Adjusting to this new environment has been really hard, the fact that the reason for the awkward stares was that they all knew about Mr Eze and for some reason they didn’t feel he was the bad guy in the story, according to them there was something more, something fishy and as far as they were concerned she might be related to him. Shola tried suppressing the thought that they might have a point, Mr Eze was really caring towards her but the thing that was still confusing was the fact that she hadn’t heard about him until she came to stay with her grandmother, everything was really confusing and she tried not to think about it, she had her own parents and that was fine with her even though they were dysfunctional she still loved them and thank God for her grandmother who is very protective of her.

“shola?!” the teacher called out to her


“are you with us?”

“yes sir”

“okay, so tell me what was the last thing I said?”

“errrr” shola tried searching her brain if it had picked up anything from what the teacher had been saying for the past 30 minutes

“see how you are looking like fish. Where is your mind? What are you thinking about?”

“nothing sir”

“shola!!! Shola!!!!”  a familiar voice screamed from the school compound, she rushed out to see her mother with two police men and the headmaster trying to calm her down

“pleas madam, this isn’t the way things are done” the man pleaded with fear on his face

“leave me oo, no one is going to stop me from taking my daughter and if anyone tries they are going to sleep in jail tonight, you people think you can kidnap my daughter abi”

“kidnap ke” shola’s teacher exclaimed

“shola darling come here we are going home” her mother said as she sighted her

“I want to wait for grandma” shola said as she began to withdraw herself into the class

“don’t be a stupid girl and come her right away!!”

“no I want to stay with my grandma” shola said as tears began to roll down her eyes

“I am your mother and I will tell you were you would stay”shola’s mother moved forward to grab her

“I want to stay with my grandma” shola screamed as she tried to run away from her mother but she was at a disadvantage cos her mother came prepared and before shola could take two steps she already snatched her carrying her out of the school

“madam this is not right; you can’t take her just like that” the headmaster protested

“mister man are you mad, shey it’s because I did not come to lock this school, you have a student in your school without the consent of her mother”

Shola was thrown into her mom car and they drove away, the drive was a silent one neither of the party speaking to each other. Shola wondered if her mother was really her mother, to her no real mother will act like the way she does did, it seemed like the divorce between her parents was going to be real this time and that’s why she was acting like this, she wanted custody. Just to piss shola’s father off was what shola thought although deep down a part of her felt that her mother wanted custody also because she actually loved her.

Shola’s mother’s phone began to ring violently someone wanted to speak to her urgently who she was ignoring. Shola figured it would be her grandmother she would have heard what transpired in the school today. The phone continuedringing, it didn’t stop, it was very disturbing that shola’s mother almost had an accident, she finally had enough and threw her phone outside the widow.

They got to a house which wasn’t well furnished it looked like the house was just rented or purchased, shola had no idea what had be or is up to.

“I want to call grandma to tell her where I am and so she can know that I am okay” shola said

“don’t talk to me about your grandmother do you hear me”

“she is going to be worried, she comes to pick me from school every day, she going to be scared when she goes and doesn’t see me” shola’s mother replied her with a slap

“I said I don’t what to talk about your grandmother”

Shola just stood there petrified, feeling kidnapped by her own mother, it was the same exact feeling she got when Mr Eze first captured her now her captor is her own mother.

There was a huge bang on the door “open the door!!” the person at the door screamed

“who is that ?!” shola’s mother screamed back

“it’s me Richard”

Shola’s mother walked to open the door “you are my lawyer so whatever it is just fix it” she said without even looking at him twice or welcoming him in

“your mother had a heart attack”

“what’s is wrong with my grandma” shola asked

“go to your room!” her mother snapped

“I don’t have a room”

“your mother is in the hospital and it seems really serious”

“how did you hear about this?”

Your husband lawyer called me”


“apparently they have been trying to reach you but you’ve not been picking your calls”

So is my mother going to die”

“I don’t know”

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  • rukayat
    June 22, 2018 at 7:55 am

    pls!!! complete this story, very interesting.

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    Pls complete it


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