to say that bitch’s name again?”

“my mother is not a bitch! And my name is not Amaka, its Shola.”

“it seems you need some discipline” Mr Eze said as he was about to park from the express way

” help! Please someone help!! Help!!!” Shola screamed at the top of her lungs.

“shut up!!” Mr Eze said has he pounced on her, covering her mouth so hard it became hard for her to muffle up a sound “you are going to be a good girl now” Mr Eze said as he covered her nose with a handkerchief which immediately left her unconscious.

Meanwhile back at home, grandma was already going crazy it’s been 4 hours since the closing of school and Shola still hasn’t returned, Aunty Mary had come back looking disoriented and scared. The whole neighbourhood came out in search for Shola, the school were alerted, the owner of the school came to help and the police were involved.

The search went on deep into the night, all to no avail, Shola really didn’t have any friends there wasn’t any idea where they should start from, shola’s parents were alerted, unfortunately her mother couldn’t be reached but her father got there as fast as he could.

It was a dark day for everyone there, tears began to roll down few people’s eyes as they tried not to imagine the worst

“what of that her lesson teacher?!” grandma asked

“Mr Eze?” Aunty Mary replied

“yes!, where is he? Someone should give him a call”

“I already did, but his number isn’t going” the owner of the school replied.

Shola woke up in a room and found it decorated as if there was going to be a party, there were balloons everywhere and a huge cardboard that hung across the wall that read “welcome home!!!” she looked around and found Mr Eze fast asleep with a huge cake by his side.



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  • kadiri mariam
    November 4, 2017 at 8:02 pm

    i like this but mr eze is a bad man


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